JustFrameJames Takes MLG Raleigh!

Another hot Major League Gaming Pro Circuit Tekken 6 weekend has come to an end. FightingGM reached the final in the single tournament for the 2nd time in a row but he had to accept his loss again, this time against JustFrameJames. Sunday’s team tournament was won by team Kor/Crow/Naps who managed to win against Pokchop/Brian Nichols/Big Boi in the Grand Finals. Check the top 8 results down below.

Single event results:
1st – JustFrameJames (Law)
2nd – FightingGM (Lee)
3rd – Pokchop (Bruce)
4th – Kor (Bob)
5th – Mr. Naps (Bryan)
6th – Suiken (Lei)
7th – Crow (Steve)
8th – Iron Monk3y (Eddy)

For the single tournament recap CLICK HERE.


26 thoughts on “JustFrameJames Takes MLG Raleigh!

  1. I have to say it was an event not to miss i just want to thank MLG and MarkMan for holding it down in North Carolina.

      1. Hey Markman , U gonna come to MLG in Texas, I’ll Be up there LMAO.

        TCO was telling me you n your crew are pretty cool.

        Hope to see you down here.

    1. ryuk why you put school adress under your name, you seems to have no trouble spelling things correctly when you are yourself, you are seriously sick, long years of mental treatment can’t even help you,

      1. Can I just say that the term ‘gap is closing’ does not in any way whatsoever imply that americans are at the same level as the koreans.

        Too say that the gap is closing means that the gap gap is closing. Understand?

        An example would be.. ”10 years ago the koreans were 1000 times better at tekken than americans. Now they are only 500

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