Help Kor And Real Law Get To Italy

A big tournament organised by Tekken-Italia is going to take place early October in Milan. Kor and Real Law from USA have been invited to join the event. If you want to make it possible for them to get to Italy, you can donate here.

8 Responses to Help Kor And Real Law Get To Italy

  1. Drunken Miller says:

    I thought these guys were sponsored for stuff like this?

  2. zigo10 says:

    kor has enough money after winning evo 2k11.. no need to donate

  3. sayaingokou311 says:

    No offense, KOR bitches to much when he gets his ass beat. I’ll pass.

  4. hey guys, this is real law, sponsoring wont cover the cost for this trip plus now Kor cant go b/c of passport problems so it is just me from DMG going and NYC Fab, so the cost has gone up, if you guys can help then great if not thats cool too, i understand.

  5. devilds says:

    what Kor can’t go Italy?? Could you invite Fighting GM or Justframejames or Mr. Naps everyone you like (but top player), if Kor couldn’t come pls? waiting your answer real law.

  6. My friend and top player NYC Fab will be with me…..

  7. Drunken Miller says:

    Damn that sucks about the sponsor. What good are they then lol.

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