Tougeki 2008 the Super Battle Opera went down in Japan this past weekend and played center stage to the biggest Tekken 6 tournament to date! The best players from around the world joined in on a three man tournament of epic proportions.  Tekken Zaibatsu has a report with the results and a bunch of other info about the players and events!  Look forward to some exclusive SDTEKKEN interviews from some of the players present during Tougeki 2008!  Click below for all the info…

SOURCE – Tekken Zaibatsu – Tougeki 2008 Results Are In!

3 Responses to TOUGEKI 2008 RESULTS!

  1. tekkenlover says:

    thx for the info

  2. timwashard says:

    oh god korea lose T.t qudans just getting vacation again for today, but we dint even talk about it,ahahah!

  3. Golgota says:

    How Bout my Idol Kim Motive, Tetsuo? did Ranca joined the SBO.. thanks again..

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