Tougeki Spirits: T6BR Character Ranking!

The newest installment of Arcadia’s Tougeki Damashi Vol. 12 includes an interesting new character ranking chart!  Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion first hit Japanese arcades in early December.  This character ranking covers thoughts/opinions from top players throughout Japan over that short time period.  Click below for all the details!

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion – Character Ranking

S: Steve
A: Lars, Lili, Lee, Law
B: Asuka, Armor King, Eddy, Ganryu, Xiaoyu, Julia, Jin, Devil Jin, Hwoarang, Feng Wei, Bryan, Bruce, Heihachi, Baek, Marduk, Roger Jr.
C: Anna, Alisa, Kazuya, King, Kuma/Panda, Christie, Jack-6, Dragunov, Nina, Paul, Bob, Lei, Leo, Wang
D: Zafina, Miguel, Yoshimitsu, Raven

Also as a bonus, here is the most recent Street Fighter IV character rankings based on tournament results and player’s opinions. It was also featured in the new issue of Tougeki Damashi.

Street Fighter IV – Character Ranking

SS:  Sagat, C. Viper, Akuma, Zangief
S: Ryu, Boxer (US Balrog, JPN M. Bison), Rufus, Blanka
A: Chun-Li, Dictator (US M. Bison, JPN Vega), Ken, Dhalsim, Abel, E. Honda, El Fuerte
B: Claw (US Vega, JPN Balrog), Guile

55 Responses to Tougeki Spirits: T6BR Character Ranking!

  1. MarkMan says:

    Before anyone comments… Yes I know this news is a few weeks late. I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to update the site :(

  2. khan says:

    Christie and Eddy differently ranked? Interesting….

    And LOL @ DVJin so high still after toning his best move from DR.

    Regardless, I’m satisfied with the current balance…. no where near as bad as T5.0 Steves or T4 Jins.

  3. KENTOIRC says:


  4. tenkaix says:

    fuck man, Raven bottom tier again ??

    shit….oh well ill still play him.

    Steve Top Tier….NO SHITS SHERLOCK…that fucker has cannons attached to his body…fucking hyper speed frames.

  5. Poio says:

    Steve is a fckin dope again! haha

    and Christie and Eddy? are different?

  6. Matt.E says:

    erm… how is C.Viper top tier in SFIV?! she sucks!

    *confused about Eddy/Christie*

  7. undeadewok says:

    chreddy have a slightly tweaked move set from each other…meh idk why?

    as for viper her moves got pretty good priority.

  8. tekken lover says:


  9. Nando says:

    Sweetness, the dragon is back in the A tier. About time since Tekken 3. Can’t wait until this is released for the 360. I think it’s sad to see Wang at the bottom again, he was fun to play even if he was mightly slow (I still love his Waning Moon mix-up).

    Speaking of tier listings, there’s only 2 shotos in the SS group! Nice to see a grappler in there too. So much about SF being Shoto-friendly-only eh?

  10. tekken lover says:

    well at least it is nice to see lars is on top tier.

  11. jin says:

    its kinda weird to try to pronounce the A-tiers

  12. undeadewok says:

    it reminds me of the MGS series. The La Li Lu Le Lo…?

  13. Zero says:

    The Japanese has NEVER had a good tier list for Tekken. EVER. I remember the first every tier list released for 5.0 had Julia as the best character in the game. A list without logical explination is just a list. I absolutely love the vague “Top Players” reference. The sad things is people will take this the absolute best period tier list.

  14. undeadewok says:

    would you be will to point out a list that is the absolute best. not being a smart ass, i just like look at as many as i can that have merit behind them!

  15. KENTOIRC says:


  16. ANGELzer0 (PMS) says:

    C tier Kaz?!?! OMG!!! lol

  17. Crisis says:

    And where is Cammy White?

  18. Zero says:

    What I’m saying is, the Japanese never get these things right for Tekken, EVER, so take this info as a grain of salt.

  19. Kaxs says:

    ugh, steve is retarded.

  20. MarkMan says:

    Well, it is still very early to say how the game will end up.

    Like all Tekken games, I am sure we will have a more definitive tier list in a year or two. T6BR is only a few months old.

  21. iikyo says:

    Just like Tekken lover said: Kazuya is C ranked?!!! WOW!! I’m curious to see the Korean Tier listing.

  22. tenkaix says:

    why they hating on raven ??…is it cause hes black ??

    man ! whats a Niggaboo to do these days ??

  23. tenkaix says:

    i actually feel bad for 360 owners….360 ver. FTL !!!!!

  24. Neo Xian Wu says:

    Yeah.. good luck playing on a 360 pad. Maybe the SF4 fight pads will help. And WTF Paul being C ranked? I demand a recount!

  25. sean says:

    I think SF4 rankings were based on the arcades. Rose/Cammy/Sakura etc are not on the list.

    I love Lee. His moves are cooooler than ever.

  26. Nando says:

    LOL as if it’s totally impossible to use the stick for fighters on a 360. I know I have no problems NOT using the dpad. Overrated anyway.

  27. Zooop says:

    @Neo Xian Wu: It’s Paul, what do you expect? Considering storyline-wise he can barely beat Kuma 2 tournaments out of 3…

  28. CSXLoser says:

    Such a surprising list lol

    Finally a nice reason why i learned Lee

  29. tekken lover says:

    i dont understand this why korea hasnt received tekken 6 Br? anyway thx mark man for your hard work

  30. t_s says:

    raven was high-tier in t6 because of his just-frame qcf+2 sweep. it’s gone and now he doesn’t have enough threatening low attacks to break turtles. re: he sucks.

    eddy > christie because of range. he can land some combos that she can’t, because she has little girl arms + legs.

  31. Treehugger says:

    Hmm it’s good to see Julia is decent on the list… but what the hell is up with that st4 list.. C.viper is Z tier by far! Shes HORRIBLE!! I have to look at tournament vids with her in it to see what the hell people are doing.

  32. noside12000 says:

    @tekken lover
    Korean players aren’t that much focused on BR since they’re having a big tourney called Tekken Crash… Platform is Tekken 6.

  33. tenkaix says:

    Fuck man, why do they have to screw Raven over thats some bullshit.

  34. MarkMan says:

    @ noside12000

    Tekken Crash is over already… players have moved onto BR if I remember right. That’s why you see some players in the later rounds playing with new cards as they’ve already transferred their T6 card to BR.

  35. dbostick says:

    Wow, looks like they nerfed Miguel a bit too much…

  36. drunkenmaster69$ says:

    what? lei is in tier c? wtf?? did they nerfed him much?

  37. drunkenmaster69$ says:

    steve is in tier s… looks like im gonna use him again since 5.0

  38. LeiWulong says:

    Really this list really only matters to top tier players who use each character to the highest level of play. I agree w/ drunkenmaster…why’s Lei so low, also Kaz.. my two mains.

  39. Ayumi Namae says:

    I don’t believe in tiers. Steve was on the top because he’s usage are high. So he’s wins and losses were both high too!

    • Renikon says:

      No, Steve is at the top because he deals a ridiculous amount of damage, has a great wall carry, and gets more from a low parry than most characters.

  40. UndeadEwok says:

    chill… it can take up too two years for a games tier list to be correct. br is brand new still, wait till the console ver.s been out for awhile to worry what tier your char are!

  41. trini1212 says:

    Yes asuka finally ranked were i think she should, steve y already have mad trouble beating him in dr, they should have some valid points on y a charter is ranked were they are!

  42. garyoak99 says:

    For those wondering why Koreans got Bloodline Rebellion so late; it was because of the Korean censors’ reactions to Alisa. Bandai Namco was forced to edit out Alisa’s chainsaws and head explosive grab. The chainsaws were replaced by Starcraft claws and her head explosive was replaced with an ordinary bomb.

  43. noside12000 says:

    It just ended last March 25 I believe… But they’re not that much focused during that time.

    I can’t believe Law and Lee made it to top 5.

  44. Spellmaster J says:

    ugh, kazuya got nerfed bad. i am saddened by this.

    Also, why all the “C. Viper sucks”? She’s the only one in the game with a super jump. Super Jump = Super Jump Cancels. SJC makes her one of the most annoying characters to fight in the game.

    • Demon says:

      they made kazuya powerful not weaker

      • Spellmaster J says:

        No they didnt. Just because he got a few new useful moves doesn’t mean he’s stronger. They made some of his moves unsafe and weaker, the EWGF hitbox is a tad smaller, and his wall game went from godly to meh. This is only a few of the nerfs i can think of right now though.

  45. blitzkrieg says:

    laughs @ Bob

    I guess it’s payback time for those who got crushed by god-tier Bob… :P

  46. SteveFuks says:

    GO STEVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111111111111111

  47. HwoarJo says:

    Yo, Hwoarang deserves A, not B.

  48. HwoarJo says:

    Kazuya deserves A rank, too.

  49. prodigy_of_king says:

    King is near bottom?!?!? WTH?
    I’ve played him for 8 months straight and I’ve killed with him!

  50. Hellschild says:

    great steve is top.lili should be top should lei and asuka.this 4 characters ROCK TO THE CORE MAN XD


  51. ninXIA says:

    omg nina is so damn low!! :(

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