NSTARGAME Ranbat Videos!

As announced, the NSTARGAME ranbat videos are up! Click the link below and watch the high-level Tekken 6 videos of the Nstar Magicians members!

Moreover, we’ve updated some of the players’ profiles co check them out!


16 thoughts on “NSTARGAME Ranbat Videos!

  1. sdtekken thanks for this and also thanks to korean players who played and uploaded these matches, u guys keep playing and we will keep watching

  2. if you check out Hankuma’s character profile page and his shoutout, he says “To all my fans, give up Kuma, he’s not good enough T_T” which is sad but ironically him being near the top is probably one of the reasons why kuma players strive to be better, just my two cents

    1. Try using the right mouse button and choosing “play/pause” option (I’m not sure if that’s exactly how it’s named in the English version).

  3. Stuck on “Waiting for video” for a half hour. Couldn’t get videos on another Korean site working a month or two ago.

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