Games On Street Fighter IV Tournament

GAMES ON will play host for our STREET FIGHTER IV tournament on Sunday, March 29th, 2009.  Follow the link below for more details:


Sunday, March 29th, 2009 @ 1PM
Signups close 15 mins before start, BE ON TIME.

Games On
953 Garnet Ave
San Diego CA 92109

Entry Fee: $12 ($10 to the pot / $2 venue)
Payout: 1st 70% of pot, 2nd 20%, 3rd 10%

-Double Elimination
-Rounds: 2/3
-Matches: 2/3 (3/5 for Grand Finals only)
-Bring your own controller / stick / converter / usb cables.


35 Responses to Games On Street Fighter IV Tournament

  1. tenkaix says:

    SFIV is a fucking joke man ,get real , its all about VF and TEKKEN, unless your playing a shoto, you might as well be jerking off with one hand and eating with the other cause you dnt stand a fucking chance, everyone is cheap ad everyone will pick shotos. FUCK SFIV, third stirk in my opinion and alpha series are the only 2 descent SF game 4 is shit, purely for nostaligia reasons..thats what you shoudl play it for nostalgia…oher than that chuk that shit back to game stop.

  2. keep_em_guessing says:

    i played street fighter for 10 years from sf1 to sf 3 .. then i put my handss on tekken 5 and i felll in love with it …….. there is no fighting gamee as interesting as tekken ………..

    so fuck sf4 /… becausee its no match to tekken

  3. tekken lover says:

    yeah i was kind of dissapointed with street fighter 4, if you are playing with regular controller like me some of the super moves and combos are extremly hard to pull excecute , i grew up with tekken and resident evil, in my opponion these two are the best games in the world and street fighter is nothing compare to these two great games

  4. Ayumi Namae says:


  5. Onegai James says:

    why so much hate???

  6. tenkaix says:

    its wack, thats why, SNK is the king of 2d fighters.

    LAST BLADE , SAMSHO , GAROU, KOF , i mean wanna compare SF to those games ??? SF rides purely on hype from DUMBASSES from my generation the 90’s…

    the game is broken, as a kid i didnt know that , but know i do, after i played SNK’s games SF was straight up shit. the only reason it has the hype that it has is because it came out first so everyone went ape shit over it and it over shadowed some of the best 2d fighters like samsho and KOF.

    if capcom gave a shit about their fanbase they should have updated the move set for the roster especially their charge characters like vega and wanna use them agaisnt a shoto ?? you;ll get murdered. i mean how fucking obvious is it that im sqauting to take a 5 second shit before i leap up in the air. but anyway

    i can talk smack about SFIV all fucking day, but it seriously aint worth my time.

    only a couple of months BEFORE TEKKEN 6 is out, not to mention KOF XII in july..cannot wait to play that bitch.

  7. MarkMan says:

    Street Fighter IV is bringing fighting games back to form. I love what it is doing for the genre. Let’s hope future fighting games are just as popular (not likely)…

  8. tenkaix says:

    sorry markman, but if anything its taking them back a step , and again the reason its popular is because it came out first, if the game got a release today for the first time and people took a look at the wack ass roster , everyone would just laugh, its popular because it came out first, and of course CAPCOM would hype the hell out of the game with an ANIME , a MOVIE , and TOURNAMENS.

    when in reality Games like TEKKEN and VF should have that kind of Popularity, not SF, because the strategy involved in both those games would make anyone cry.

    after all this site is called SD TEKKEN, and not SDSF.

    who the fuck would be dumb enough and take something as perfect as 3d strike parry system and relace it with that piece of shit FOCUS system. and no despited what all the dumbasses are saying

    FOCUS doesn = PARRY.

    lets hope this mistake called SFIV never happens again.

  9. neremixed says:

    I think someone’s been flowcharted on.

  10. Zooop says:

    I find that SF4 is slanted more towards expert players – there’s a level behind the game that only very good players will be able to understand. From a casual standpoint, it has the veneer of accessibility, but the true form of SF4 is anything but accessible.

    The fact that the game is stuffed full of unlockables smacks of keeping the casuals happy, but at the cost of irritating the hardcores – for them, locking half the roster is extremely frustrating (although Tekken has consistently been guilty of this offence!) However, the actual gameplay lends a heavy advantage to those already accustomed to high-level play, adding options that only they would be able to use consistently well. Focus at a casual level is a roll of the dice; on an expert level it’s a sometimes invaluable skill.

    So I guess what I’m driving at is that sf4 is an alright game, but nowhere near as casual drop-in friendly as the review sites make it out to be. Tekken doesn’t have the kind of drop-in experience that games like DOA have, but I find it has the best balance of high-level play and easy to pick up and build knowledge of better play with. Give someone an hour with Tekken and they’ll probably have two or three basic comboes and a rough strategy to work with for a given character.

  11. Nando says:

    I don’t understand all of the bias against Street Fighter 4.

    It’s more accessible, it has a decent amount of unlockables, and it’s fun as hell to play online against others. The game actually took a step back IMHO from Street Fighter 3 in terms of technicality and diversity, instead settling with the older Street Fighter character favorites (in so far as letting voters choose who would be included in the game), going back to the base of Street Fighter 2 and expanding a bit on what once was. Because of this, it alienated less Street Fighter fans that they lost after Street Fighter 3 and bringing back casual gamers that like to play fighters, but don’t like to attempt to break it down to a science. Also, they ACTUALLY RELEASED THEIR GAME, HOLY CRAP.

    I agree with Zooop, and I agree that it’s more of a nostalgic thing and the 90’s foundation that leads to Street Fighter’s success. The actual gameplay accessibility contrast between Tekken and Street Fighter is a key difference too. Street Fighter’s combo system is harder to learn for a beginner but there are less moves than Tekken; Street Fighter fans have less to worry about or remember. I don’t think the problem lies with the gameplay but the fanbase; there’s so many players nowadays that just totally look down on newbies and we are so driven to break the game down to frames, technical aspects, and massive combos. Tekken is far more complex then what people want to give it credit for. Simpler than VF, but more complex in gameplay than Street Fighter. When the typical newcomer either sees what can happen or it actually happens to him, recording a massive defeat, it ends up turning the casual player away. Alot of people just destroy them. Don’t give them a chance. I’ve seen a past thread on about newbies giving up on a fighter and not getting better, but I don’t blame them. Not everyone is a Type A kind of person, where they want to get better and succeed at something, added that this “something” is a video game.

    For all of you that act desecrated when there’s talk about Street Fighter/KOF/ or any other fighter here, remember this; Fighting games are a DYING BREED. It doesn’t have much left for it to revolutionize and when you cannot evolve, you get left behind. I think it is a good thing that sites like (who also talk about different 2dbased games like KOF as well) or SDTekken, who mix talks about Namco created fighters as well as the popular ones that may show up at tourneys such as Super Battle Opera. We should stop crying over Street Figther coverage here and be more positive in supporting the fighting genre in earnest. When the arcade scene died off and the emergence of MMORPGS or Multiplayer shooters became dominant, the fade of Fighting games came to light.

  12. tenkaix says:

    Nando and zoop both make very good points, in my opinion you need a lot more skill to pull off combos in VF, the game is deep, it has depth that can be explored, tons of moves tons of strategies, thats the direction all fighters should be going for.

    tekken for me is the same, the more moves ,the better the mind games and strategies, he wont know what the hell your gonna do next , at least 76 moves per character.. you have to be a badass hardcore tekken player to memorize everyones move sets, and in my life ive only seen a few that can come close to that.

    3d strike was still sf but the parry system was the best addition to the entire franchise, the fact that you can punish made that game all the worth while.

    “DAIGO v.s JUSTIN” problem here is there are douches in the world that will spam, not saying justing was spamming but he was turteling, and fuck me but DAIGO managed to parry a whole fucking super with like 10% health and still come out on top. now THAT is BALANCE. the parry system.

    you look at fucking SFIV and im over here trying to figure out what the fuck to do wiht 4 moves per chracter, especially one without projectiles, its a fucking joke, the focus system replacing the parry system is a joke, there is no balance in SFIV the parry system was that balance and no matter if your chaacter had projectiles or not. you had a chance to punish any SOB that was either turteling or spamming. in this game if you pick the wrong match up…your fucked. CAPCOM needs to get with the Fucking program, SNK did..and look how well KOF is doing..shit yu might not see this on GAME TRAILERS, but theres more people waiting for BLAZE BLU and KOF XII than SFIV…

    all hand drwn art and YES KOF XII is gonna have a parry system BITCHES !!!!!. cannot now that is 2d evolution.

    im not gonna spend my FUCKING LIFE trying to squeez out Strategy from a game that barely has any…FUCK SFIV…bring on KOF XII

  13. Nando says:

    Yes yes, the Diago vs. Justin video is superb…but it doesn’t prove that the game is the best in the series. That game CATERED to the hardcore. There’s a small percentage of people that can do even HALF of that, especially when you do mixups and feints in the middle of the fight. You can’t expect casual fans to do that.

    That is where Street Fighter is capitalizing on. Oh, and by the way, a character with a fireball isn’t a bad thing. Fireballs are overrated. Abel is an AWESOME character and Zangief is a great character this time around; I’ve seen Zangiefs online RUSHDOWN others. If you think that SF3 was really that well rounded, then explain Remy, who as a charge character, has problems with the parry system because, as his charge nature, he cannot utilize the parry like most characters can.

    And if you don’t think that Street Fighter 4 isn’t balanced enough, then explain why it’s listed on the Super Battle Opera card. When games are broken, the last place you can expect to see them is at that tournament.
    If Tekken is that well rounded, then look at Tekken 5 (Jack 5/Nina/Feng/Hei/Steve) and explain why they had to release 2 extra patches to fix their crap.

  14. Stridajin says:


    whoa Since when do Shoto’s rule all of SFIV? You been getting rushed down by flowchart kens or something? And shotos definitely don’t win easily against a good balrog. How about you learn the game first then try to give your opinion. Actually why do I even bother?

  15. ChongWang says:

    Because they only watch videos of Daigo.

  16. unprotectedSET says:

    Flowcharted indeed

    did you learn anything?
    are you sure?


  17. unprotectedSET says:

    good read btw deserves its own thread

  18. unprotectedSEX says:

  19. tenkaix says:

    i’ll give you the Remy exception, but other than him everyone else pull off parrys just fine.

    i honestly think this whole think could be resolved if capcom wasn’t so one track minded with their fighters, its clear that 2d fighters or fighters in general isnt their main buisness, so for them, they just wanna keep things the way they are and dont even care if they bring in more of the crowed.

    im not saying their production value is low, thats not the case, if anything production is through the roof with CAPCOMs games, SFIV, CVS, if anything its better than SNK but what i am saying is

    SNK’s older titles like fatal fury made it hard as hell to pull off moves, that it got to the point where people didnt even bother wiht the game, and thats exactly what capcom is doing now with their game.

    SNK threw out the idea that certain character have to have a certain move preformed a certain way, and can never be changed. because thats how people remember them, what SNK did was provide access to moves, and ease of movesets preformed during fights without any fucking chanrging and pausing during the fights. that was move are done on the fly.

    i gues my argument here is they need to lay of the charge characters, its fucking annoying and very fucking predictable and capacom needs to make SF more accesible, all they are doing is hindering the franchise, third strike did well because of the accesss and ease of moves performed during fights, it didnt put much strain on the play, knowing that you can pull something off , right there right then. helps keep someone intct and in the game and leaves room for improvment.

    Im one of thsoe gamers that sticks to my guns, as a kid i played Vega a lot hes my favorite in SF, i have a few other from the alpha series like adon and rolento, “SPEED CHARACTERS” but vega is my main, but for fuck sakes the entire moves set is charge based and as if that wasnt hard enough you make his special ” BLOODY HIGH CLAW” into a fucking Z motion. and everyone one else kept telling me in forums, VEGA is a scrubber use someone else, he sucks, but im like no, IF hes in the fucking roster then hes gotta be able to hold his own, but sadly he cant. there a lot of problems with the games that need to be resolved the focus system for one, but im not gonna start wiht that.

    regardless, If capcom wants SF to be more succesful they need to get with the fucking program and make the game more accesible, im 27 now and i dont have that kind of fucking time to master 1 character in SF to the point where im racking my brain on why somethign didnt owrk at a crucial time during a fight, SNK solved that problem for me, why doesnt CPACOM.

  20. PhantomJ says:

    With all the profanity and opininated superiority, tenkaix makes a sad and useless case.

  21. tenkaix says:

    how about you make your case instead of just talking shit. at least i have an opinion dumbfuck.

  22. Akuma Mishima says:

    The SF4 hate is absurd.

    People are looking at a game they have ten years of experience with (SF3) and are expecting to be able to pick up SF4 and apply that experience as though it was SF3: Fourth Iteration.

    It’s a different game, with different characters, different mechanics, and emphasizes different strategies.

    The only change the console version needs is a better skill match maker, I can go from playing an easy Ken spammer to playing an excellent Blanka and back without changing my settings.

  23. tenkaix says:

    TEKKEN is a better invesment in my OP form all angles.

  24. n8nmonster says:

    See you guys next weekend!

  25. Ayumi Namae says:

    歩みです、 死んでください。

  26. Nando says:

    “Capcom needs to lay off the charge characters”

    I recall Guile being really good during SF2 series, and he’s not that bad at basic strats in SF4. If you have a problem pulling of the “Z” super, its you. I played online for a while and I’vce pulled Guile’s Ultra in the middle of Meaty/Wake-up attacks by people online pretty proficiently.

    “…I’m 27 and I don’t have the time to master a character in Street Fighter about how something works/doesn’t work/ SNK and Tekken rox my sox, etc.”

    Age doesn’t mean a thing. Most fighters in general stick to the base gameplay created already and most moves for their characters then add/subtract/edit something, for instance, your constant talk about the loss of parry w/ the focus replacement. At bulk, the game screams SF2 Basics, but the extra gameplay features makes it different and new. SNK and their various games are not an exception from the standard. Look at KOF and their Marvel-styled tag-ins compared to the earlier “helper-only” tags; SNK’s change of their super bar systems, and the change of character gameplay (Various changes to say, Robert, who went from Shoto-style, to Charge, and back again…) What was that about SNK not commiting the sin of making a charge character? Even now, SNK is guilty of taking a “step back” with XII, in some people’s eyes. A lack of a real story (not in continuation with Ash-Saga), slower gameplay than last year, no tag-ins, a limit on supers, and from what it seems like, a lack of any SDMs or LSDMs. Their only push forward is their graphics and they are a decade late (SF3 did the high-animation/low res graphics first).

    Didn’t you agree that Tekken is more complex than Street Fighter, yet you complain that Street Fighter 4, with less supers, less moves than Tekken, and a stricter combo system, is too hard for you to master? Open foot, insert in mouth.

  27. KENTOIRC says:


  28. sadsfsupporter says:

    I have been playing SF since the beginning of the franchise. Logged literally years into it. I prefer KOF and VF (Tekken never gabbed me although i enjoy watching someone good with the stick). The argument literally comes down to personal preference. SF4 is a solid game but takes A LOT to get used to, it is deep only if you truly apply yourself and ALL the rush characters (Other then Balrog) did get screwed. That aside if you enjoy fighters you cant deny the traditional feel of the street fighter engine is there and fairly balanced. The snap of the system works (Although parries would have greatly improved it) to its advantage. The game is decent with a good stick, I enjoy it and will continue to. I like to see tournament with a VARIED collection of fighters not some one horse show. SF4 has a VERY unforgiving combo system, delay one hit and an ultra leaves you cringing, focus attacks are an interesting, useful edition, but you need to EX Focus attack and use it to its potential to understand that. Don’t hate what you don’t know for all the spammers and for those who actually played it most of you have valid complaints. Jesus give it a break at least they are helping, breathing life into a hurting genre.

  29. D-Proto says:

    Seriously SF4 have been only out 1 month.. give it a chance.. do you think 3th strike at 1 month release was considered a good game and everyone played it? no it took a while to know the mechanics, combos, kara throws, links, chains etc.

  30. Banana Nut Cheerios says:

    Tenkai, I think you haven’t played SF4 enough to understand that it’s not Third Strike. I love tekken but I’ve always been a 2dfighter guy. It’s easier for me to understand the concept of these games than 3d ones, but most of it stays the same.

    Correct me if I’m totally wrong, but in tekken, it’s the first person to hit that one move that leads to juggles and your momentum goes from there right? Of course, we all know that the mind games and strategies come into play to make that first hit..well, hit.

    Same thing with Street Fighter 4. Pretty much, everybody has some way to get through fireballs and is fairly balanced moreso than 3rd strike. The parry system was a godsend and even now, I want the parry system back, but it’s because it became the crux of the game. i’m from the east coast so coming over to play here in the west coast on 3rd strike is ridiculous. No one ever blocks anymore and everyone just fishes for that parry, and when they do, they land some outrageous combo and so on. Even so, it’s still Chun, Ken, and Yun all day. And i played ryu. Ryu sucks in SF3.

    When I first played SF4 I hated it too, but it was because I was so hooked up on SF3 that I didn’t understand that this game is link heavy. Everything is about timing and even now I still can’t do bread and butter ryu strings all the time. i’m slowly getting it but give it a chance, fireballs aren’t the end all technique in this game. It’s just a different way of playing but the same mind games and strategies apply to land that first hit that makes the difference in a fight.

    Anyone actually coming to this tournament? i’m gonna show up.

  31. Grits says:

    I’m glad that at least some Tekken players are getting into 4. 4 is a really hard game to play at a high level, takes tons of patience as well. A lot of oldschool players are getting burnt out simply cause they can’t adapt.

    It’s dividing the community a bit, but that happens with all new SF games. Eventually the haters will come back to play it, like they do with every new SF game.

  32. n8nmonster says:

    Tournament tmrw, see you guys there!

  33. Banana Nut Cheerios says:

    Good luck to everyone playing tomorrow!

  34. omg wtf bbq says:

    anyone know if theirs an online tournament for ps3?

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