FEATURE: International Tekken 6 Championships

Earlier this month in the Philippines, Namco and popular Asian arcade chain Timezone, put together an international Tekken 6 tournament of epic proportions!  Not only did the event crown a new International Tekken 6 champion, but it also unveiled some big news for the Philippine Tekken 6 fanbase!  Marion Urmeneta reports on the big event, click below to check it out!

Filipino wins Timezone-sponsored Tekken 6 International Tourney

by Marion Urmeneta

December 13, 2008 – Quezon City, Philippines

TriNoma played host to Timezone’s first International Tekken 6 Tournament which pitted respective finalists from the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. All five participants played round-robin race-to-5, with the emerging top 2 players battling it out for the championship crown.

Andrew Kim is Australia’s national champion – holding the best ranks in his country. Jamie Joe and Glen Wagstaff are the best Bob and Yoshimitsu players respectively in New Zealand. Finally, Carlo Racela and Dax Chua are the survivors from the 32 finalists from 16 locations in the Philippine Nationals.

Kim almost swept the first round losing only to Glen. But in the final match it was Carlo that dominated Kim sweeping their set and emerging as the First international Champion – to the jeers of the hundreds of players and spectators from the home crowd.

The champion was awarded with an autographed trophy, laptop, USD 500, round trip ticket to Japan, and a Bloodline Rebellion data card flashing “International Champion” under his name. Runner-ups also received handycam, digicam, and a Sony PSP, as well as similar special data cards, among other consolation prices.

Among in attendance were Mr. Katsuhiro Harada and the rest of Project Tekken – which brought two Bloodline Rebellion Cabinets for local testing (a first outside Japan). Timezone’s president announced that all Tekken 6 machines in the Philippines will be updated to Bloodline Rebellion starting late January next year.

Position: Real Name alias (Character) – country and team

Champion: Carlo Manuel Racela aka Jinlo(BOB) – Philippines from PMS
1st runner-up: Andrew Kim aka Lucky Strikes (LAW/JAC) – Australia
2nd runner-up: Jamie Joe aka zarzobnz(BOB/JUL) – New Zealand
3rd runner-up: Daniel Xavier Chua aka Fei-Hung(XIA/LEI) – Philippines from UM
Honorable mention: Glen Wagstaff aka CarpeDiem (YOS) – New Zealand


Picture Coverage from the event:

Special thanks to Marion for all the details!

72 Responses to FEATURE: International Tekken 6 Championships

  1. nice says:

    Nice. I entered this competition but unfortunately didn’t make it. :(

    Hopefully New Zealand gets the BR update too!

  2. tekkenlover says:

    cool, i think in T6BR , bob wont be top tier anymore cuz he is nerfed down but instead i have a strong feeling lars will be top tier

  3. Ayumi Namae (heartnotsubasa) says:

    Is philippines a country?

  4. gwafuh says:

    yup.thats where i came from.hehehe

  5. chemicalRed says:

    Im wondering the same as tekkenlover

  6. cappox says:

    mabuhay tayo dyan!

  7. Scythe.Panama says:

    Good job to Zarzobnz and CarpeDiem
    I can’t believe I didn’t know the finals were happening until just now! I would’ve wished them good luck before they went! =O

  8. L_Z_N says:

    damn….I think we would have had a qualifier here…
    if the Timezone thingy in my city…..have T6…:(

    oh well…..
    congrats to Jinlo….Andrew and the others… ^_^

  9. Lamanglupa says:

    Ayumi Namae (heartnotsubasa) Says:
    December 28, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    Is philippines a country?

    Ei you Stupid!!!!!!!! Yes we are a country and you What are you from?? BOZO PLANET????

  10. thelonegamer says:

    WAHAHA!!! BR in January. What an awesome start to the year. It’s gonna be hell getting to play through the crowds though… hopefully they get tons of the machines so there will be lots to go around.

  11. UndeadEwok says:

    can anyone find any videos of the final match… i haven’t found any!?!?

  12. pms says:

    hehehe nice one ^_^

    videos will be uploaded hopefully soon though….

  13. LanceShiek says:

    Lamanglupa Says:
    December 29, 2008 at 6:05 am

    Is philippines a country?

    Ei you Stupid!!!!!!!! Yes we are a country and you What are you from?? BOZO PLANET????

    You fucker! Don’t answer by insulting shit!! I’ll fuck you up!! Rude Bastard…

  14. LanceShiek says:

    This is a fucking forum!! Not a fucking comedy, bias bull-crap!! I have deal with people piss-offs for a long time… State an logicsl answer next time, you motherfucker!!! Fuck You!!

  15. 0kills says:

    No Ayumi, your grammar is wrong.

    Since there is an S, it must be plural, and capital P.

    so …

    Are the Philippines countries?

    but what is tekken?

  16. YhuLee says:

    i love jinlo..wahahahah adik kasi ehh..hawig nya..
    hmmm anyway sna sumali tlga si jaybatuta@YAHOO!!
    cgurado may feng n nman na namayagpag..:D

  17. Bajii says:

    Yes Ayumi, The Philippines IS a country… duh..

    and LanceShiek….. there’s a reason why Lamanglupa got a lil pissed. some people Do get pissed if the country thyre from isnt recognized by some people…. people like lamanglupa are the kind of people who are proud of their country.. so.. if theres on person who has to shut up.. its YOU lanceshiek….

    unless you have something constructive to say, i suggest you keep yer mouth shut, or keep your comments to yourself…

    ahem.. class dismissed.. -__-

    Go Philippines!!

  18. Gogo says:

    Yehey for us pinoys!!….we won..gud thing that dont beg has military services that a true pinoy represented the tourney..

    and yes the Philippines is a COUNTRY…we are taking the world one step at a tym….nyahahaha….Congrats to jinlo and the other finalist..

  19. LanceShiek says:

    Whatever Bajii, you suck-up crap…

  20. tekkenlover says:

    yo markman do you know any site that we can contact tekken and tell our opponion about the game and character, i am reallly serious if you know please tell me

  21. felixfloresca24 says:

    @ LanceShiek: huh? you don’t know that Philippines is a country? Don’t insult on us coz we’re very proud that we’re filipinos, for your info.. Philippines is an Asian country of the best tekken players aside from Korea & japan.. You better shut up fuckin noob..

  22. ACG137 says:

    Ok enough flaming :P

    i’m a pinoy so when i read Ayumi’s post, i felt kinda insulted lol but anyways @_@
    I think Ayumi didn’t mean it like an insult rather yeah; we Filipinos aren’t that known to the world (other than some history back then and Manny Pacquiao)

    @ Lamanglupa, don’t answer that way lol. chillax lang pare. I don’t think she meant it as an insult rather his/her knowlege would be that we’re a city or something.

    @ Lance, well i get your point about the flame at him but also, chillax :)

    Ok enough flames, back to topic :D

    and to think I just recently reached Warrior on T6 @_@ Then there’s BR @_@ great. Almost every tekken 6 stand from Megamall – Greenhills – Glorieta is full, what more with BR haha

    My last hope is the Xbox360 and the PS3 haha

    Kudos to Carlos and Daniel! Mabuhay kayo, mga ‘tol! :D


  23. vinzboy says:

    I wanna wait for Markman’s reaction to the flames in this forums
    coz if you guys did not know the guy who owns this site is also a Filipino

    am i right Markman

  24. UndeadEwok says:

    STOP THE HATE CHILD…sorry i haven’t quoted half-baked in a decade ha. i wish the fighter community was more united… but that’s like wishing for world peace and a chance to bang Carmen Electra in the same stroke ha

  25. MarkMan says:

    Yea, PLEASE, get off the subject about the Philippines/Filipinos.

    This isn’t the type of discussion that should be on this site.

    With that said, much love again to the Philippines for providing me with this info!

  26. Chaoz says:

    Sadly for the Philippines preliminaries and elimination before the international championship, not all timezone outlets was able to join. Since we are an archipelago, those timezone outlets from the Visayas and Mindanao region were not able to join…. or so I heard… were _not allowed_ to join… *sigh* =(

  27. Bajii says:

    LanceShiek says: Whatever Bajii, you suck-up crap…

    LOL, says the one who’s been saying ( Bull-crap/ Mother-*&%#/ and the F-word)
    now speaking of crap– LanceShiek’s mouth is full of it….. just look at his posts…

    Better clean that mouth dude… i can smell you from here.. ^_^

  28. PeterNorth says:

    ang popogi ng mga pinoy tekken players, sayang hindi ako nakapunta
    astig ang pinoy!!!!

  29. Gogo says:

    tama….itaguyod ang bandila ng pilipinas!!….nyahahahahaha…

    @to those who didin`t understand…..thats ur problem….nyahahahahaha..

  30. pinoypride says:

    Well like the old American saying goes something like this..

    (Some folks are wise and some are otherwise. ~Tobias Smollett)

    This saying goes out for you know who you are!^_^!

  31. gwafuh says:

    PROUD TO BE PINOY!!!! stuck up ako sa tekken 5:dr.malayo yung place namen kung san may tekken 6.i just hope lumabas na sa ps3/xbox.go pinoy!!!!

  32. Jinlow says:

    huwaw thanks to sir markman for the feature, thanks to the guys who have congratulated sir dax and I, hehehe

    The tekken scene here in the Philippines is really huge, there isnt anyone here you can call as a “dominant” player(s) or dominant team(s) as alot of players are really good and during tourneys usually, luck is the only determining factor in winning, not really in skill as most players here are equally skilled

    hopefully some players from other countries would take interest in checking the pinoy tekken scene, and that alot of places in the Philippines, aside from manila would be able to participate in tourneys hehehe

    hehe a day before the tourney, Harada san let us play tekken BR, and as we played he was very open to comments and suggestions about the game, the version that we played in was 95% complete though, and during the tourney he not only demonstrated BR but let all the pinoy tekken players play the BR for a very cheap price (6 pesos and 1 USD = 50 pesos) hehehe I hope he does it again come next tourney ^_^ maybe for tekken 7 or something hehehe

  33. Peter North says:

    manny paquiao will join the king of iron fist tournament 7
    hehehe mabuhay ang pinoy!!!!

  34. pinoypride says:

    l honestly think that the filipino character that harada stated to hopefully incorporate in the next installment of the tekken series would come from an original pure pinoy martial art namely.

    1> Kali Eskrima Arnis

    2> Panantukan

    3> Pananjakman

    4> yao yaw

  35. pinoypride says:

    ang tagalog translation.

    1> baston ni tatang

    2> sapak

    3> sipa

    4> sapak sipa siko at tuhod


  36. Bajii says:

    Grats to Sir Jinlo of PMS for showcasing filipino talent in Tekken 6…
    You dnt know me sir Jinlo pero ka sparring ko madalas si Hide [pms] …. i was hoping to see him play too.. his Dragunov is really good.

    once again, Grats!

  37. Jinlow says:

    ei sir Bajii maraming salamat hehehe^_^

    DO you still see HIDE? he doesnt seem to play in sm fairview anymore…Hopefully he would go and play again hehehe,

    ei sir lets play sometime salamat po talga hehehe ^_^

  38. Bajii says:

    Hehe yeah he usually plays at Gateway Mall. Last time i saw him was around 2 weeks ago. I also fought some1 with a Steve IC card named Jinlo Forces [PMS] hehehe…

    nkow no match po ako sayo, si HIDE d ko machambahan kahit isang round eh… hahahahaha.. Chris [UM] also plays at gateway a lot. madalas kong ka sparring hehehe.. cge cge drop by gateway anytime.. paturo na rin ako hahahahaha!!! :)

    PEACE ^_^

  39. Dax says:

    Ayumi Namae, are you Jessica Simpson?

    Anyway, congratulations Jinlo!

  40. rommel_tkn says:

    I hope that namco will hold another tournament.

  41. Well done to all the competitors, especially the host country Philippines. Feedback from the NZ competitors is that they had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the trip and country. Yes the New Zealand Timezones will be upgrading to Tekken BR in late January, early February as soon as the upgrade is shipped from Japan. Can’t wait for them to arrive!!

  42. LanceShiek says:

    Phillipines is a douche country, anyway. Kiss Asses….

  43. Andymat007 says:

    Philippines is an island country located in Southeast Asia with Manila as its capital city. It comprises 7,107 islands in the western Pacific Ocean. LanceSheik, you have no respect for other people’s culture. Don’t post anything on this topic again.

    Ayumi, thanks for asking that question, but just be careful next time.

    On that recent interview in the Phillippines, I believe it is possible for Namco to have a filipino character in Tekken, but like Mr. Harada stated there is a couple of heat with the fans. I like the idea, though.

  44. 0kills says:

    wow lance, fuck you, what’s your nationality anyway?

  45. vinzboy says:

    ei Lance i’m goin to the U.S this April, so where do you play? if i’m anywhere near that i officially challenge you to a money match so you can Shut the F**K up

  46. Xeinar says:

    Whatever Lanceshiek, youre such a LOSER!

  47. Bajii says:

    LOL, guys… let’s not stoop down to LanceShiek’s level… ok?? we are done talking with people like him….

    leave that caveman alone… hehehehe..

    Ahem… he loves using the word “asses”… I bet he looks like one. XD

  48. Trwirg says:

    This is why over proud flips are the bane of all the calm, cool and collected ones.

  49. Andymat007 says:

    It was really cool that they have tournaments all around the world. I’ve haven’t been to the arcades since the 90s. Things have changed a lot. When the game comes to consoles later this year, I’m looking forward to the new online challenge.

  50. barbwire says:

    jinlo…how’s your bob in BR? ngyahahaha! you’re the man…err, fag! ngyahahaha!
    and as for you ayumi, you can S**K my D**K. moron.

  51. Jinlow says:

    ei sir dax mens congrats too hehehe, I owe you, hopefully someday you would agree on my offer of giving you a whole day full body massage free of charge

    ei sir bajii, hide also kicks my arse whenever we play…he plays dragunov really well hehe

    ei barbwire mens, bob’s not looking too good in BR, but he isnt too bad either XD

    hopefully we bob players would be able to manage and somehow survive bob’s nerfing galore hehehe

  52. Bajii says:

    Hahaha yeah sir Jinlo i agree about HIDE playing Dragunov really well. He has his game down to “science” hahahaha. such precision with his setups… wish i could play like that someday… haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy..

    anyway, see ya all in BR!!!.. ^^

  53. barbwire says:

    hey lance, tell your mom to stop sucking dicks. your future siblings might have the same moronic attitude…dick head

  54. barbwire says:

    douche country?..i forgot to tell you lance that i saw your mom kicking a can down the street, and when i asked her what she was doing she said, “moving”

    such an asswipe

  55. Bajii says:

    Guys guys, just ignore Lanceshiek lol. As the saying goes —

    “Don’t argue with an idiot, they will bring you DOWN to their level and beat you with experience”….

  56. barbwire says:

    lance’s mom is a cock sucker…nope scratch it off, his mom will suck anything that moves.


  57. meow says:

    Mabuhay tayong mga Pinoy!!! Wooo!!! Sali sana ako sa tournament kaso nag-aaral ako eh… Walang time… Anyways, bilib ako sa mga Tekken players lalo na ang mga Kapwa kong Pinoy at ang mga Koreano… So to people who hate us, GO AWAY. Get your own lives.

  58. Rain The Wicked says:

    if i hade the money to make to this tourtament i believe i could ve won XD, been playin tekken since i was 12 and im 26 now,14 years straight since day one. lol 75cents at a pupulated tekken(arcade) game will last more than its worth lol

  59. Manny Pacquiao says:

    pak u ol

  60. LanceShiek says:

    barbwire, go fuck yourself. feces-bastard…

  61. Tekkenista00 says:

    I hope they bring back old characters such as Michelle (Julia’s Sister), Gon, Ogre, Angel, Devil, and Jinpachi (as a usuable character in a VS. Battle or something like a subgame in Tekken 5)

    Anyways, Congratulations to Jinlo and the runner ups, and of course the Philippines!

    Cant wait for it to be released. :D HAIL ALL TEKKENISTAS. :D

  62. Tekkenista00 says:

    “On that recent interview in the Phillippines, I believe it is possible for Namco to have a filipino character in Tekken, but like Mr. Harada stated there is a couple of heat with the fans. I like the idea, though.” — Andymat07

    This is a good point too. Just like Soul Calibur’s Talim, maybe Namco can name the “Philippine Character as Talas”, not bad right? :)

  63. barbwire says:

    lance, go fuck your mom…retard…hahaha!

  64. Kangkongkernits says:

    Ang panget naman ng prize..

    Dapat ang premyo eh isang malaking arcade machine ng Tekken 6 BR

    Oh di ba astig yun?

  65. Maria says:

    cool! im a newbie at tekken, i just played it last may. can anyone of you guys help me with lili? they say im good with her, and shes my character. Can anyone help?♥
    i usually play at rob manila and sm fairview timezone.:D

  66. Holt says:

    Thank you

    Ahmet K?r?at ?anak

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  67. mcsourmonkey says:

    lamanglupa – your english sucks.

  68. Osland says:

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    Keep them comming. i hope u visit me friend.. http://www.multiwp.com

  69. Calin says:

    Hi guys I am a master in Tekken 6 PSP but I don’t know how I can enter the championship.Can anybody say me how to enter it?!?

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