Bloodline Rebellion New Challengers!

Special thanks to the good members of Tekken Zaibatsu Forums, some NEW information on Tekken 6: Bloodilne Rebellion has surfaced!  Two NEW characters!  Alisa Boskonovich and Lars Alexanderson join the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 6!  Expect more news later this week as Namco will be showing off T6: Bloodline Rebellion at the 46th annual AM Show in Tokyo, Japan! Check our TEKKEN 6 section for more news and info as it is released!



72 thoughts on “Bloodline Rebellion New Challengers!

  1. Finally… a girl w/ pink hair. Tekken is now complete, lolol. XD

    … man, there’s gotta be a pink-haired girl in any fighting game or anime, haha.

  2. well i could care less about pink her or the name i only care about their fighting style plus you can change the hair or appearance in customizaition.

  3. well the thing is as soon as i get my hand in tekken6 first i will master bob and learn all of his moves from command list and all of his juggles, cuz by far he has a very damaging and tricky attacks, the only thing we know about these characters are their names and appearance and that has nothing to do with their fighting style ,but it is really funny how people start judging these two eventhough there is not a single vedio showing them in action

  4. If this tekken is Blood Rebellion jun kazama could possibly come back to rebel against jin world domination plans this is only pure speculation but l can see some old characters to come back as well like ogre and jinpachi in a way there blood could also rebel against the devil gene in kazuya and jin.. evil ( ogre, true ogre, jinpachi) rebel against evil (devil kaz and devil jin) and good (jun and angel) rebeling against all evil (ogre, true ogre, dev kaz and dev jin, jinpachi) it could only end the chapter and story of tekken and possibly like street fighter III the next tekken would be a new generation new plot of the story and only retain like 2 or 3 characters from the original cast.

  5. i bet its doctor B’s grand daughter.. i hope she wont have that drunken old man who can barey walk fighting style… if she would, it would be a verry unusual to see her juggle….

  6. 2 new characters already, and to add an entire roster of playable characters from Tekken 6: makes a total of 41 characters. Damn. I’ll find high-res images on those 2 newbies but in the mean time, I’m waiting for Kunimitsu’s return.

  7. i am looking forward to sept 18-20 i hope some people record some matches from these two characters and post them on youtube…. that would be awsome

  8. @tekkenlover

    I think its only gonna be a vid introducing the new characters, new stages, new customization, and maybe some reworked or added mechanics to the game. I don’t think we’re gonna get any gameplay vids prob till late november before the games release december.

  9. YES!! A swedish character!!! :D At least it sounds like it, if it would’ve been a norwegian / danish character, it would probably be “alexandersen”, or something like that.

  10. Hmm, I was wondering why it was “-son” and not “-sson” if it would’ve been a swedish name, but it just came to my mind that it was translated through the katakana, so I guess it is not fully known yet.
    It is probably “Alexandersson” (with two “S”)!

  11. Hopefully Namco-Bandai gets back to their senses and shorten Lars’ surname to Alexander or Anderson… Alexanderson is a mouthful…

  12. T6 BR ….When it will be release in the Philippines??.. hope early dis december together with T6 in PS3 hehe! >wishing< . . . .

  13. Lars seems to hold a futuristic gun, does that seems a square-shaped weapon? I have seen a bigger image and I noted this…Someone can answer if for him/her is the same as for me?

  14. those new characters seem interesting, but i tink its about time dey release kazuya in devil form as a character because its kinda dumb he transforms in the story to escape the explosion at honmaru(not sure how to spell lol) but not in the game.

  15. I wont buyy it for 59.99 $$ I have spent alot of my money to buy this .It is the same shit for 10 years .No new moves charcters looks the same

    Lee Chaolin is 50 years old while his looks say he is still in 20s

    Namco sucks !!!!!!!

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