Rufus Is 100% Serious

The best word to describe the latest Street Fighter X Tekken trailer would be: AWESOME! You won’t be pleased if you are looking forward to seeing new gameplay footage, however, this video is something you simply have to watch.


6 thoughts on “Rufus Is 100% Serious

  1. Not a big fan of SF (Don’t like the gameplay) but I have to say all the trailers they have released for this game have been brilliant.
    Especially this one and the King/Marduk vs Hugo/Poison.

    More please !!!

  2. yep this fight is the one I been waiting for, but I think Bob will win anyways since his fighting style and also the way he is theres no doubt that he would win. I not saying that just because his my character on Tekken. Is just true, I haven some rufus players and all they use is that stupid tornado crap and pokes.

    1. if only ur post was as intelligent and articulate as the vid posted….i may be interested in giving direct feed back myself…..

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