Tekken-Official Updates With BR

Tekken-Official has updated their site with new info, teaser pages, as well as a DIRECT-FEED video of the AM SHOW 2008 TRAILER for Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion.  Check it out here:

Tekken-Official – Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

25 Responses to Tekken-Official Updates With BR

  1. JACK! says:

    lovin’ this so far

  2. YukioSumadera says:

    wow look, it’s Super Saiya-jin Goku

  3. DJcore says:

    WTF! Its awesome! I hope Alyssa is not broken, she’s got flying jet packs…..
    The new customize options and items are impressive. I wish they’d release a PS3 version soon, but chances are slim as it seems namco is trying to milk the arcades. =(

  4. uui says:


  5. yiggs says:

    Because streaming of TO sucks

  6. Kazamajin86 says:

    awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. leesama says:

    I wonder what is the music used in the trailer. Does anyone know?

  8. eric says:

    Alyssa seems to be a robot, i pray that jetpack move isn’t broken. and i love the addition of more stages, you can never have enough roof top stages

  9. JACK! says:

    don’t know about the music but i kind of liked it too

  10. Tenakai says:

    Fuuuuuuck, im going to shit my pants, why namco why cant we have this now

  11. Sheng81 says:

    Lars kind of looks like DJ/Lee combined. LOL

  12. Kate says:

    I want iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait anymoooooooore!!!!T_T

  13. Jesus says:

    Lars Alexxannderrsson’s story will be he’s a women self defense class instructor for helpless women and raises money for foster kids and charity events. He wants to win the King of the Iron Fist Tournament to turn the world into unicorn, rainbows and butterflies.. F’n Lars and Ms. B. w/ jetpacks.. REAL NICE Namco.

  14. DragonGodFist says:

    well l think l got a new character in my sleeve to practice with lars is cool!! and his arsenal of moves makes him ever greater!^_^!

  15. darklsins says:

    XD dam Lars looks freakin awesome =)

    maybe its just me but doesnt Alisa look like she belongs in SC4 =/

  16. Kurai Ryu says:

    I hope Alisa is as broken as her pops. This game needs some more ridiculous bullshit now that Bob has been absolutely RAPED. Makes the game more interesting!

  17. fobarduck says:

    wow that lars character lookin awesome!!!

  18. UndeadEwok says:


  19. tepid says:

    Would be pimp if it came out on the PSP.

    I’d take a graphics hit.

  20. kazuya Wright says:

    So Lars was a general of Jin’s, had enough and rebelled.

  21. darklsins says:

    @ UndeadEwok

    hmm ill give you half a game and you pay full price…

    would you do it ??? nope unless ur smart…

    I dont want T6 on ps3 untill its finshed all u whining ppl are annoying

  22. Bajii Dan says:

    Bandai gave Lars a Son goku-ish hairstyle. hehe son goku costume ftw!! anyway, let’s be patient. we all know there’ll be tekken 6 for the PS3 so lets just wait. Namco always adds a lil sumthing for home versions… ^_^ peace!

  23. smasher says:

    The original tekken 6 wont be comin to ps3, but bloodline rebellion will!!! now thats nice to hear!!!!! hehehe!!!

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