SD TEKKEN Interview: Tetsuo

Continuing our interview week, we have another one of Japan’s top Lei players, Tetsuo!  Tetsuo is a veteran of the game and continues to amaze Tekken fans with his very stylish Lei play and masterful use of Lei’s ha ha step.  Click below for the full interview!

Hayalaw (Law) vs Tetsuo (Lei)

SD TEKKEN: Thank you for your time, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Tetsuo: My ring name is “Tetsuo” and my main character is Lei Wulong.  I also use Feng Wei.

SDT: What is the first fighting game you played?

Tetsuo: Street Fighter II, I think…

SDT: It’s been ayear since Tekken 6 hit the arcades, but how do you feel about the game?

Tetsuo: The bound combos are pretty fun, but the wall combos are too powerful, which makes the game feel less intriguing compared to Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection…

SDT: How well does Tekken 6 hold up when compared to Tekken 5.1 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection?

Tetsuo: I would rank them in this order… Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, then Tekken 6, then Tekken 5.1 last. I’m really looking forward to Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion.

SDT: When did you first start playing Tekken?

Tetsuo: When I was in the 9th grade, so I wonder how long ago that was…

SDT: About how much Tekken do you play on a daily basis?

Tetsuo: Usually three hours on work days and as much as I want to during holidays…

Soyongdori (Devil Jin) vs Tetsuo (Lei)

SDT: Do you play any fighting games other than Tekken?

Tetsuo: I’ve never played games aside from Tekken…

SDT: Who do you consider to be the best player in the Tekken community?  Why?

Tetsuo: Jinguu, Zekusu, Nobu, Jang Ik Su, Mishimastar, Mainstreet Ryu, Qudans, Mainstreet Ryu the 2nd… Depending on the time period you’re talking about, the good Mishima players tend to be the best players…
Also it would be best if the Mishima players were the best at the game… One reason I keep on playing Tekken is so that I can defeat good Mishima players.

SDT: What’s your take on tournaments held outside of Japan?  Would you like to enter, if given the opportunity?

Tetsuo: They seem to be on a  much larger scale than anything I could imagine for Japan.  Unfortunately I am not interested in entering international competitions.

SDT: Have you run into any trouble while playing Tekken?

Tetsuo: Running away from the Japanese mafia after winning too many matches!

SDT: Please tell us who your rivals in Tekken are, and why?

Tetsuo: Ranca, because we keep on being amazed by Lei, and continue to use him!

SDT: Thank you for your time Tetsuo!

Special thanks goes to Arus and Ranca for making all the interviews possible!  Another big thanks to Masakun for the translation!

Please tune in next time, as we interview Matador!

Original interview can be viewed below:















16 Responses to SD TEKKEN Interview: Tetsuo

  1. Switchblade says:

    Thx for all the amazing interviews, I really enjoy reading them!

    It would be nice to know, how old the players actually are.

    thx :)

  2. Spanish_Jin says:

    Cool Lei in this T6BR

  3. undeadewok says:

    man whats up with the yakuza….

    picking fights with tekken fans…

    thats pathetic!!!

  4. Ayumi Namae (heartnotsubasa) says:

    They’re lke celebrities with bounty on their heads

  5. Noside says:

    Wow! Another Lei user! our champ here in Phils is also a Lei user!
    I do hope they’d interview MadDogJin. He influenced me a lot to play Tekken again
    and use Hwoarang ! ! ! More power ! ! ! =)

  6. MireC says:

    many thanx for the interview(s). Like Noside said, we would really enjoy reading more and more interviews with the best tekken players.

  7. tekkenlover says:

    i really dont understand this why mafia in japan picking on people who play tekken???
    does anyone know that? if so please tell me cuz this is really wierd

  8. dunken lei says:

    TETSUO!!!! The greatest LEI PLAYER EVER!!!!! He is my hero. =)

  9. Golgota says:

    Finally my Hero shows up on the interview board.. warm welcome to u tets..
    i got ur collection vidz here :

  10. TIMSOZAI says:

    hey yo guys,nice to know that tetsuo still active in tekken,its been a while he dissapear ,haha!thx sdtekken :p

  11. Locolei says:

    Tetsuo is god, I cant wait for BR. These interviews have been very enjoyable and interesting to read, SD Tekken really goes out of their way to show off some international tekken which is awesome in its own right.

    Keep it up guys!



  12. joliesburg says:

    I think the Yakuza recruits through arcades…

  13. Golgota says:

    # joliesburg Says:
    November 21, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    I think the Yakuza recruits through arcades…

    -Lol. they OWN the arcades.

  14. Bajii says:

    ahaha and when you OWN a tekken player who’s a member of the yakuza, you’re bound to get OWNED once you exit the arcades…. they’ll cut all your fingers off lol..
    just kiddin.. peace ^_^

  15. John bailey says:

    these interviews are absolutely rubbish the same questions over and over

  16. DrunkenPhoenix says:

    Huray for Tetsuo!! One of my favourite Lei players!! Yaaaaaay X3

    Thank you SD tekken for the interview :D

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