NSTARGAME Ranbat Videos!

As announced, the NSTARGAME ranbat videos are up! Click the link below and watch the high-level Tekken 6 videos of the Nstar Magicians members!

Moreover, we’ve updated some of the players’ profiles co check them out!

16 Responses to NSTARGAME Ranbat Videos!

  1. chemicalRed says:

    Cool.. Thanks for the update.

  2. tekkenlover says:

    sdtekken thanks for this and also thanks to korean players who played and uploaded these matches, u guys keep playing and we will keep watching

  3. vinsor says:

    if you check out Hankuma’s character profile page and his shoutout, he says “To all my fans, give up Kuma, he’s not good enough T_T” which is sad but ironically him being near the top is probably one of the reasons why kuma players strive to be better, just my two cents

  4. eL says:

    how do we watch the vids. the sites in korean

    • Di says:

      You have to… click the link with the players’ names. The video loads in embedded Windows Media Player window.

  5. fab says:

    For some reason the videos are not working for me. I can hear the sound but I can’t see the video.

  6. SublimeX90 says:

    Stuck on “Waiting for video” for a half hour. Couldn’t get videos on another Korean site working a month or two ago.

  7. Di says:


    Click “Pobierz plik” (right above the Windows logo) and wait a few seconds until the download starts.

  8. iLLmatic says:

    sit down Sunchip with youre ”overpowered” Brain, Lars is the best(Rain)

  9. demon says:

    this looks great i cant to watch it on my ps3

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