GameSpot UK’s Tekken 6 Impressions

GameSpot UK sat down with Tekken 6’s head director Katsuhiro Harada this past week at the Atari Live event in London.  They talked about new features and gameplay mechanics for the latest entry in the series. For the full scoop, click the link below!

20 Responses to GameSpot UK’s Tekken 6 Impressions

  1. tekkenlover says:

    so based on the information about juggles…. they are definatly changing juggle system cuz so many people complained about it and they are making T6 BR more similar to tekken4….oh well

  2. chemicalRed says:

    Looks really good graphically… I wonder what he other online mode will be

  3. dunken lei says:

    yes, you can watch replays! And you can also join a team!!!!! I cant wait for tekken 6 br! =)

  4. tekkenlover says:

    join team..? i wonder hows that gonna work…. you mean like tag teams?…. two against two playing online?

  5. Spiriax says:

    Finally some great information! Being able to save and watch replays, OMG!!, join a team? WOW! Didn’t expect that. But I wonder too how that will turn out.

    The only feature that I want Tekken 6 to have, but probably won’t be there, is an option to select a music file of your own for each stage. If you don’t like the music on any stage, just change it. :D Also I can’t imagine how fun it would be to produce own songs to fit the stages of T6.

  6. peeseamacro says:

    “others to be included for the first time in a console version of the game are Dragunov and Lili, from the PSP’s Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.”

    …seems like the author of the article knows what his talking about

  7. undeadewok says:

    @ tekkenlover

    i seen a few vids in the past when people would win a match it looked like a stat bar increased. its primaly a clan deal that keeps track of your teams win percentage it seems… i could be wrong and if anyone has been lucky to play t6 correct me!

  8. tekkenlover says:

    hey buddy thanks for the info

  9. Dilly says:

    I personally think the teams is similar to the old team battles found in every tekken, but instead of one player picking 4-8 characters, each person on their team picks one character.

  10. Ayumi Namae (heartnotsubasa) says:

    I hope they don’t do the exclusive characters for each console

  11. UndeadEwok says:

    @Ayumi Namae

    my friend

    this probably will happen…
    they will be time exclusive… $$$
    they will be unbalanced like a one legged midget with vertigo….

    but on the “BRIGHT SIDE”
    they will be banned from tourny
    us the loyal and proud will avoid them and their players as if they had air communicable herpes!!!

    yes its rather bleak… but its bleak with a silvery vomit lining… wait!

  12. Spitfire Kiallera's Finest 3rd player says:

    yo wateva da fuck UndeadEwok said im with…..fuck dont even hist this garbage at a tourny…..Game iz entirely broken just off Bounce along and y does da game look generic as hell….???? who da fuck iz da female Jack??? bitch takin her head off and exploding??? this looks like Bio Freaks and Mortal Kombat no disrespect 2 mk but this aint Tekken…Scamco should stop sellin out or get rid of Bandai coz they fuckin up their creative edge….WHACK BOX 360…pitiful….wait for it……EMULATORS!!!!

  13. Ayumi Namae (heartnotsubasa) says:

    So Bandai is the one to blame not Namco?

  14. Ayumi Namae (heartnotsubasa) says:

    Bandai knows a lot of greedy strategy

  15. tekkenlover says:

    you mark man thanks for loading new vids of tekken 6 br today, those new stages are so cool, some of us might not agree with you on every issue in regards to tekken but we all love your website and your youtube vids cuz service is free unlike other website and you put newest information on the website as soon as you get it,

  16. MarkMan says:

    You’re welcome.

    I don’t expect many people to agree with me on anything. I don’t see things from a fanboy standpoint, I see it from a business standpoint. I’m GLAD that Tekken is getting more exposure.

    I’m also glad that Namco is taking their time. More time the better, development wise.

    Regardless of what Tekken does, I will support it. Instead of people being PS3 or 360 fanboys, if they are true Tekken fans, they should be Tekken fanboys and welcome changes.

    Cuz when the game finally comes out, no one is going to care about all this discussion in the past. If they want it, they’ll buy it. Simple as that.

  17. Ayumi Namae (heartnotsubasa) says:

    Thanks MarkMan! Do oyu have a PS3? Can you add me?

  18. UndeadEwok says:

    your right MarkMan. i know a lot of us have been on the side of fanboyism anger…
    i was for awhile and i got over it, they had made a lot of drastic changes in the past. if you think about it tho. they had made tons of changes since tekken one. yet our love for the franchise has grown stronger. i just think this much change in a short time has brought us a great deal of worry. any who we all really do appreciate what you do for us and i wish i knew how to give more to this community. all of us who vist your site daily truly are fanboys of tekken. im going to extend my psn: Undead.Ewok. im not the best but im working on getting better. i really am looking for a hardcore ass kicking if you guys can bring it ha.

  19. bonbon says:

    Well either way i’m glad that it will be out on the box cuz i will finally be able to play my beloved game on my “pitiful x box 360”. which i got to say that is funny. Now please don’t be mad at me for I do want a ps3 but my hubby is not a follower of the platform. So I compromised on the box cuz he wanted a wii and I didn’t.

  20. madterps says:

    I’ve basically spent 3 minutes reading GS for stuff that I already knows about.

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