Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition Unboxing!

Check out this video of the new official Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition by Mad Catz!  Scheduled to hit in Feb. to coincide with the Street Fighter IV (360/PS3) console release, make sure you preorder yours NOW!  Click below for the full video and more info!

Where to Buy:

25 Responses to Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition Unboxing!

  1. undeadewok says:

    very epic my man. very epic!!!

  2. tekkenlover says:

    it is really looks cool i whish i knew how to play with arcade stick .is it hard to learn with stick when you are some one who always played with playstation controler?

  3. hj says:

    @tekkenlover: at first it seems harder to play with the stick…but after u get used to it, u wonder why you havent played with the stick to begin with.

  4. Funny I didnt see a cord…. these (150$) sticks r corded right?
    I got 4 ordered at EB, 2 ps3 2 360….????

  5. asd says:

    Would this be coming out in australia O_o

  6. UndeadEwok says:

    Yes they have a cord it comes in a hidden compartment.

  7. Kris says:

    i have a question. does the stick have this quarter “thing”. sorry i mean can you move the stick as quarter or round?

    hope you know, what i mean.

  8. PhantomJ says:

    Hey MarkMan, have you tried this stick out yet?

    If so, does it have that click thing with the ball stick? Is it better than a HRAP3? Thanks.

  9. PhantomJ says:

    Sorry for double post, but more specifically, is it better than HRAP3 for Tekken??

  10. Chris says:

    Hey MarkMan, could you please provide any insight regarding what hardware this joystick uses versus the current HRAP3? I am wondering if this stick is using a nicer stick like the Hori 360 or anything??

    Being Christmas and having a few bucks from family makes me want to spend money, and I am seriously considering the HRAP3 for the PS3, but if this is actually an upgrade (in terms of hardware or something, or any features that this Mad Catz version might have the HRAP3 doesn’t?) I might be willing to wait and stretch my budget.

    Also, you had mentioned somewhere else that there may be several different sticks coming out in February. Any chance you can shed any more light as to what is upcoming that could be worth waiting for over the HRAP3? Thanks and Merry Xmas!!

  11. MaDPoWer says:

    Could this stick really match up to a Sawna or Semitsu? Last time I checked, Madcatz and Pelicans sucked for everything

  12. MarkMan says:


    If you paid any attention to the stick or read about it, you’d know it was a SANWA stick.

  13. Ame-kun says:

    so whats the difference between the fight stick tourney edition($150) and the regular fight stick($70)?

  14. Ayumi Namae (heartnotsubasa) says:

    No news?

  15. UndeadEwok says:

    here is all the info we have till CES

    stolen from shoryuken

    Originally Posted by fernie417 View Post
    Because people ask these questions too many damn times, and I got nothing better to do with my time since my 360 red ringed: The Mad Catz Fight Stick FAQ!


    Are these joysticks PC Compatible?
    YES. YES. YES.
    At most you might need to download drivers from Microsoft’s site for the 360 versions.

    Are these joysticks wired?
    Yes, USB for both 360 and PS3.

    How Much do these things cost?
    The regular Fightstick is 70 for the PS3 and 80 for the 360. The Tournament edition is 150 bucks.

    What are the SKUs for these?

    Why is the 360 one ten dollars more?
    Because Microsoft has higher licensing fees for accessories than Sony.

    When are these going to be available?
    Around the same time as Street Fighter 4 is released.

    Where can I get one of these?
    Amazon has them up for pre-order, if brick and mortar is more your style Gamestop are taking pre-orders as well. You’ll have to put down fifty dollars for the Tournament stick in advance, which goes towards the purchase.

    Can I walk in on that day and pick one up?
    Very unlikely. Stores will only stock the Tournament edition if you pre-order, and while some of the more popular Gamestops might have a few of the regular edition in stock, it would be best to pre-order to make sure you get one. Supplies will be limited.

    What about those of us outside of the United States?
    The sticks WILL be available in the UK, but details are still scare. Other than than not much has been said.

    Will there be a territorial lockout on the sticks?
    No, they’ll work on any region system.

    Why does the Tournament edition cost twice as much?
    All the reasons have not been revealed yet, but what we’ve heard so far:
    -Genuine Sanwa arcade joysticks and buttons, the same ones found on official Street fighter 4 arcade cabinets in Japan
    -Larger and heavier base (heavier than an HRAP)
    -Other neat things like a compartment in the back for storing the cable, a switch which disables the pause and guide buttons, an ability to connect two Tournament edition sticks together side by side(or did I hear that wrong?) and more that hasn’t been revealed.

    When is that stuff going to be revealed?
    -Mad Catz is holding the info until January, likely around the time as CES (Consumer Electronics Show, January 8-11)

    Does that mean the regular edition is crap?
    No. According to those who are in the know, it’s a better stick out of the box than Hori’s Fighting stick ex2 or Fighting stick 3. In addition it is easily moddable, as in replacing the joystick and buttons (wired up using a 5 pin connector and quick disconnects, just like the Tournament edition).

    Do the 360 joysticks have headset ports?

    Are the sticks four-way or eight way?
    They have square gates, which are the norm for Japanese sticks. (By the way, that’s still eight way, but you can feel the corners.) If you so choose you could replace the gate with a Octagonal Restrictor Plate to make it feel more round.

    Is the top panel (the artwork) of the Tournament edition still replaceable?
    Unclear on this one, it was a feature originally promised but might have been cut as a compromise for one reason or another.

    Why don’t these joysticks work with both systems (like the anniversary stick)?
    Because Microsoft won’t allow it, security chips needed to have a controller work on a 360, Etc…

    What if I want to mod the joystick to work with both 360 and PS3?
    You should probably get the 360 one.

    Are the PCBs in the sticks Common Ground?

    Are there Six or Eight buttons?

    Eight? Why?! (whine…)

    Besides, too many pages were already spent arguing about that.

    What sort of button layout is it using?
    Reportedly, a layout very similar to a Vewlix Cabinet.

    What is the case made out of?
    Plastic with metal panels on the top and bottom.

    Are the buttons Screw ins or Snap ins?

    Can I put a Seimitsu Stick in either version?

    Are these joysticks PC Compatible?

  16. twinturbo2 says:

    I still can’t tell the button layout on this. Can I play Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 XBLA with this?

  17. UndeadEwok says:


    yes, you just might need to remap your button layout

  18. Bone Breaker says:

    as you can on ps3 joypad while playing tekken

  19. PopinFRESH says:

    The HRAP has officially been de-throned! this is hands down the best commercially available arcade stick for either console! After watching the CES interview with Seth… my jaw was on the floor. The insides are as impressive as the outside of this stick. All Sanwa parts, all the buttons use quick connects instead of being soldered. The buttons connect to a pin-out that is labeled so you can choose to remap the buttons if you wanted to. MarkMan, Seth, and company obviously took their expertise and put a lot of time into designing this stick to be the best stick ever. It’s basically what I was going to spend a lot of time and extra money to make from the HRAP EX that I was going to order. Finally the US market has a good arcade stick! hopefully now more places will start importing Sanwa buttons and sticks for replacement/modding.

  20. Hexile says:

    “Are these joysticks PC Compatible?
    YES. YES. YES.
    At most you might need to download drivers from Microsoft’s site for the 360 versions.”

    But, is it only the Xbox 360’s sticks (TE and normal) that will be compatible with PCs or PS3 ones (TE and normal) will be also compatible on PCs?

  21. Shuoink says:

    I repaired arcade machine for two years at a very popular arcade,

  22. QT says:

    I thought the parts would cost around 40USD?
    anyway its fair and it looks f ing slick from the inside. I want one for meself :(

  23. Oshell says:

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    it’s very useful.
    thank for information.

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