New Tekken 6: BR Info From AM Show!

Special thanks to for covering the latest on Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion from the 46th Annual AM Show in Tokyo, Japan!  A TON of new information has been unveiled!  As previously revealed, Alisa Bosconovitch and Lars Alexandersson are  two new characters in this arcade upgrade.  Lars is a rebel leader with goals of starting a new era of civilization and Alisa is described as having cybernetic like qualities.  Click below for pics, videos, and more details!

In addition to new characters, Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion will also feature tons of new items, new stages, and new customizations.  We can already expect some system and game play balance changes down the road as well.  The game is slated for a December release in arcades.  Now, check out the pictures from the event!

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64 Responses to New Tekken 6: BR Info From AM Show!

  1. DragonGodFist says:

    l do hope to see some old returning characters return in BR like dev kaz, jun kazama and kinumitsu etc..

  2. DragonGodFist says:

    And to add lars character looks pretty cool to me!^_^! hope his fighting style is cooler than his looks..

  3. Rue says:

    Why does everyone keep saying “bring back kuni”, “bring back jun”.. meanwhile their character designs are already in fucking existence. You want kuni? Go play yoshi. You want jun? Go play asuka. Who gives a shit? Jesus fucking christ get over it already.

  4. JACK! says:

    thanks you rue – im glad someone said it :P

  5. Locolei says:

    If you look at the second video, I cant help but notice that there does not seem to be any rage system anymore…Hooray!!!

  6. BLACKFANG says:

    Hope some new changes will be made on the game play, specially BOB i do really hate this character, i don’t want to mention it, for sure some of the tekken players knows why this character is a trash!!! HUGE + FAT = SPEED >>that’s sucks!!!!

  7. Jigsaw says:

    whats up with the laim Lars Alexandersons hair, does he come with a personal hairdresser?

  8. DarkTalon says:

    i think the new Alisa girl has some resemblence of Ling and Lili. not good :(

  9. Rue says:

    Wrong. Rage is still in BR, it only now activates @ 5% instead of @ 10% like it always should have. There is a definite change; lets just hope it makes the final cut.

  10. Elias says:

    That Lars Alexandersson is the best character ever appeared as a newcomer in all Tekken history!I never liked dark and bad characters, but he is simply mitico!

  11. Edan says:

    This BR looks stupid with the additional of that extra and craps charater! Those two character shouldn’t be in T6:BR, they should be in fantasy fighting game like KOF kind of game. I thought BR should be more serious, more realistic than T6. Tekken is basically something like Martial Art kind of game, not with this stupid DRAGON BALLZ GUY and that stupid ROBOT GIRL! Ah, what a disappointment!

  12. DragonGodFist says:


  13. DragonGodFist says:


  14. Corporal Gogo says:

    they say that alisa boskonovich is the kunimitsu..but just revive by dr boskonovich.

  15. DragonGodFist says:


  16. Da best says:

    They look cool i dont think they well make a new character better than hwoarang but i just want to know their fighting styles hope they are unique ones.

  17. equalizer says:

    i think the new character are awesome and their unique..i hope they could make leo, miguel , bob, and zafina slower like the others. their reflects are insane

  18. equalizer says:

    some of my pals also think they make some changes w/ leo,bob and the other 2.. just to even up the playing field….some of their launcher are pain in the ass…and zafina many hate her she like eddy in steriods..she so low nobody could reach her

  19. syencho says:

    love the music in the trailer ^^
    mind search it for me :p

  20. mysteryman14 says:

    needs michelle, jun, and kunimitsu

  21. alixraen says:

    I wish people would stop complaining. Lars is NOT from Dragonball Z, NOR does he share any similar qualities with any characters from that series, besides the hair.

    As for Alisa, she may have “cybernetic qualities”, but if she’s not completely a robot. And even if she was, you’ve put up with the Jack robots for all this time haven’t you?


  22. tekkenlover says:

    damn, trailer was so nice the music was great i love the musichopefully that is the stage music, i just hope in next two days we could actually see some matches from these two new comers so we can have a better understandin of their fighting style . the only down side to all of this is we have to for almost one more year frome now to get a chance to play this . tekken 6 BR comes to arcade on december and cosidering how much these guys crazy about money we have to wait 6 or 7 more months untill these guys are satisfied with all the money they have made, eventhough after fixing all the problem, glitches instead releasing the final version into ps3 they decided to hold it for one more year this so sad:(

  23. […] New Tekken 6: BR Info From AM Show! Special thanks to for covering the latest on Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion from the 46th Annual AM Show […] […]

  24. Muckamuck says:

    The skepticism around Alisa and Lars is understandable. I wouldn’t be quick to judge Lars by his hair since we’ve dealt with the naturally-gelled-and-slicked Mishima family for the entire series. And if we really do have some sort of Dr. B creation with Alisa on our hands, then he’s probably got some fetishes that coincide with her design.

    Their designs are a bit outlandish but I think their fighting styles are the key, and after watching the trailer, they are only adding onto Tekken 6’s carnage.

    Just seeing all of the new additions is making me think about how it’s just getting a bit ridiculous, though it’s probably just the Items talking. You can tell NBGI is rolling along and having way too much fun with this.

  25. Jesus says:

    Lar’s looks like a f’n faggot. Why’s he dressed like a stupid ass SC character?? Don’t even think about comparing the Mishimas to a guy named “Lars Alexxanderssson” He’s obviously put in the game as a staple gay guy. Shit. I mean might as well put “Peter Petersonjacksonsmithjohnson”. How f’n gay is Tekken gonna get?

  26. TKNLGEN says:


  27. TKNLGEN says:


  28. tekkenlover says:

    well i saw the vedio more than 15 times now and believe me each time i see it, it keeps getting better and better, but what worries me is the alisa’s moves. lars moves look ordinary and it is kind stupid that people complain about appearance. this isnt a fashion show if you dont like it you can simply change hair or dress so…. but many of alisa’s move are excecuted while she is in the air…. well this isnt dragon ball z game. if you hate bob well i have to tell you bob doesnt come anywhere close to alisa and she is the new bob now. cuz i can see right now many people will use alisa and start kicking punching spining while she is in the air and winig cheaply by using her moves

  29. equalizer says:

    i hope there’s a preview when selecting items..i saw other data card holders guessing if the item is cool for the fact it sounds cool but when you bought my friend he messed-up his leo that it looks ugly

  30. equalizer says:

    your right tekkenlover its in the characters’ moves that counts in a match not on how its looks…for me its about time namco experimented on new types of characters just to things diiferent fo a change…only losers wouldn’t like the 2 new characters maybe others see them as a threat…

  31. equalizer says:

    yeah right you heard me i just called you”ll critics of alisa and lars LOSERS

  32. vinzboy says:

    why are you guys soooo worried about item moves?????? sheeesh no one uses it in serious gameplay, HATERS out there im sorry but T6 is really fun to play, maybe you don’t have T6 yet in your area that’s why you keep on complainin, wait for the console version for all i care, that is the very reason why you don’t even have it in the arcades in your area coz all you care about is the console, well for the rest of us, just a few more months till BR yeah!!!!!!

  33. Mishima1 says:

    equalizer you’re great!
    this 2 new guys are only a new challenge, for those who want use them and for those who want fight them. their look can be always customized.

  34. tekkenlover says:

    equalizer then do you also call critics of bob a loser too?

  35. jin says:

    people if u dont like lars look u can always change his appearance, he looks pretty cool in the match against nina…

  36. Muckamuck says:

    It’s obvious that you didn’t bother to get the full thought of what I typed.

    I’m not comparing Lars to the Mishima guys in the way that you’re thinking. If you’d stop thinking about their strength and ability for a second, you’d see what I mean.

    There is no point in complaining and ridiculing a man by his hair when there are other characters who have equally ridiculous hairstyles.

    We’ve all already accepted Heihachi’s crazy side spikes, Jinpachi’s side spikes and equally spiky mustache, and Jin’s spikes and bangs combo.

  37. equalizer says:

    i like the way you think Tekkenlover..let me rerphrase what i’ve said before..nobody should be threaten by the new comers if you know how to psyche them..tekken is a psychological game you should be always 2 steps ahead from your opponent or else you will defenite lose and be called a loser…hate the player not the character of your enemy..seriously everytime a new comer is used many of us are victims of their rampage..but once you read their pattern your like taking a candy from a have i answered your question?

  38. equalizer says:

    your actually right careless about the looks..the strength and the power is what we’re i right people or whose on my side?

  39. equalizer says:

    to those who hate lars…if you guys hate his hair so much..well change it the way it pleases you..this is why namco has given us the freedom to customize our characters in the first place..with just 1 click his DBZ influenced hair is out of the building.

    ADVISORY: think twice before you speak something STUPID

  40. equalizer says:

    arcade guys could easily open a can of whoopass on console freaks hehehe..i personally did it and they have no clue what hit them round after round…you might as well say “next victim please”…

  41. tekkenlover says:

    i am sorry i meant to say the address bove, you can see the full fight betwwen BOB and
    ALISA and please pay a close attention to 1:01 when alisa execute the starngest move i have ever seen in history of tekken and judge foryourself. i hope she is nerfed just like BOB when T6 comes to console version

  42. tekkenlover says:

    and one thing that these guys did that tottally destroyed bob is that his d/f +2 is no longer launches a character, only it launches a character on charge, d/f+2 which was most used move by bob players…. this is bullshit people. bob wont be a top tier anymore instead they add another fag lili like character who is much cheaper than lili (alisa), and now i wont be playing bob if someday namco decided to import this game hopefully it wont take 100 years to comes to ps3. i hope atleast lars have some decent move so i can play him…all you bob haters i hope you jack asses are happy

  43. jb says:

    pls convert tekken 6 to psp….

  44. equalizer says:

    its fine w/ me if bob has been modified..i don’t use him anyway…this is what namco does very often..when the character is a new comer they always make them quicker than issue they intentionally make bob in these case a little weaker than he ussually does…

  45. equalizer says:

    tekkenlover i were i would stop lying..your a loussy liar..bove? what’s this hahaha..

  46. equalizer says:

    does anyone of actually have a good rank on your t6 data card

  47. equalizer says:

    does anyone of you have a good rank on your t6 data cards

  48. heatman S.F. says:

    i have not watched the teaser of T6BR..but i think BR is gonna be a blast i hope t6 data cards can also be used in BR…if you guys want to visit the official site of tekken here it is

  49. heatman S.F. says:

    i wish marduk’s d/b,3+4 could deceiving again just like what he used to have in DR..and i hope his b,1+2 /b,3+4 has a faster reaction time…

  50. tekkenlover says:

    equalizer what the hell you are taiking about equalizer? who is lying just cuz i dont agrre with you you insult me? your mama is a loossy lier not me

  51. equalizer says:

    do you want me to say the exact words you asked a few days ago…
    “equalizer then do you also call critics of bob a loser too?”

    who are you kidding bob and bove..the spelling alone sets it cant pass bob for bove this why i just called you a loussy liar…hahaha dont be mad cause its true you in did a bad liar

  52. equalizer says:

    do you want mam joke haha say it and i’ll play it with loussy liar a.k.a. tekkenlover

  53. T6 looks fun!!!! but I guess it wont be here in the phil for a while!!!

  54. I mena T6 bloodline rebellion!!!!

  55. Juggle-sama says:

    Auugh. You people need to stop crying about the new features. First of all, I’d like to say that Bloodline Rebellion looks absolutely amazing. The bounce system and the rage (which will never be removed or optional, haha, cry more haters) amazingly molds in with the gameplay and new techniques. I’ve been itching to play for such a long time, so much that I’ve been watching Tekken vids and accidentally tried to do a bounce combo in DRO! Tekken 6 is a brilliant addition to the series, a series which I doubt may ever die!

    Now let me put a couple things straight, Tekken 6’s area of play and juggling techniques is just as, if not, the most balanced out of the Tekken series. Tekken 3 is my current favorite, and if you guys dont like rage, let me show you a little Anna trick: (This is exclusive to Tekken 3 FYI) 1+2+3+4(Charge), d/f+3,1,2,3(FRAME SKIP)d/f+2, d+4,1, d/f+3,1,4. That entire combo is guarenteed on hit, and if they manage to block the d/f+3,1,2,3 after charge, you can follow up with an instant u/f+1+2 during the frame skip and the u/f+1+2 is guarenteed. Try comparing that to Tekken 6 imbalances! And people, half health juggle combos and death combos arent anything new to the Tekken series. The majority of Tekken 2 juggles took down atleast 75%, not to mention they were easy to excute. That’s the exact same for Tekken 3 and TTT. EWGF to b,f+2,1,2 buffers on Jin arent exactly very hard. I will agree that there are some things that need a bit of fixing (such as Hwo’s rediculess variety of chain carry-outs) but dont just assume that the game is shit because of it. We all know that namco isnt exactly perfect, but they always bring us something good to look forward to. Now shut your mouthes and enjoy Tekken 6 before I get all Mitsu on your ass ^^

  56. isabelle says:


    I’m sticking with Nina, Hwoarang, Asuka & Steve.

    Just need a bloody PS3 ($$$) and this game and I’m done.


  57. hardmode88 says:

    You know what, if you really are a true die hard tekken fanatic fan… and you know you’re playing it over these years since Tekken 1 or 2.. You would probably get some more thrill and excitement in Tekken 6 better than from it’s predecessors. To keep the fire burning, Namco really did something new about the franchise and that’s to make something CREATIVE… Just like for example.. Lars and Alisa.. for all those who said they’re out of place or outlandish.. you just don’t know how to appreciate things in Tekken or probably you don’t know how to play Tekken because FYI we, tekken gamers were so proud to deliver our skills over these new guys..and hell what, I’m feeling so good about BR! the customization and all those item throwing modes .. it makes Tekken more playable not to mention other fighting games who couldn’t root so much in competing to Tekken. Tekken 6 is just getting even better!!!!

  58. hardmode88 says:

    I like the way you commented Juggle-Sama. The Rage System is an amazing additional to the series. If you’re thinking what the hell Namco is doing with these new features that can offer us.. well.. I’ll tell you straight to the point. The best way to explain the essence of a Rage System is to give you a chance to knock you’re enemy from the slightest bit in your life bar thus it’s like a mercy for me in MY OWN OPINION.. and more probably, if you’re opponent is too hard to defeat, Rage System is a help to increase you’re power when you’re vitality is low then you could kick some ass after that. See? Tekken is simply amazing! Now stop bugging haters and just leave for good..

  59. hardmode88 says:

    just stop talking about those hair styles!

    …well if you’re not a fashion conscious ^_^

  60. Lili says:

    Wow this games cool!Will it be released for the PSP?

  61. tekken dude says:

    above the things all of you had said…
    all i can say is that Tekken never fails me. it thrills me to no end! (i just wish they release another tekken game at psp besides Dark Resurrection)

  62. TiKe says:

    DragonGodFist, and your just so perfect to you. You an idiot =)

  63. quoting what hardmode88 said :

    “you know you’re playing it over these years since Tekken 1 or 2.. You would probably get some more thrill and excitement in Tekken 6 better than from it’s predecessors.”

    i agree word for word. T6 is definitely a step up from the rest. BandaiNamco just gets better and better with every release of the Tekken line.

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