Tougeki: The Super Battle Opera LIVE From Tokyo Game Show 2010!

Tougeki organizers just announced to the world that the 8th annual Arcadia Cup Tournament Grand FINALS will be taking place Sept. 18 – 19 later this year AT Tokyo Game Show! TEKKEN 6 FINALS will be taking place on the 18th! There will be at least one US TEKKEN 6 team representing at this event! More news as it happens!

26 Responses to Tougeki: The Super Battle Opera LIVE From Tokyo Game Show 2010!

  1. concrete says:


  2. chemicalRed says:

    Wonder who our team will consist of.. Thanks for the update.

  3. 4D4M[BTT] says:

    who will start for the USA team …?

    Kor , Gm and Naps :D ??? hehe

  4. Tekkenlover says:

    Yeah I wanna the names of people and how will be determine who is gonna makeit to U.S team, Does anyone know this?

    • Tekkenlover says:

      My bad sorry I asked , I only had to click on U.S tekken 6 team to get all Of my answers, so he said one team composed of 3….. Well I sure hope these qualification matches will be recorded becuase I am sure it will be entertaining to watch

  5. real_law says:

    the event to qualify will be 3v3 teams there, gm will not be joining me and nyc fab there cause he is not a stick player and doesnt feel confident enough to compete on them so we will have a different teammate this time, rumors have going around about some of the other teams, some include Bronson teaming with Pat Thai, juie. Mr Naps teaming with willpower, masterbolo. MYK, Kane, and a third not determined yet teaming up have been some of the rumors, none have been confirmed yet though….so you can expect this event to have some very interesting matchups.

    • vinsor says:

      hopefully, there are vids uploaded and even more so vids of the whole tougeki tourney also uploaded so here’s to some good matches!

  6. Naomiful says:

    WHOAAAAA I’ll be there !!! So excited :D :D

  7. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Where the fuck is Di ?? did he quit already ?? LOL

  8. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    ill tell you who, a bunch o guy that will get eliminated first round LOL.

    Gimmi dabs son gimmi dabs

  9. tekkenlover says:

    i have to say it’s little bit harsh to only include stick players and not allow pad players, i know it’s is a arcade match but still they could made some adjustment and exception for games like tekken 6 and super street fighter4 to be played on cosoule, i dont think there is that much difference from arcade, cuz stick players already used to playing with stick and pad players get the opportunity to be play at their best ( playing with pad). there are lots of talented player who only play with ps3 pad, i think it would be a shame that they cant participate cuz of this, and in that sense evo is more democratic and flexible when it comes to rules.

  10. Hwoarang says:

    jesus christ.. man up and learn how to play stick. why the hell should it be changed to accommodate fools that can’t learn stick?

    • Tekkenlover says:

      Ur fool First of all, there Are lots if pad players That are as good as stick players but they have play their own style to preform better , and if u can’t understand that , it means ur the fool

    • MAN UP as well… just cause a stick and a pad are two different controllers doesn’t mean that one is at a disadvantage… i pity you fool…

      i can play both pad and stick because for one pad is easy on non-mishima characters

  11. Colin says:

    @ gutter, you just contradicted yourself.

  12. ewgfewgf says:

    ^ wow a douche bag troller ROFLMFAO

  13. Colin says:

    @ Tekkenlover
    Firstly, do you think i would impersonate a complete idiot who has already ruined his reputation as a “normal person”.
    Secondly, the guy whose name is “tekkenlover” is not even mocking you. Can’t you accept that he ironically has tekkenlover? Tekken, i love the game= TekkenLover. Not too hard to see it now, had to spell it out for you since you’re a special case :)

    And lastly, you appear as a FUCKING IDIOT when you suck up to Di and the pro tekken players and you sound the same when you get angry with insults like “ur fool” which a grade 2 child would know that’s a no-no.

    You make false accusations because your IQ is so low that it’s so hard to get a rough indication. I’d say yours is around 20 added the law of probability.

    Stop posting here, you just look like a molested child achieved from your great grandpa. AND i’m not the only one who thinks so.

    • Tekkenlover says:

      Truth hurts mother fucker , go watch south park Glenn ferhad , David knee hwaorang changing ur name constantly to all these.If the money is deducted from your credit card or paypal account, you are on the list. Just to be sure, we will release the brackets online about three days before the tournament. You can reconfirm then, and you can contact staff if you aren’t on there or have any concerns. And for tournament organizing purposes you will be given a lanyard with your name on it as well so we can keep track of you. There is also a handy email we send out to people registered for the event. Names as u did before why all of sudden got pissed off? I got u again asshole have even playrd tekken to judge me about pad and stick and unlike u I am not pretending to be Spanish Korean Irish Korean at same time u f

      • Tekkenlover says:

        Fuck I acidentally just paste section of evo while I was typing, as I was saying Colin ferhad David knee hoawrang, u asshole constantly change ur name u got pissed again cuz I realized u change ur name go watch southpark u fuck face u cab change ur name as many times u want to support urself . Ur joke stuck in a cage knowing no one gives rat ass about u so constantly insulting others to make urself feel better u fuck face , hey retard u call me an idiot , well I am not fucking retard like you to think if I change my name to knee people won’t notice Must be really suck to be u fuck face

    • Tekkenlover says:

      And lastly ur a fucking idiot to say ur a white and Spanish and then Korean and to think people won’t realize ur lying u shit for brain , which is worse missspelling or lying like fucking dog u are and telling and pretending to be someone ur not and judging me about being pad player , do u even know difference between stick and pad , I borrowed stick from my friend I didn’t like it at , it didn’t work for me and I returned it in two days , as mark said it doesn’t matter u play with pad or stick the important thing is that u are comfortable Now suddenly u asshole calling pad players fools and man up to learn to play with stick ????? u dont know Jack shit about tekken u retard who the fuck think u are

  14. David says:

    Yes I agree they should be more accommodating for pad players, but seriously, why would you not just learn to play stick? Especially at this level. Obviously we all have different preferences but it just seems stupid to limit yourself to pad whereas, if you play stick, you can always play both console and arcade. Bit of a no-brainer really..

  15. macshady23 says:

    the reason why most some poeple plays pad is bec. there having a hard time with sticks, just like GM said if ur not a mishima player its mush easier to use pad…simple as that

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