Avoiding The Puddle #3 Featuring MarkMan!

Avoiding the Puddle Episode #3 by Aris and MYK featuring Mr. Wizard and our very own MarkMan is up! Are you hungry for some arcade sticks, Evolution and tournament nerves discussions? IAMTEKKEN.COM brings you all of these!

37 Responses to Avoiding The Puddle #3 Featuring MarkMan!

  1. 9thpixel says:

    I had a feeling I would not be the only one asking about Korean MadCatz Sticks. Honestly, I think they have just not been given a chance by non-Korean players in fighting games as a whole.

    I mean, Poongko uses a Fanta and he does combos in (S)SFIV that are just jaw dropping. It would something to say that if you want to do the stuff he does you have to use a Fanta.

    Very glad to hear that there is apparently a 51% chance that the next Tekken will not be Tag 2. Respect the majority’s opinion, but I am just not a fan of tag games.

  2. AAK says:

    No TAG!??


  3. chemicalRed says:

    I’ve heard it already.. MarkMan says TTT2 doesnt look likely..

  4. SMOZZLER says:

    poongko uses a sanwa stick/buttons

  5. TCO-TheOne says:

    No TTT2 huh shows you how much Namco listens to the fans. Maybe in the near future…..Maybe.

    • VenoM362 says:

      Forget about it,Namco don’t give a shit what fans want. Tekken 7 will probably have more fuck ups than Tekken 6. Namco’s not making smart moves,they’re slowly killing my favorite fighting game.

      I’m just saying…

    • yup yup says:

      Not all fans wants another TTT.

      • VenoM362 says:

        Not all fans want a half ass Tekken either. This isn’t even about tag,its about Namco getting lazy with Tekken.

      • TCO-TheOne says:

        I don’t think he understands.

      • well i dont know what tekken you’re playing… but TTT is by far one of the best that came out…

        and do you think t6 console is finished? get over yourself fool… they’re not patching t6 anymore because they’re going to create t7 (maybe another half assed tekken that will ruin the best fighting game series ever)

      • VenoM362 says:

        This little bitch just call VenoM362 a fool? Don’t try to be hard behide your keyboard little man.

        I’m just saying…

      • not you venom… sheesh

        im talking to YUP YUP

      • TCO-TheOne says:

        Lol sorry that was funny.

      • VenoM362 says:

        @ Guttertrashgaming

        …oh, well VenoM362 is sorry.

        I’m just saying…

      • yup yup says:

        guttertrashgaming, just surprising how much made up info you can make from my post.

        Fool was your father when he don’t use a condom, BIATCH.

      • oh im sorry do you hear me wanting t7…

        i hear others wanting TTT2 because TTT was great…

        get your shit straight fool… t6 isnt even finished…

  6. i barely play tekken 6… even when i got my new ps3 (thanks to SONY’s stupid firmware upgrade that ruined everything)

    i just see the hype anymore…. tekken 6 is dead in my local arcade…. i go to the city and there’s only 2 cabinets left (2 player style cabinets) and no one is even playing…

    if namco doesn’t listen to the community or fans… the new tekken they release will go down the drain… ill be a late majority by the looks of it… every since battlefield came out i havent touched tekken 6 or any of my other games….

    • SMOZZLER says:

      I wish I had an arcade near me. Not too mention a t6 cab.

      • well… its dead here so youll be better off playing at home….

        edit: i just DONT see the hype anymore (sorry about that)

        but yeah better off at home than a dead arcade scene… youll be bored in 1 game, especially when scrubs pass by and just go “whoa, hes going to beat me and walk away’

        i miss my actual home country where the arcade scene is lively and all cabs are filled up, having to wait in line before you have a turn xP

  7. demon says:

    loving tekken 6 right now

  8. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Wanna know why no one in the world, could ever come close to Koreans when it comes to Professional gaming ??

    watch this

    Skit to 3:00 minuites in to this video to see what i mean, this is a documentary on Professional Korean Gamers that Play Warcraft, and Star craft.

    But its all the fucking same, same breed same skills.

    The speed and training they go through is fucking insane.

  9. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    And this is fucking Star craft son on a KEYBOARD !!!

    with a shit load of buttons , in Tekken 6 , 4 buttons.

    Koreans to be honest when it comes to Gaming are fucking Inhuman.

    Be Happy they havnt picked up Modern WARFARE 2 or HALO . be very happy

    • Tekkenlover says:

      Cyclone actually many of them are playing halo or
      Oder warfAre I hAve couple of buddies that Are Korean who play modernwarfAre 2 and I seen korean played halo with or against American on YouTube , but right now the best modernwarfare2 player is hutch who is an american his sniping skill is outstanding I don’t wanna get too off topic but Koreans do play mwf2 halo or other first person shooters

    • TKL says:

      The skill-set of Star Craft and Tekken are TOTALLY different. and you are comparing them as in numbers of the buttons ? go fuck yourself you fucking retard.

      Another Epic korean dick licking post from Chinobi Cyclone.

      • xyz says:

        last time i checked I thought the debate was on do you like tag or not. not how much korean dick you can suck. god

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        Hey its that Phagget TLK, what ever happen to you coing down to Pheonix to tell me that shti to my face….

        Oh thats right cause your a punk bitch pussy. and are too scared to do it.

      • TKL says:

        wow it’s that retarded bitch ass Chinobi Cyclone man ~ what happened to you? you never learn to shut up about how much you love koreans ?

        OH yea that’s right becuase you are such a wet-pussy ready for koreans you just can’t shut the fuck up.

        here is what I would like you to do:
        say it on the forum that

        I WAS WRONG.”

        then maybe I will think about paying you a visit but who knows which fantasy land you live in. LOLOLOLOL.

        dick time for you pussy Chinobi Cyclone

  10. Colin says:

    It’s not that amazing. Starcraft is officially a sport in Korea, they practice 8-15 hours a day, not including breaks. The more practice, the more famous they become. Just something to keep them motivated.

    Well, it is their job, they get paid good money and have a good chance of appearing on TV. btw NADA usually just spams to get to 350 apm.

  11. Colin says:

    @ Tekkenlover, they hardly play FPS compared to RTS. I’d say they play shooters just as much as any other country. Same with MMOS. That’s why Americans dominate that genre.

    Also American Vs Korean, unless that’s LAN or same region, then it’s not very accurate.

  12. tekkenlover says:

    hey di what happened? you posted the evo 2010 line up for tekken6 and listed the name of players who are competing for it,why did u remove it?

    • Di says:

      That’s because I published it by mistake without adding the banner. Don’t worry, it’ll be visible again soon.

  13. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    He did give him a charity win and GM mentioned it in the PODCAST you fucking idiot.

    the very first one from IAM TEKKEN.

    he even said he picked devil jin cause he was going easy on him. it was a ucking charity fight hell he gave him 4 of them.

    your just oo much of a GM dickrider to fucking admit it.

    But yor a fucking pussy anyway so who gives a fuck what you think, you spend all day wiht a Dual shock up your ass cuse your gay ass is too cheap to get a vibrator.

    • TKL says:

      LOLOLOLOL !!!

      You fucking stupid dumbass don’t even listen to shit.

      GM “THINKS” it was personal because Knee picked DVJ.

      BUT the reason Knee used DVJ is because DVJ is also his main.

      And since everyone who ACTUALLY TALKED (unlike you who only dream and jack-off) to Knee got the answer that Knee WASN’T giving Charity fights.

      you are the only person who just can’t face the reality.

      Answer These Questions:

      1. DID you talk to Knee you fucker ?

      2. DID Knee fucking TELL you wet-pussy that he was going EASY?

      3. DO you have WORDS from your beloved Koreans to back up your “Charity Fight Bullshit” you retard ?

      your are just too much of a Korean dickrider to fucking admit that you WERE WRONG THE WHOLE TIME

      You can’t even afford a Dual shock. you have to put your cell-phone up your ass and beg for your friends to call you so you can pleasure yourself.

      And then wipe up your phone to call back and say thank you while smelling/tasting your own shit.

      come on man, time to spit that dick off your mouth.
      maybe you love koreans so much because their start-craft certified fast fingers can bring you to a higher place on your bed.

      now I know why you love koreans so much. LOLOL

      • TKL says:

        just when Most of the American players are doing their best against Koreans.

        There are always some back stabbers just need to be hanged.

        This is United States of America
        we are united.

        it is ok if some people don’t like GM

        but a man deserves credits for what he has accomplished.

        and Shinobi Cyclone what did you fucking do ? except for sucking korean cocks?


        A trash didn’t do shit but have so much shit to say ~

      • VenoM362 says:

        That’s just nasty…

        How come when you two get into it there’s so much penis reference?

        I’m just saying…

      • TCO-TheOne says:

        You know i notice that lol.

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