TEKKEN 6 Announcement Trailers Now Live!

This week’s PlayStation Store update for the US brings us the new Tekken 6 Announcement Trailer for the PLAYSTATION 3!  Some of you might remember this as the same video that surfaced on Xbox Live and the Japanese PSN during Tokyo Game Show last year, but one thing is for sure… The video is still HOT!  Check it out!

SOURCE – PlayStation Blog

13 Responses to TEKKEN 6 Announcement Trailers Now Live!

  1. Irongoat says:

    Weve had this video on PSN in Australia for a week now i think?
    For once we got something before NA haha
    Awesome video!!!

  2. Mishima1 says:

    we’ve got this video since a week too… Europe…

  3. cappox says:

    we got the game this jan haha

  4. e.b says:

    can I download it if i don’t have a ps3?????? please people do something in order to share it :(:( is it on YT?

  5. cappox says:

    go find it in youtube i saw it last time

  6. BrooklynNYC says:

    here is the vid if you dont have psn

  7. tekken lover says:

    yeah i saw it on on youtube, yo markman how about the new top tier list for tekken6 BR?

  8. BardoBravo says:

    Awesome! Makes me want this game even more!

  9. […] you watched the new trailer on PSN you may have noticed the addition of a new website address towards the end.  Namco has launched […]

  10. pissed off says:

    they delay my game a year and still dont give me a hd version of the GOOD trailer that shows of the features. fuck these bitches….

  11. Ayumi Namae says:

    They have HD on PSN store!

  12. dbostick says:

    I’d love to go to T6 tourney after it comes out. I’ll be maining DJ.

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