TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Confirmed For Tougeki 2011!

Thanks to Oichi at VersusCity for the heads up! The latest issue of Arcadia Magazine reveals the preliminary games confirmed for Tougeki (Super Battle Opera) later this year! Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is one of these games! Check VersusCity for the full report!


21 thoughts on “TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Confirmed For Tougeki 2011!

  1. ok i am little confused, if i am not mistaking harada said that tekken tag 2 is going to be release on japanese arcade during the summer of 2011 and only in japan, and tougeki tournament also takes place during the summer,isnt kind of early for players to play in tourny for TTT2 when they have to practice for short period of time, and since only japanese arcade have tekken tag2 during summer what about international players who also want to participate in tekken?

    1. this is gonna be very very interesting. . . seeing as players won’t have much time to gear up. we still don’t know whose who in this tourney that’s why everybody’s gonna become a threat.

    1. They announced this at SBO last year actually. And its not going to be ‘early footage’ because the game will actually be out in arcades before SBO otherwise they wouldn’t have a tournament for it. @tekkenlover they dont care about international players for this years SBO. Traditionally SBO is for Japan mainly anyway and Japan wins it 90% of the time. Its definitely going to be an interesting tournament though since it is way too early in the games life.

      1. regardless as you said, it will be an intresting tourney no doubt, as one know the mechanics of the game. i wonder if koreans are gonna show ??

        even further i wonder if AIAI the monkey will show up.

    1. I’d rather that it would be console release Summer 2012, one year after the arcade release. Unless there’s something like a Tekken Tag 2: Dark Rebellion upgrade kind of thing…

      1. Hell No!I want to see what the gameplay looks like First(Tag Throws included and gameplay speed wise it is faster than t6 etc) and it already looks better than Tekken 6.

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