Avoiding The Puddle Episode 8!

Aris is back from Japan and it’s time for a very special episode of Avoiding the Puddle covering Super Battle Opera 2010! Apart from the Tougeki coverage the 8th episode features some other topics including Tekken Tag Tournament 2 discussion.

10 Responses to Avoiding The Puddle Episode 8!

  1. yup yup says:

    I feel like the Kurt Cobain of my generation, but people just don’t understand me.

  2. cable1015 says:

    Um…. what?

  3. Great podcast as always. Aris hit the nail on the head. Tekken was meant for the arcade. Learn how to play stick. It’s not that hard.

  4. Pantera says:

    very true… the only thing that sucked for me though was that no one bought an actual BR arcade machine for SD THAT I was aware of. the only thing i found was that gay bootleg xbox arcade thing that let you play by the minute. i miss that arcade action and its really the only time i play tekken nowadays

  5. skyrocket says:

    pad players.. you guys are gay! yesss keep it real aris

    hahaha thank you. seriously, man up ladies

  6. Blind Ghost says:

    What do you think about the recent resurgence of fighting games, with titles like BlazBlue, Street Fighter and such?

    Well, this is something that I’ve said before continuously. The Tekken series, if you look at it alone, each installment in the console versions sell about five million copies lifetime, and has continued for about fifteen years now. Plus the income from the arcades haven’t really dropped off at all for the Tekken series in general. From our standpoint, it’s not like anything has really changed much. The one thing that is noticeable perhaps is that other series, like Street Fighter IV coming back after a blank of about ten years or so, Mortal Kombat is starting to come back. I think that’s where some of the changes are occurring, rather than us. We’ve been rather constant.

  7. Blind Ghost says:

    hes right , Tekken has always been a money maker. basically it dont matter that B.B and SFIV are back on the scene

    TEKKEN is always going to be #1 and always the number 1 money maker in fighting games.

  8. Shotomaster says:

    Aris rock! good listening

  9. DrBhup666 says:

    As I always say:

    Aris for president!!

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