The Latest TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 & TGS2011 Updates!

September 12, 2011

Hello TEKKEN fans! This is MarkMan and I’m posting directly from Tokyo, Japan. I’m in town for work this week and conveniently TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 launches in Japanese arcades in less than 1 DAY! That means we’ll have all the latest updates/impressions of the game up on SDTEKKEN.COM very shortly. For the latest updates, I highly recommend you follow our twitter accounts here:

For more news on everything TEKKEN and fighting game related from Tokyo Game Show 2011, stay tuned as well! Get ready for the next battle!

TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Confirmed For Tougeki 2011!

January 27, 2011

Thanks to Oichi at VersusCity for the heads up! The latest issue of Arcadia Magazine reveals the preliminary games confirmed for Tougeki (Super Battle Opera) later this year! Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is one of these games! Check VersusCity for the full report!

Rip’s 2010 Tekken 6 Recap

January 3, 2011

Rip, who has been probably the most active American Tekken 6 player in the previous year has made a video showing photos of his favorite moments of 2010. USA, Japan, Europe? You will find them all here!

Avoiding The Puddle Episode 8!

September 26, 2010

Aris is back from Japan and it’s time for a very special episode of Avoiding the Puddle covering Super Battle Opera 2010! Apart from the Tougeki coverage the 8th episode features some other topics including Tekken Tag Tournament 2 discussion.

SBO Farewell Fights At Sugamo Arcade

September 19, 2010

A SBO farewell Tekken session featuring Rip, Aris, MarkMan and a few other players took place today at Sugamo Arcade and was streamed and recorded at CLICK HERE to watch some Bloodline Rebellion action!

Super Battle Opera 2010 Tekken 6 Results

September 19, 2010

The second Bloodline Rebellion team tournament at Tougeki has just gone down in history. Results are posted down below.

1st – Sumairu X (Marduk), Nesuchan (Devil Jin), Tatatatatatatata (Lars) [Japan]
2nd – Daipan (Steve), Pekosu (Bob), Pandamania (Panda) [Japan]
T 3rd – Addung (Asuka), Narakhof (Marduk), Naengmyun Sungin (Roger) [South Korea]
T 3rd – IDE (Bob), Agichi (Leo), Seikingu (King) [Japan]

Videos from the tournament can be viewed HERE, however, keep in mind that they can be deleted any moment.


September 18, 2010

It has finally been unveiled! Live from Tokyo Game Show 2010 at the Tougeki / Super Battle Opera main stage… TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 has officially been announced! SDTEKKEN is there live with Mad Catz & Bandai Namco Games to cover the event! Check out the trailer! More info and screens below!

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Want To Watch SBO? Pay.

September 17, 2010

This year’s Super Battle Opera will be streamed live by niconico video but if you want to watch it you will have to pay 1500 niko niko points for one day or 2500 for both. How to get those points? You can buy each point for 1 yen. CLICK HERE for the details (in Japanese).

Korean SBO Preliminaries

August 31, 2010

Our friend Maxi Milian has uploaded videos from this year’s South Korean SBO preliminaries organised by NSTARGAME and featuring some of the best Korean players. We don’t want to spoil you the results so watch the videos in the rest of the entry.

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SBO Tekken 6 US And UK Qualifiers

August 16, 2010

Two SBO qualifying tournaments were hold recently to select the US and UK qualifiers for the Super Battle Opera 2010 Tekken 6 tournament. Suiken, Rip and Aris will be representing USA and Cobra Commander, Prodigal Son and Starscream are going to represent Europe. The event will be held in September in Japan. Stay tuned for more information coming related to Tougeki!

Tougeki: The Super Battle Opera LIVE From Tokyo Game Show 2010!

July 1, 2010

Tougeki organizers just announced to the world that the 8th annual Arcadia Cup Tournament Grand FINALS will be taking place Sept. 18 – 19 later this year AT Tokyo Game Show! TEKKEN 6 FINALS will be taking place on the 18th! There will be at least one US TEKKEN 6 team representing at this event! More news as it happens!

TOUGEKI Official Site Now In English!

April 14, 2010

Have you been bothered about having no possibility to read the Super Battle Opera official site without knowing Japanese? You don’t need to worry anymore because the English version of the site has been recently added! You can find valuable information there, including the non-Japanese preliminary round venue list. If you are a Facebook member you can also follow TOUGEKI -SUPER BATTLE OPERA- Facebook profile.

Get Ready For Super Battle Opera 2010!

March 30, 2010

Tougeki aka Super Battle Opera 2010 series of Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion 3 on 3 team preliminary tournaments is coming! It’s going to begin in the early May and end right in the middle of the summer holidays. Check the link below to view the list of the tournaments.

Japanese 3 VS 3 TEKKEN 6 Tournament Action!

November 29, 2009

This past weekend, Niigata Popy played host to one of the  recent TEKKEN 6 competitions in Japan!  Using the the familiar Tougeki / Super Battle Opera format, the 3 vs 3 team battle was played out in epic fashion!  Click below for all the vids!

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Denjin SBO Qualifier Results!

June 7, 2009

If you’ve been following the Street Fighter IV scene lately, you’ll know that the last chance to qualify for Super Battle Opera 7 (Tougeki 2009) took place yesterday at Denjin Arcade in Simi Valley, CA.  31 teams entered, and when all was said and done, the team of Alex “CaliPower” Valle and Peter “COMBOFIEND” Rosas came out on top and will move on to represent the United States at SBO7!  Congrats!  Special thanks to gootecks and UFRAG for providing the live stream coverage and Twitter udpates!  For more info on the event, click the links below:


March 25, 2009

Play-Asia is having their Lucky Spring Sale!  Among the discounted choice items are the Tougeki Super Battle DVDs from ’08 and ’07.  Check out the list of available DVDs by following the link below:


Tougeki Spirits: T6BR Character Ranking!

March 22, 2009

The newest installment of Arcadia’s Tougeki Damashi Vol. 12 includes an interesting new character ranking chart!  Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion first hit Japanese arcades in early December.  This character ranking covers thoughts/opinions from top players throughout Japan over that short time period.  Click below for all the details!

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Super Battle Opera 2009 Games Unveiled!

January 3, 2009

Newest issue of Arcadia Magazine has confirmed the 2009 lineup for the 7th Super Battle Opera, Tougeki 2009! The list has some surprises!  Check out the full list below!

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Tougeki 2008 DVDs Out Next Week!

October 27, 2008

The Super Battle Opera aka Tougeki 2008 DVDs are shipping next week!  The first wave of DVDs include Tekken 6, Virtua Fighter 5R, and Melty Blood Act Cadenza!  Each DVD is packed with matches from the actual tournament.  Watch the semi final and grand final rounds in entirety!  You can preorder the DVDs now at Play-Asia!


August 18, 2008

Tougeki 2008 the Super Battle Opera went down in Japan this past weekend and played center stage to the biggest Tekken 6 tournament to date! The best players from around the world joined in on a three man tournament of epic proportions.  Tekken Zaibatsu has a report with the results and a bunch of other info about the players and events!  Look forward to some exclusive SDTEKKEN interviews from some of the players present during Tougeki 2008!  Click below for all the info…

SOURCE – Tekken Zaibatsu – Tougeki 2008 Results Are In!

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