It has finally been unveiled! Live from Tokyo Game Show 2010 at the Tougeki / Super Battle Opera main stage… TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 has officially been announced! SDTEKKEN is there live with Mad Catz & Bandai Namco Games to cover the event! Check out the trailer! More info and screens below!

Hello everyone! MarkMan and Ace R. here! We’re live from Tougeki 2010 covering all things TEKKEN related!

Special thanks to Bandai Namco Games and the TEKKEN Project team for having us out here to cover the event!


As everyone knows… The previously announced Street Fighter X TEKKEN and TEKKEN X Street Fighter titles are part of an overall “Fighting Game Festival.” But, the first title in the “festival” is announced today (at TOUGEKI)… TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2. Tentatively scheduled for a Summer 2011 arcade release in Japan.

TEKKEN fans are in for a real treat as the order of releases for games will be:

  2. Street Fighter X TEKKEN
  3. TEKKEN X Street Fighter

Today’s teaser trailer is in-game footage, not CG. It might look similar to TEKKEN 6, but the graphics engine has been tweaked/improved to support up to 4 characters on screen at once. The character models were redone from TEKKEN 6 moving onward to TTT2.

TTT2 will follow the same control scheme as the original Tekken Tag Tournament: One stick for movement and 5 action buttons. As seen in the teaser, there will be tag combos involving both characters tagging in and out-in succession to complete multi-hit combos/juggles. Walled stages remain and breakable walls/floors are still in the game. New mechanics and stage features will also be implemented. As seen in the trailer, there are some possible unique attacks depending on the character teams that are chosen (Ex. Jin & Asuka).

Several characters are featured in the trailer, but the character lineup will not be announced for some time.

For more information check out the links below or follow MarkMan on twitter for further updates from Tougeki/Super Battle Opera!





  1. Reaprar says:

    Oh wow, another game I don’t care about, thanks!


  2. fluxcore says:

    The first Tekken I ever played was TTT, and ever since I’ve heard every Tekken fan asking for a sequel. It will be great to finally see it!

    Get ready for the next battle!

  3. Gou-Kazuya says:


    Korea is going to go crazy.

  4. TheHasOne says:

    i hope it dope

  5. concretebody says:

    About time

  6. aleem says:


    • Chris says:

      I’m confused I don’t know who to pick…I’ve been playin wit Jun until they took her away then I fell in love wit Asuka now you tellin me that Jun is back in town!!!!

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  8. Snook ! says:

    KICK ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tysan says:

    Im crying tears of joy right now :_)

  10. chemicalRed says:


  11. Rob says:

    Kazuya/Yoshimitsu man right here!

  12. Juice says:

    seriously are they bringing back dead characters again?

    i mean, they’re gonna have to have at least a couple of “new” characters, right?

  13. VenoM362 says:


    VenoM362 just jizzed his pants!!!

    The following song expresses my thoughts on this news

  14. VenoM362 says:

    I’m just saying…

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  16. Masoud_Shofahi says:

    Why has Leo team up with Kazuya? Wasn’t Leo going to kill Kazuya?

    • DrBhup666 says:

      You are totally right!! At least the little scene in the end shows that it seems like Asuka and Lili can’t be on the same team, and that would do justice to the storyline.
      It would be wierd if to arch enemies suddenly are on the same team.

      • VenoM362 says:

        I’m sure they will just fight with each other when on the same team. It would be dumb not to allow them to be on the same team. What if like both of them? They’ll be like Jin and Hwoarang in TTT, which was my favorite team btw.

        I’m just saying…

    • k.d.e says:

      yeah i know its weird they did the same thing with street fighter x tekken, but they put nina with kazuya and nina is on jins side. idk

  17. yup yup says:

    omg omg! fapped like crazy

  18. VenoM362 says:

    Is that a young version of Heihachi?

    Must be the boss.

  19. shotomaster says:


  20. This is a long time coming. Thank you Namco!

  21. ahh yes… they finally did it..

  22. yatta says:

    i want devil and kunumitsu *_*

  23. shika1983 says:

    Fantastic news.

    Does seem to be a young(er) heihachi in the trailer (not that it will effect the gameplay) even noticed that it pre-tekken 4 Kazuya since no scars except the one he has always had.

    Hope to see Kunimitsu return in this one !!! ^ ^

    Probably won’t be a console release until 2012?

    With the exception of a new boss (unless it is unknown again) I don’t expect any totally characters just more returning one (possibly palette swaps again)

  24. shotomaster says:

    WTF Young Heihachi???

  25. nharuixzero says:

    i hope unknown will be in the game

  26. Fox says:

    Damn man that is sick Namco, i have been waiting for a TTT 2. You rule Namco..

  27. jinUAE says:

    Maaaan I’m blown away T_T
    YES bring it on

  28. Meeu says:

    I’m crying right now. Oh how I waited.

    • coilover2005 says:

      I cant wait for this site to be full of new news!!! Best time ever to be a Tekken fan IMO!!

      3 freakin games… WOW!

  29. lolwut says:

    omfg i love u namco need this game nao ^^

  30. Jelo (SWE) says:

    F*king Finally!!!

  31. Mishima says:

    The fact I saw tekken6 mechanics made me want to puke. Jesus namco I know it is to early to judge but bring back all the elements of the original Tekken tag such as 8-frame jabs, the parry system and the movement. Hell I would go as far to say bring back incarnations of characters such as original tekken tag Bruce. And for the love of God get rid of the walls.

    • Shrimp says:

      Grow up. If you want to play the original TTT, go play it like the rest of us instead of demanding that the exact same thing be done again.

  32. Mishima says:

    Get rid of all the tekken6 bullshit

  33. Fatal Lightning says:

    not really sure if im happy or not, cause this will just be like tekken 6, only with 2 characters and a switch move. nothing more. what characters can they add? what i wanted was a tekken 7, not ttt2 or streetfighter x tekken or tekken x streetfighter. this is just another excue not to make tekken 7 or at least delay it with several years, since they just gave us a tekken game

    • Blind Ghost says:

      What fucking Planet are you from man ??

      did you miss Miss the TEKKEN TAG Craze.

      The entire world when Bat shit insane over the First Tekken Tag .

      So much that Japan Held a fucking rally just for how badass that game was.

      This is the Best news Ive heard all year , there nothign that gonna deter me form this not evne KOF XIII.

      and that what ive been waiting for this entire time.

    • vinsor says:

      just my 2 cents man, but i think the reason why most people want tekken tag 2 is offers a wider range of play style with 2 characters per side

    • DrunkenYoshimaster says:

      T7 has already been announced, earlier this year. They’re working on it already, along with TxSF and TTT2. Everyone is split but they’ll get it back together by the time for a console release on TTT2 Im betting.

  34. thelonegamer says:

    This should be quite fun, though I hope the proper Tekken 7 will be on the heels of it. Just hoping they improve the Character Customization and add everyone from T6 and add all-new fighters.

  35. toshi says:

    i never played TTT but i heard it was fantastic. i’m looking forward to this new one!

  36. Forest says:

    I hope there are new CG ending movies/intros just like T6:BR. And I want another Tekken Force mini game (yeah I know, but it is fun). The practice mode should have command capture, of course, and try to ressemble the recent Virtua Fighter games’ practice modes. I own Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution on PS2, and it is true, the practice mode is better in VF. I also want command attack mode. This mode was on the PSP version of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. It is like a time attack mode where the game times you while you learn many of your character’s attacks and combos. Maybe an updated, expanded version? I really liked this mode, it helped to combine the fun of time attack with the precision of practice while erasing the monotony of practice mode.

    Can’t wait! It only took them about 12 years!

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  38. michael@TEKKEN says:

    TAG2, bitches!

    Your years of requests for a sequel have been answered ;)

  39. rocky says:

    Finally Tekken Tag Tournament has come back to life !!

  40. k.d.e says:

    OMG TTT2 is about to rape the fighting game world just as the 1st TTT did! i cant wait to play, this looks so much better than the first.

  41. TCO-TheOne says:

    Hell Yea!!!!!!! about time you listen to us Namco good shit.

  42. DIESEL SON says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE THIS THANK UUUUUUUUUUUUUU NAMCO!!!!!!!!!!!!….. now I hope they get it right this time when they drop the system version like A GOOD NET CODE,rec,online ranked match ups ,player match rank option,rank up past 1stdan offline,P2 custom lets hope but Damn this is GOOD NEWS tekken is my shit i love this game TTT2 lets go.

  43. DIESEL SON says:

    oh an it would be dope if they brought back old school JIN.

  44. Blind Ghost says:

    Dude Tekken is Taking off man.

    The dream is finally coming true, Tekken is taking its Rightful Place among other Fighting gaames….RIGHT AT THE TOP !!!


  45. Thaneth T says:

    hey…. how about Eddy tag with Christie?

  46. eDDIEBOYMANG says:

    Finally after 10yrs.

    • eDDIEBOYMANG says:

      I wanna see ogres

      • Avidus-16 says:

        yea and the original devil and jinpachi, i wonder if they are going to continue the rivalry (from ttt) between ogre and devil.
        Kazuya should still have the ability to change to devil on the spot when devil is his partner.

  47. Robin says:

    I am so PSYCHED! All I can say right now though is that I really want to see juggles toned down just a little, both by damage and time taken by being juggled, including walls. A couple mistakes and you’re dead.
    That, and/or tone down hopkicks and d/f+2 launchers. :P

  48. vinsor says:

    i just jizzed myself………DROOOLLLLLLLL

  49. personalit says:

    This will be tha bomb! Great news!


    FULL OF WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. DrBhup666 says:


    • Ever 4 Ever says:

      damm your so excited to the point the website couldnt control your yeaaaaa. it literally went of the comment box you sir may need some tekken restraining staff who control fans going out of control.

      oh what the hell it been dam to long no tekken tag go crazy.

      rest in peace mister heihachi the voice actor of the years.

      hope you are seeing us with happiness for the new tekken in your honors i will play with heihachi even though he is not player but for your honor sir.

      • Spitfire says:

        everything da homie “Ever 4 Ever” said……GET HYPED!!!! TAG BATTLE!!!! CHICKEN!!! damn kfc a calling (O_O)

  52. Caivr says:

    Bound? :/

  53. I finally just finished caming


    The Online is going to be FUCKING SICK!!!

    • MARDUK says:

      Sick? It might make you sick if they don’t fix the lag – can you imagine trying to sync FOUR people when they have enough trouble syncing 2?! Having said that, 4 player local play will be awesome :D

  55. Tekkenlover says:


  56. Tekkenlover says:


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  58. zekemonster_ says:

    Ahhh! This is awesome! I wish there was footage of the live reveal at TGS, I love hearing the reaction of the fans in the crowds. Haha. Always gives me goosebumps! Anyway, lots of fighters to look forward to next year, can’t wait! :D

  59. mishima says:

    the return of ogres, devil, there is no rebound walls and people want the hook means to play with the WD (Wave dash) and LD (ling dash) carefully sudamerica

  60. mishima says:

    que regresen los ogres ,devil, no mas paredes, no mas rebotes que regrese el gancho medio para poder jugar con WD(wave dash) y DL(ling dash)el tag(cambiar de jugador ) es salir aventandose y barriendose recargar energia si cambias de personaje asi como el ttt el tekken tag es unico el mejor de toda la saga

  61. mishima says:

    the return of ogres, devil, no more walls, no more rebounds to return the hook means to play with WD (Wave dash) and DL (ling dash) the tag (change of player) is thrown out and if you change sweeping energy recharge character as well as the ttt tekken tag is only the best of the saga

  62. PhotonRez says:


  63. jr says:

    Well its quite obvious if u cry an bitch enuff u get what u want as far as Tekken goes. I dont particularly think its a bad idea makin TT2 but do they really need to make a whole new game for it? Seriously? Couldnt they just give u a Tag option or mode in the regular game? A waste… Yup this game has totally gone to shit. I actually miss the good Tekken games like Tekken 2&3. Tekken 4 had the right idea just horribly done. Sigh… w/e

  64. Pantera says:

    Fuck yea!!!!!!

  65. Raffy M. says:

    Hopefully they can fix the lag in console version, if not im not buying it, i’ll just play on arcade

  66. DrownedInLove says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve Fox and Kazuya on teams = more awesome Lars and Kazuya = WTF Awesomeness ha I’m too happy about this, even more happy than Street Fighter x Tekken! x)

  67. SMOZZLER says:

    I wonder if Jang Iksu will try Tag2?

  68. David says:

    Best tekken news I’ve ever heard, ever. Fuck yes!

  69. 4D4M[BTT] says:

    you all are freaking out because a Tekken 6 with a tag option xDDD

    i would freak out if it would be a TTT2 based on the TTT system …. but not T6 with tag -.- wooow …

    • DrunkenYoshimaster says:

      remember they upgraded TTT from arcade to console. with the team split right now working on 3 games its likely they’ll come back to do the same here. See my comment below….

  70. ShadowXD says:

    Yo i seen the trailer like 50 billion times. loving this game. i cant wait to play it.when this game comes out in arcades i’m going to the arcade everyday(can’t cuz i hav school but i dream to) . when console hits they need a REALLY GOOD NET CODE. rank match w/ ranks. option to show ur rank in player match.rooms more than 4 people at a time. Tekken force mode and tekken bowl. also i hope theres no rage mode because i think that will miss the game but they can keep bounds. also.if this game is going to be like the 1st TTT then i’ll be able to side step moves unlike in T6 where theres tracking 4 freaking everything(well not everything but you know what I mean lol) I hope all tekken characters are in this game like ogres, p.jack, DEVIL/Angel.(fuck D.Jin jk lmao) better practice mode and p2 customization and more. I hope all of these things are in the game. I can’t wait into summer 2011 TTT2 all day

  71. JrJudd says:

    I just shit my pants

  72. Hey Jo says:

    If ogre, true ogre, Unknown and so returns they will be like completly new charactes considering all the new animation, properties, etc changes Tekken have sufer since TTT came. I wich that if they do come back, give them a completly new move set(probably some old one), no more clone characters please, :P. Same with Jun, Jacks, Alex and so.


    Guys…we can finally see Devil jin face off with Devil kazuya!!!

    • Avidus-16 says:

      We all know who would win……(Devil kazuya) oh and i noticed something will devil kazuya’s laser be yellow like in Tekken 2 or purple 9i hope) from TTT

  74. Angelina says:

    Nina/Anna, Kunimitsu/Yoshimitsu, Lili/Asuka, Alisa/Lars, I can´t wait for Kunimitsu!

  75. KENTOIRC says:


  76. lendon says:

    its going to take 7/10 at the end

  77. Jeezus says:

    All I’ll say is thank you, Harada, for finally wising up and listening to the community.

    Only took 10 years though.

    Long live Tekken (Tag).

  78. Nigga Dick Jax says:

    They must tone up mishimas in T6! TTT2 must have mishimas as top tiers again!

    Kazuya & Hei ftw!!

  79. snuff says:

    yeah ttt2 at loooooong last!

    hopefully no walls, but I hope to see tag combos after a bound move…

    now bring back jun, dev kaz, kuni, ogres, michelle, forest law and unknown plz plz plz!!!!!!!

    bring back the tekken bowl as well!

    and give Unknown her own moveset!

  80. B-BOY JIN says:

    I just saw the video. Oh-my-effin-gosh. I AM SOOO PUMPED!! It’s coming, the second round of a game that revolutionized the word TAG. I remember not being able to put the PS2 controller down when I got the first one, and i still played it through the release of T5 and I STILL love it. I believe I speak for every Tekken fan here, thank you Mr. Harada and everyone at Namco/Bandai, this is a true gift for us gamers, we appreciate your efforts, your time and energy in the making of this project. At the end of the day, nobody really cares how long it had to take to make this game possible, you guys always listen to our ideas and always deliver, you put the fans first and we never lost sight of that, and we never will. Now please. Bring the epicness. Long Live Tekken.

  81. Game Rumble says:

    This will be very exciting! Only the arcade version was announced though… But I’m sure that this will also hit the PS3 and XBox 360 and maybe we’ll have like 4 characters at once on the screen controlled by 4 people during online play. It’s just a speculation. :)

    • DrunkenYoshimaster says:

      Looks like every PS gets 3 tekkens (not counting PSP but it may too before PSP2).

      1-3 PSX
      TTT,4,5 PS2
      T5DR, T6, TxSF PS3 (not counting SFxT since thats more SF)
      I’m thinking TTT2, T7,T8 PS4
      T0,T9, TTT3 PS5

      Then maybe in time for the 30th anniversary PS6- T10/TFinal/[b]T[/b]ekk[b]en[/b]

      But thats too much speculation
      With all the announcements as of late. I think TTT2 arcade is up first, then SFxT and TxSF hit arcade and console all 2011. Then T7 hits arcades 2012 another timeskip game like T3 was with a mostly new roster.

      Then PS4 gets released fall 2012 and TTT2 is a launch title that has characters from TTT2 Arcade, TxSF/SFxT, and T7, a graphical upgrade, and lots of side games. Thats my hope anyway, how would you all feel about it?

  82. Spitfire says:

    for Tekken Scrubs and Noob(Saibots) if u dont know about a fighter’s history den do ya fucking research…i remember MindBoggle Arcade had Tekken 4 along with Tekken Tag at Eastland Mall back in da summer of 03 and VenoM362 can probably vouched on this 1….but Tekken 4 was so garbage we had Raleigh Amusements drive all da way down I-85 just take dat shit out becoz Tag was getting more play with da 37in surround sound speakers and sit down control panel with swinging stools dat players broke off becoz we needed more room muthafuckaz 2 space there legz out and get comfortable handing out ass whoopings and gettin streaks up….we been asking 4 a Tag 2 since Tekken 4 and dats been 8yrs now every since dat “Magic Jin 1+2” bullshit hit da US Arcades…we was satisfied with T5 becoz that shit gave us T3 nostalgia…..but 4 u New heads just hopping da Tekken bandwagon at T6 go back and do ya fucking research fools…..T1 up 2 T5.2( dats DR 4 u scrubs) b4 coming out ya mouth with dat ignorant shit about “another lame game…i wanted a fucking T7 announcement…” i would slapped da shit out of all of u 4 saying dat bs….Vids right here and links 2 Gamestop/EB games or Play-asia.com cheap ass Tekken Tag copies…MUTHAFUCKAZ THEY WERE BLUE-BACK DISCS….THEY PENNIES 2 DA DOLLAR DAMN GO GET U A FUCKIN COPY AND CATCH UP ON YA TEKKEN HISTORY DAMN….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTPLAmD3nB4
    and this 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_3JnmSmNTE&feature=related dude broke da fucking joystick on da second vid shit krazy….and this is just exhibitions…not even da da really hot shit Tag has… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXHfOkCd0fI http://www.gamestop.com/browse/search.aspx?N=0&Ntk=TitleKeyword&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&Ntt=Tekken%20Tag gamestop got da shit 4 6.99 cant be dat shit…. play-asia.com has a deal with Tekken Tag Tekken 4 and SC2 as a jumbo pack 4 $25 cant beat dat shit either……so stop plz stop with da bullshit and get HYPE!!! this is da biggest news in Fighting Games 4 a long time(fuck Scrub Fighter 4)!!!

  83. Spitfire says:

    and 4 Tekken Veterans who remember and miss good ole days Tagging rounds with dudes at da cabinets while crowds competition jam da front of da control panel with quarters and pennies 2 get next while macking 2 a cutie at da San Francisco Rush 2049 twin cabinets or tryin 2 get some get down on Pump It Up cabinets(Funky Tonight BITCHEZ) or just taking a quick smoke break from hands cramping or hitting da food court up (yall know im a 80s/90s baby 4real SABAROS WHERE U AT???!!!)……Tekken Tag has been online….I REPEAT….ONLINE 4 about a Year and a half by way of emus(MAME)…System 12 Motherboard fully hacked and Emulated…..Get at me if u want more info and want ya ass beat…..

  84. Spitfire says:

    Arcades fuck a console version…..

  85. […] Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unveiled! It has finally been unveiled! Live from Tokyo Game Show 2010 at the Tougeki / Super Battle Opera main stage… […] […]


    The Console version is going to come out much faster than we think… ;)

    Namdai has to release TTT2 on consoles before they get serious with TvSF(which is coming out in 2012)



  88. Schematic says:

    I hate you old bastards (though I myself am older) that harken for the good ole days. They were not good. The game wasn’t as balanced as it is now. No walls? So you want it to be spacing contest for the whole match and mega turtling again. Whats the point of a 3d game if your not even worrying about your environment. The movement? you mean like Ogres sidestep leaving him behind you its so big as opposed to actually having skill in movement and sidewalking? 8 frame jabs… o I can you use a character that no longer has on and so you can’t pitbull your way to victory. There is a reason y all jabs were made equal. If they are gonna implement 8 frame jabs they should make it -9 on block ad 0 on hit lol. Yes bring back Devil Angel And Kunimitsu is a must. I really don’t see the point of Jun. She was kinda plain for a character and had no spunk. Her sucessor is a little annoying but at least she has a personality. Michelle… you can bring her back for tag. Unknown yeah. Prototype jack… palette swap.

  89. landromon says:




  90. B-BOY JIN says:

    BRING GON BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. […] SDTekken reports that it will use the same five-button control-scheme as the original Tekken Tag Tournament. I’m excited about this title as Tekken Tag Tournament was the last Tekken game I seriously played back when I was still frequenting arcades as a youth. It looks like further information, including the character roster will be coming at a later date, but a trailer has been released. […]

  92. Blind Ghost says:

    Sup peoples

  93. dieselson says:

    “found this post on TZ could’nt agree more gosh I hope namco gets it right T6 on consoles was so bad and I was lucky I stay in socal so I got to play the arcade version which was great”…..>>(doomwill) I don’t believe they will wait the advent of new consoles; here a couple of reasons:

    1. Even with Tekken 6 they announced that the game was so complex that would require a lot of power but simply they wanted to hide that their main focus was the arcade and not the console for at least the first year.
    By the way have you seen what consoles can and will do in the future! Uncarted 2, Crysys2, Gears of War 3 ecc.

    2. Namco had bad financial losses even if Tekken 6 sold more than 3 millions copies therefore, or they are so stupid to favor the arcade for a safer revenue source, or they are simply waiting to give us more news.

    3. Harada is a smart guy,of course he knows that Tekken 6 wasn’t the best they could do, so now he must calm all the enraged fans by saying that this game will be far better than Tekken 6.

    My greatest worries are that they could believe that the same job they did with Tekken 6 will work for TTT2.
    let’s hope I’m wrong.

  94. weakling(ph) says:

    wahh! dragunov/zafina! they should have a crawling move. living dead and tarantula stance! can’t wait!

  95. Adam Graham says:

    Yeah! I hope they’ll bring back Kunimitsu,Michelle, but sadly, Jun is dead! Oh! and please bring back Gon and Alex! The tekken dino corporation! And if you can see! Nina and Anna is sisters, right! I heard they have a father, Richard Williams, I hope he’s in it! oh! And I almost forget! I just wathed tekken 7 unconfirmed trailer! They have a new character! Lee Chaolan’s sister! Diana Dunst! I hope she will be stronger than her own brother!

  96. Yacøpsæ says:

    Jun is confirmed by Tekken’s creator as NOT dead. I hope for Unknown’s return but separated from the Wolf (the Wolf can become a new character) and with her own moveset! I also want Dr. Boskonovitch because he wasn’t available in the first Tekken Tag Tournament. And finally Jinpachi!


    I just realized something. . .They made asuka’s tits smaller XD

  98. friedricew/tekken says:

    4 players online would be awsome namco! fix the net more haha for some online goodness

  99. IWAO says:

    YEAH MAN! This made me very happy. But what about Tekken 7?

  100. B-BOY JIN says:

    i’m smashing turkeys in tekken bowl right now. Wonder what they’ll do next?

  101. Adam Graham says:

    I know dat you all will be happy bout dis! Tekken! but, one of you are also waiting for tekken 7! right!
    let me tell the truth! first of all! the new tekken games! ‘Street fighter X Tekken’, will be out in 2011! And ‘tekken Tag tournament 2’ will be out at japan in Summer 2011! Tekken 7! I think, the maker of tekken will not yet confirmed bout Tekken 7 is coming out cuz, we already have two new tekken games! maybe he will stop making tekken! And I think, Tekken 7 will be the last final tekken games dat ever made!

  102. friedricew/tekken says:

    tekken 7 is the last tekken? nahhhh they need money! they need our money…and time….

    • Adam Graham says:

      yeah, of course!we already have, Tekken 1,2,3,Tekken Tag 1,tekken4,5,5DR,6,6bloodline rebellion,tekken advance,tekken mobile,tekken race games,tekken card challenge,new ones, Tekken Tag 2,Street fighter X tekken! wow! that is so many of them! Finally, Tekken 7!
      dat is why, Katsuhiro will confirmed dat tekken 7 will be the final game, dat we all have been waiting for!

      I know dat some of you will be upset cuz we all grow with tekken, the more grower you are, the more the stronger of our fav
      fighters!chill out! we still can enjoy playing tekken games right! tekken 1,2 n 3 are classics, Tekken 6,n 7 are future! but we all will remember our fav fighters! They had fight enough for tekken! someone died, someone survive, I think we should stop hurting them even they are video games!

    • Avidus-16 says:

      Well if it is the last tekken then it should end with kazuya (or devil kazuya) pwning everyone or some one comes back like Jun and makes everything magically better between them.

  103. yayo says:

    i hope gon is in it lol

  104. finally my prayers have been answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. REI says:

    TEKKEN TAG 2!!!

  106. […] bons momentos nos arcades e teve boas versões no Dreamcast, e especialmente a de Playstation 2. Anunciada na Tokyo Game Show, essa é uma sequência demorada e mais do que […]

  107. Tekken *WOW* says:

    Tekken Tag 2 should have all stages and characters from all games but dont belive you’re gonna get that if we do i’ll be surprised but don’t always belive this then you go thank that namco broke yo heart

  108. Kazuya FTW ;P says:

    Awseme news! :) I agree with a lot of people here ,apart from the character combinations , and locations music , and tagging there wont be anymore movement in the series, as Tekken Tag in the past has simply been about the theme of nostalgia , it’s what drove it’s fans to play it non stop over Tekken 4 (Although 4 is one of my favourites) and almost every fan has played Tekken Tag Tournament!

    Tekken 7 , which will possibly come out 2013-14 , I think will be a complete reboot , since the series has gone on for so long , people who played Tekken in the past didnt have a clue what the story was all about in scenario or Arena mode , so I think thats the obvious to point out – past story will be canon , but the T7 story wont latch off from it – I reckon it will start off the same as the first Tekken began!

    Exactly the same with the characters , they might start again and make about 60% of the characters brand new , and 40% of them from the past 6 games , since when they begin a new group of Tekken games the past characters gradually return , not instantly-

    Which brings me to the first likely elminations of the character roster in T7 , which will be Jin Kazama and Devil Jin – those of you that completed Scenario mode will agree with me on this , as Jin gave his life to stop Azazel , and Raven found his body buried in the sand nearby the Temple ruins , as for Wang and Baek , since they were killed off , I dont believe they will come back instantly at all either – so we are talking 4 more gaps in the roster?? its way into the future , but just looking at the obvious we have still lost many characters since Tekken 1 2 and 3 , even 4 and 5 – to make way for new characters , and I think thats going to happen in Tekken 7 thats for sure

    Winner of King of Iorn Fist Tournament 6? can’t be Jin since he was running the tournament , and if Harada and the Namco team make Scenario the canon storyline , it most likely will mean Lars Alexanderson will have won the tournament , Young Heihachi Mishima could be the classic boss once again with Kazuya as the canon hero of the game , AGAIN who knows??

    Im sorry I rambled guys! getting back to ttt2 , I hope this game will do everybody justice for the past 3 games we have had this last decade , and I really cannot wait for this game!! ;D

  109. tekken_lord says:

    better then ever before

  110. JayoCorleone says:

    Devil is confirmed guys. In-game transformation when using Kazuya! Sorry if i’m late lol

  111. XIAO says:

    i cant wait for ttt2 to come out!! ITS GONNA BE TOO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WANNA FLY TO JAPAN AND PLAY THIS GAME AT THE ARCADES! (even though i never played arcdae fighting game before)

  112. Magnificent beat ! I would like to apprentice while you amend your web site, how can i subscribe for a blog website? The account aided me a acceptable deal. I had been tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered bright clear concept

  113. name says:

    i think i just had a nerdgasm. god i cant wait for this game!!!! but they have streetfighter X tekken and then tekken X streetfighter. is that the same game and they just made a mistake, or is it going to be basically the same but with tekken graphics and mechanics?

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