The Latest TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 & TGS2011 Updates!

Hello TEKKEN fans! This is MarkMan and I’m posting directly from Tokyo, Japan. I’m in town for work this week and conveniently TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 launches in Japanese arcades in less than 1 DAY! That means we’ll have all the latest updates/impressions of the game up on SDTEKKEN.COM very shortly. For the latest updates, I highly recommend you follow our twitter accounts here:

For more news on everything TEKKEN and fighting game related from Tokyo Game Show 2011, stay tuned as well! Get ready for the next battle!

6 Responses to The Latest TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 & TGS2011 Updates!

  1. DeePhenom says:

    nice, cant wait to hear more news,,

  2. marmalli says:

    good! Got any info about arcades that may host the first cabinets? I’ll be in tokyo until Sep 20, I’d love to give it a try…

  3. I’m ready for the next battle XD

  4. DrBhup says:

    Oh man, lucky japanese!!!!!! I’m so jealous right now… I’ll not get to play this game until the console release.

    Hey Markman, if you get to interview the big guys, could you ask them about when they are planning the console release? Like maybe xummer 2012, winter 2012 or 2013??

    If you’re going to the archades and are playing TTT2. Please steal a cabinet with you.

  5. farhan says:

    Harada’s facebook page has images of unknown on it

  6. marmalli says:

    nobody has info about playing locations in Tokyo?

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