Enemy Side = Big Damage! Vol.2 Combo Video By bombril!

For combo viewers unknown to “bombril!“, he is a combo maker who specifies in the most efficient of match usable combos and max damage. This video shows of his second part to massive damage used against the opponents side and back in T6BR. You can view by watching above.

5 Responses to Enemy Side = Big Damage! Vol.2 Combo Video By bombril!

  1. MarkMan says:

    tmd02, please shoot me an email when you have the chance. Thanks! :D

  2. Schematic says:

    They should have not put this on the site most of it is boring and unapplicable

    • Tmd02 says:

      This was an exampe post since i’m a beginner on here, I promise to find good material :)

    • Jefs says:

      unapplicable? lol unless u play tekken like sf, you can SS/SW a shit load of moves, sure some of the setups in the video won’t happen that often, but its great do know how to take advantage of this kind of situation whit your character. this videos should be posted on the front page of sdtekken because they’re very interesting.

      And welcome aboard Tmd02, rly like you combo videos,

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