Jin Kazama Statue

A new Tekken figure by Triad Toys has been announced – are you ready to get your Jin Kazama statue?

“Outfitted in his iconic fighting gear, the Jin Kazama M|X Format Statue captures every detail of the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Featuring his trademark fire-red gauntlets down to his hand-tailored pants with custom flame logo, Triad Toys is proud to present the definitive Jin Kazama collectible. Dressed in real fabric clothing, the Jin Kazama M|X Format Statue is the centerpiece of any Tekken collection. Each ¼ scale piece is cast in full polystone and individually hand painted to capture the intense emotion of Jin Kazama. Each statue features an exclusive acrylic display base with felt covered full metal risers to create a true museum quality display piece.”

4 Responses to Jin Kazama Statue

  1. cappoccino says:

    me want nina

    • Ugh says:

      So do I.
      Triad Toys seems to have not realized that she is the one figure even a non-tekken fan would buy.
      And it baffles me how Triad Toys has had the license for Tekken 6 merchandise for so long and still hasn’t produced anything except the heihachi and Jin statues. Still I am amazed by the detail and quality of those too. They do their job so good, but also so slow.

  2. $249.99?! Do people really pay for this stuff?

  3. MarkMan says:

    I purchased the Heihachi one. It was so worth it. ;)

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