Korean SBO Preliminaries

Our friend Maxi Milian has uploaded videos from this year’s South Korean SBO preliminaries organised by NSTARGAME and featuring some of the best Korean players. We don’t want to spoil you the results so watch the videos in the rest of the entry.

12 Responses to Korean SBO Preliminaries

  1. yup yup says:

    Gap between Korea and US is slowly closing…

    First btw

    • k.d.e says:

      nah man, just because we have a few players that are getting closer to beating holeman,knee,nin and rain, doesent mean the gap is closing. like aris said, they play all the time do to there arcade seen. Theres so much more players over there that havent come to america. I think the only reason america is getting closer is because were playing the same koreans all the time. If the other koreans come it will be alot harder.

      • vinsor says:

        i agree with you on your opinion on the gap thing and that there are only a few players closing the said gap despite the handicaps (playing on consoles, i think holeman mentioned this in his interview since koreans are used to playing in machines, the atmosphere among others) the gap is somewhat closing but it’s not really that close but that’s just me

        the only real way to prove these gap issues is for internet to be really awesome to provide a lag free online competition for all these awesome players……..sadly that doesn’t exist still….

        although i still think americans are still far from koreans (with minor supporting statement in holeman saying you guys gotta catch up), i still give props to guys like GM for upping their game to provide koreans some challenge and providing us awesome fights to watch

      • spikeynesh says:

        dude dw about yups a troll

    • macshady23 says:

      dude could you please stop saying the gap is closing, when your not even stating facts. koreans beat the americans in all the first to ten matches, the scores is not even close.

  2. spikeynesh says:

    wow that nina is soo cheap and skillful ahha crazy crouching mind games, killed every one with low launchers nd spamed grabs, cocky >.>
    poor rain he lost i havnt seen him much fighting since he lost against knee @ crash, gahh jdcr is such a rain wanabe lol hope he 1v1 knee, using his bryan .

  3. vinsor says:

    we all have our opinions on the gap thing between Koreans and US players, but could they just be kept to ourselves, it’s just really getting old and annoying…

    but anyways a troll is meant to annoy….best not worry about such, so stop trolling i guess

  4. Tekkenlover says:

    wow yup yup you sign in as your name then sign in as kde to answer your own comment, you are something you know that

  5. k.d.e says:

    lol yup yup is trying to frame me xD

  6. coilover2005 says:

    Does anyone stay on subject anymore??? That King player is just dope in the last video!!! A+

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