TOUGEKI Official Site Now In English!

Have you been bothered about having no possibility to read the Super Battle Opera official site without knowing Japanese? You don’t need to worry anymore because the English version of the site has been recently added! You can find valuable information there, including the non-Japanese preliminary round venue list. If you are a Facebook member you can also follow TOUGEKI -SUPER BATTLE OPERA- Facebook profile.

10 Responses to TOUGEKI Official Site Now In English!

  1. farhan says:

    oh one more for tekken

  2. AAK says:

    KOF? Aren’t the preliminaries taking place now? How can they have a KOF13 tournie when it’s not even out yet

  3. Shinobi Cyclone says:


    other than sfiv they dont know shit.

  4. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    they have smethign for everybody there man, thats a fucking tourny, thats what i want to see. here, unfortunatly theres nothign but dumb fucks here.

    they think through a fucking straw, and they only see what they know, othing else.

    ive never seen melty blood here or VF5 R , the whole tourny is limited to fucking 2 games here man, its either SFIV or tekken 6, im not hating on either, but im just saying they ened to broaden their view on games when it comes to tourneys.

    but …thats never gonna happen. last place FTW !!!!

    • Di says:

      I don’t think it’s a good idea to compare Tougeki to local or even big tournaments. If you want to use the same shelf for Tougeki and other tournaments, you should start by putting Evolution there. You may realize how big Super Battle Opera is when compared to the majority of other fighting game events.

  5. MarkMan says:

    Tougeki is all about $$$ lol. It’s not about what people what.

  6. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    still lots more games at TOUGEKI, man EVO doesnt even compare, they fucking stream GUITAR HERO COMPETITIONS.

    and from what i recalled last time,

    TEKKEN 6 and SFIV, were the only 2 games that got any attention hell TEKKEN 6 didnt even get a proper stream at evo, it was all about SFIV last year.

    i dont remember anyone talking about who won T6 at evo last year.

    but i do remember who won SFIV, cause thats what got most of the publicity.

    that shits a joke man, we will never have something that comes even close to TOUGEKI. but i can dream, hell who knows if things go right with MLG and thats a BIG BIG IF, it might spark something.

    but For now TOUGEKI is the king of all tournys. man i hope that shit is streamed.

    i mean KOF 2002 is a dream match and a friend of mine has it, we play that shit, every friday, and KOF XIII whooo. god i hope its streamed.

    if your gonna do a tourny do it right have somethign for everyone.

    oh and markman what did you mean tougeki is all about $$$ ??

  7. MarkMan says:

    TEKKEN 6 wasn’t even there in the same capacity SFIV was. It was a preview build of the game and it was a makeshift/last minute tournament.


    Tougeki is all about $$$, how hard is it to comprehend? The reason a LOT of those games are there is NOT to please the community but because game companies kick down the $$$.

    Simple as that. I mean come on, how the hell would Capcom Fighting Evolution/Jam ever make it into a legit tournament?

  8. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    thats a good point, but still , its catering to a bigger audience by doing that, game companies are making money, but they woudnt be , if people didnt like the games and were pros at them , right ??

    all im saying is we need to broaden our horizon, cause here its ll about SFIV and only SF, U.S arcade scnece need toget thier heads out of CAPCOMS ass and look at other titles, tekken is barely making a scene in the U.S.

  9. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    its just now coming up in the U.S, the MLG tourny should help it get some more attention.

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