SD TEKKEN Interview: Burimaru

Next up on our interview feature is the top Bryan player in Japan!  Buriburimaru! (Roughly translates to the sound you make while taking a poop, ninja style)… In addition to yesterday’s interview with Ranca, we have also included the original Japanese text from our interview for our international readers! Click below for the full feature!

Esechan (Steve) vs Burimaru (Bryan)

SD TEKKEN: Thank you for your time, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Burimaru: My ring name is “Burimaru” and my main character is Bryan.  I also enjoy using Raven and Mishima characters.

SDT: What is the first fighting game you played?

Burimaru: The original Tekken.

SDT: It’s been a year since Tekken 6 hit the arcades, but how do you feel about the game?

Burimaru: I think it’s a fun game.

SDT: How well does Tekken 6 hold up when compared to Tekken 5.1 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection?

Burimaru: The characters are pretty similar to each other…

SDT: When did you first start playing Tekken?

Burimaru: I seriously started playing at the end of Tekken 5.0.

SDT: About how much Tekken do you play on a daily basis?

Burimaru: I’d say, around 3 hours…

SDT: Do you play any fighting games other than Tekken?

Burimaru: No, can’t say that I do.

Naoking (Law) vs Burimaru (Bryan)

SDT: Who do you consider to be the best player in the Tekken community?  Why?

Burimaru: Taizo… The way he thinks when he plays is really good.

SDT: What’s your take on tournaments held outside of Japan?  Would you like to enter, if given the opportunity?

Burimaru: I think that tournaments outside of Japan are pretty amazing, I’m looking forward to an invitation to one!

SDT: Have you run into any trouble while playing Tekken?

Burimaru: I just ilke the game too much and I can’t quit! … but I guess that’s life!

SDT: Please tell us who your rivals in Tekken are, and why?

Burimaru: My most formidable opponent is myself.  My rival is Niidaime Mainstreet Ryu because we both started getting good at around the same time.

SDT: Thank you for your time Burimaru!

Special thanks goes to Arus and Ranca for making all the interviews possible!  Another big thanks to Masakun for the translation!

Original interview can be viewed below:

RN 鰤丸
メイン ブライアン
サブ レイヴン、三島












9 Responses to SD TEKKEN Interview: Burimaru

  1. tekkenlover says:


  2. Spanish_Jin says:

    yea cool Bryan player as Knee ;)

  3. undeadewok says:

    this is good timing, i haven’t played my Brian in quite some time…. Burimaru rekindled some interest

    thanks again markman

  4. KazamaStar says:

    Woo A pro Bryan player XD

  5. Ayumi Namae (heartnotsubasa) says:

    Who’re this people? Do they go to school? Is this their job?

  6. 歩み名前 (heartnotsubasa) says:

    永久機関を手に入れ、その性能をテストするためThe King of Iron Fist Tournament 5に参加したブライアン・フューリー。

    そんな折、開催が発表されたThe King of Iron Fist Tournament 6。

  7. TheSanwaSerialKiller says:


    most top players play around 3ish hours dude… that time isn’t hard to find. really.

  8. Bone Breaker says:


  9. Bajii says:

    “Burimaru” of Japan versus “Knee” of Korea? Both Bryan players. who would you think is gonna win??

    oh wait “Knee” is Korean right? ^_^

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