STREET FIGHTER IV Arcade Sticks Unveiled!

Kotaku recently reported on the Mad Catz STREET FIGHTER IV arcade sticks and controllers that were on display at the GameStop Expo 2008 at Las Vegas.  Buzz for the sticks particularly so far have been VERY POSITIVE.  Featuring real arcade parts, “easy to swap buttons” and replaceable faceplate art, these could be the best stock arcade sticks ever!  Follow the jump to see pics courtesy of Shin-Rotendo and srt4mike of SRK forums.

Source: SRK Forums

7 Responses to STREET FIGHTER IV Arcade Sticks Unveiled!

  1. MoralDemon says:

    Woah very awesome indeed. Are these more likely to be even better than the SCIV arcade sticks? Even if I’m not an SF fan I really like how sleek and stylish these sticks are. I can’t wait for T6 arcade sticks. I hope they have the unique artistic style they have as the game. Any word on the prices for these MarkMan?

  2. RoyalFlush says:

    Wow, I, too, am surprised at how these sticks turned out. I was under the impression that the SFIV sticks were going to look like the Street Fighter Anniversary collection stick!

    The button layout looks similar to that of the SCIV Stick/Fighting Stick 3. Nonetheless, SFIV will be worth getting entirely for the sticks (to say the least).

  3. Pixel says:

    A bit worried about the dreaded HOME button being so close to the stick. One sloppy backdash cancel or 360 input could potentially ruin ones day. Definitely plan to get one, though.

  4. Gr3g says:

    Those look AMAZING!! Keep up the good work Markman!

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  6. timmi says:

    Super Aussehen hat diese Seite. Woher hast du das Template ? Ist das ein kostenfreies Template oder kann man das irgendwo kaufen?

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