BlazBlue Arrives Next Week!

BlazBlue will be officially released next week!  The latest fighting game from Arcsystem Works will hit US and Japanese shores simultaneously in all of it’s HD fighting glory!  Is your arcade getting it?!  If not, tell them to contact AKSYS games by emailing for all purchase inquiries.  For latest images and videos, check out the official North American BlazBlue website here.

Also, Episode 4 of AKSYS NATION is now online!  Check out the newest podcast from Aksys Games as they focus this new episode on anything and everything BlazBlue!

2 Responses to BlazBlue Arrives Next Week!

  1. Ayumi Namae (heartnotsubasa) says:

    Looks like Pokemon! But I prefer Digimon!

  2. joebo says:

    this looks like guilty gear.

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