2008 Arcadia Award Winners!

The latest issue of Arcadia Magazine had a detailed list of the 2008 Arcadia Award winners!  Which games and companies took the top spots?!  Click below for the full results!  (Thanks Reno!)

Arcadia Magazine 2008 Awards

Special note: These awards are based on the Japanese arcade gaming industry.  Games included in these awards have been released between October 2007 and September 2008.

Arcadia Magazine Game of the Year 2008

  1. Street Fighter IV (Capcom)
  2. Tekken 6 (Namco Bandai)
  3. Lord of Vermillion (Sega)

Best Arcade Game Developer

  1. Konami (366 pts)
  2. Capcom (137.2 pts)
  3. Sega (111.1 pts)
  4. Cave (104.5 pts)
  5. SNK Playmore (98 pts)
  6. Examu (91.5 pts)
  7. Bandai Namco Games (52.2 pts)
  8. Taito (19.6 pts)
  9. Square-Enix (13 pts)
  10. Arc Systems Works (6.5 pts)

Arcadia Magazine Reader’s Choice Award

  1. Street Fighter IV (Capcom)
  2. Pop’n Music Party! (Konami)
  3. Arcana Heart 2 (Examu)
  4. Beatmania II DX15 (Konami)
  5. Quiz Magic Academy 5 (Konami)
  6. Tekken 6 (Bandai-Namco)
  7. Deathsmiles (Cave)
  8. Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Gundam (Banpresto)
  9. jubeat (Konami)
  10. Otomedius (Konami)
  11. KOF 98 Unlimited Match (SNK)
  12. Lord of Vermillion (Square-Enix)
  13. Melty Blood Actress Again (Ecole Software)
  14. Drummania V5 (Konami)
  15. Sangokushi Taisen 3 (Sega)
  16. Samurai Spirits Sen (SNK Playmore)
  17. Fate/unlimited Codes (Capcom)
  18. Virtua Fighter 5R (Sega)
  19. Dondonpachi Daifukkatsu (Cave)
  20. Sengoku Basara X (Capcom)

Best Character

  1. Ryu (Street Fighter IV)
  2. Bob (Tekken 6)
  3. Angelia (Arcana Heart 2)
  4. Tita Nium (Otomedius)
  5. Kanzensha (Akatsuki Blitz)
  6. Hifumi (Beatmania II DX)
  7. Katharine Kyobashi (Arcana Heart 2)
  8. Aoba Anoa (Otomedius)
  9. Clarice Di Lanza (Arcana Heart 2)
  10. Petra Johanna Lagerkvist (Arcana Heart 2)
  11. Leo (Tekken 6)
  12. Suzuhime (Samurai Spirits Sen)
  13. Jiooru Toi (Akatsuki Blitz)
  14. Follet (Deathsmiles)
  15. Mimi (pop’n music 15 PARTY)
  16. Nyami (pop’n music 15 PARTY)
  17. Jigokutani Fururu (Mamoru-kun Has Been Cursed!)
  18. Riesbyfe Stridberg (Melty Blood Actress Again)
  19. Blitztank (Akatsuki Blitz)
  20. Succubus (Lord of Vermillion)

Other awards included were…

Best Graphics: Street Fighter IV (Capcom)
Best Production: Street Fighter IV (Capcom)
Best Music: Beatmania IIDX 15: DJ Troopers (Konami)
Best Cabinet Design: jubeat (Konami)
New Arcadia Award: Otomedius (Konami)
Best Income: Tekken 6 (Namco)

The most recent Arcadia Magazine also shows that Tekken 6 finished #1 again for the monthly Arcadia ranking charts making Tekken 6 the only game to ever debut at #1 (Nov. 2007) and retire at #1 (Dec. 2008).  Unprecedented!

Thanks again to Reno- for the translations/heads up!

11 Responses to 2008 Arcadia Award Winners!

  1. tekkenlover says:


  2. keep_em_guessing says:

    what is the BEST INCOME award , which namco won for tekken 6 …… //// is it about the most money made by company by a game ,,, ??????

  3. CHALLENGER says:

    Great article. However…….I don’t understand how SF4 got #1 on 4-5 awards. SF4 isn’t even offered at most arcades in Japan. The SF4 cabs they do have are few (half of what T6 has) and always open for players. Best graphics goes to SF4? LOL I think the ARCADIA mag is BIAS. Capcom fanboys? Tekken TAG is better than SF4 in my book.

  4. Bajii says:

    Umm.. graphics-wise, how did SF4 beat Tekken 6?!!….

  5. Bone Breaker says:

    how did sf4 best than tekken in most cases

  6. undeadewok says:

    @Bone Breaker

    they hired porn stars dressed as chun-li and cammy and gave the whole staff hand jobs

  7. Mike says:

    Street Fighter 4 is based on the timeless street fighter 2 (that is still played to this day and makes money i.e: SF2HDRemix) gameplay formula. Also the graphics are amazing in terms of art, detail and animations. Screen shots or low rez videos don’t do it justice. That’s why SF4 it is number 1.

  8. Ayumi Namae (heartnotsubasa) says:

    What’s this all about?

  9. Bone Breaker says:


  10. xforgo says:

    seriously tekken 6 is boring compared to street fighter 4 all these tekken fanboys on here.

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