Tekken 6 Videos Showing Bugs

Guc11 has recently recorded some videos presenting bug and glitches in Tekken 6. Want to learn how to watch the beautiful sunset at the Anger of the Earth stage? Click the link below to watch the videos!


27 thoughts on “Tekken 6 Videos Showing Bugs

  1. The last one isn’t a glitch. It’s always worked that way. The more powerful move you do the more counter hit damage you will take. So if law is doing a power move he will take the maximum amount of damage from the Bryan move that was getting counter hit. It works the same with with the counter system: Counter a power move with paul and it will do far more damage than a jab countered.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t these Ki Charge counter-hits, not move counter-hits? Shouldn’t a move counter-hit occur during move’s active frames?

      1. The King and Law ewgf hits,
        they’re not bugs.

        If you turn on the color coding (dunno wat its called officially),

        if they’re still recovering (then officially they’re still ‘performing’ the move), so they’d get counter hit.

        Add to it the factor that the same counter hit can do varying level of damage depending on how powerful of a move the opponent tried to make during which he was countered.

  2. they aren’t actually counterhitting “power” moves tho. he shows them doing the same moves in the same instances w/o ki charge and the damage stays the same.

    is it the same from all regular backturns?

    i guess i’ll try it real quik ;O

  3. I had already seen the Anger of the Earth one with the sunset, but I was unaware of the Temple Grounds one, nor the Cemetary one. The Cemetary one blew my mind, my mouth was gaping and I kept saying OMG. The cunter-hit glitch happened to me before when I punished a move and it did crazy damage. I was thinking maybe they changed the rules of the game in Tk 6, but no, a glitch. It does not happen often when I punish a move, but sometimes the game thinks a punish is a cH.

  4. I think the third vid’s ‘bug’ is because it’s from opp BT, with KI charge (CH), and because the opp is at end of move animation. All are components for added damage… I think lol.

    Good work Guc11.

    1. Thanks!

      Back in Tekken 3, Ki charged moves on BT opponent took more dmg than in a normal state. First I thought this could be the “problem” here, but no. Supradoom has a point there: The more dmg you counter, the more dmg you will take. In this case, there were no counter status, but back in Tekken 3 to 5, King’s b+4 was glitched as hell. Maybe Namco wanted to put an end to this, and fix it, but it backfired a little.

  5. Pretty interesting glitches. Who ever added these needs to record the glitch in my friend’s replay.

    You can find it in PS3 Tekken 6 > Online Mode > Leaderboard > Rank > Character > Law > #203 or so > King vs Baek Replay

    Forgive the laggy gameplay, but the glitch in the first round is too funny.

  6. For CH Glitch pt 2, it just seems to be +60 dmg in all three Ganryu scenarios. It’s a higher % only because the base dmg is so low.

  7. The Ganryu b+1 cH that did over 1000 percent more damage reminded me of Tekken Tag when I used Law’s d+2,3 to cH an unblockable. Ah, good times.

  8. anybody else noticed the devil jin glitch….u just perform a wave dash and just before the end of the animation you press 2,he performs the wgf but opponent doesn’t get launched!! thats weird…

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