EVO2009 Now Official!

Our good friends at SRK just announced the details on EVOLUTION 2009: World Fighting Game Championships!  This year the event is taking place from July 17-19 at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada!  Click below for more details on the event!

Announcing the Evo 2009 Lineup!
Posted by inkblot On February – 2 – 2009

It’s that time of year again. The Evo elves have been pounding away in our workshop, and we’re finally ready to reveal some details about this year’s tournament. Hit the jump for the skivvy!
Date and Venue

We’re back in Vegas, but have moved up the tournament date to mid-July. Hopefully this will make it a little easier on the folks who have school in the early fall. This year we are upgrading (ahem) the venue to the Rio Hotel and Casino. This is a great location that, while not directly on the strip, is still in the heart of Las Vegas.
The Games

This is what you really want to know, right? We’re thrilled to have fantastic new games like Street Fighter 4 to sink our teeth into. It does mean that we’ve had to retire some old friends, but we’ve tried to keep a mix between the old and the new on the roster. Here are your Evo games for 2009!

* Street Fighter 4
* Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
* Soul Calibur 4
* Marvel vs. Capcom 2
* Guilty Gear XX, Accent Core
* SF3, Third Strike, 2v2 team tournament

As usual, we will hold exhibition events on Friday and Saturday night.

* Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Invitational Finals
* Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix 5 on 5 Regional Team Tournament

The TvC event will actually be the final 8 players of a 64 man invitational tournament that we will run before hand. The TvC finals will run just like any other Evo finals.
GameStop Street Fighter 4 National Tournament Tie-In

Evo has also partnered with GameStop in their national Street Fighter 4 tournament. The top 16 players in the GameStop tournament will receive and automatic placement in Evo’s semi-final bracker for Street Fighter 4. This should be a great event that will introduce tons of new players to street fighter tournament action.

Stay tuned over the new few weeks for more information about the specific tournaments, registration and hotel booking information, and other Evo announcements!

While Tekken is a no show this year… there is sure to be some Tekken related action going on during EVO2K9.  Stay tuned for any and all news in the future!

13 Responses to EVO2009 Now Official!

  1. blackwolf says:

    dammmm.. I would have gone if I didnt have a room booked for otokan.

  2. tekken lover says:

    this is ridiculous, why the hell there is no tekken???! evo always included tekken as far as i can remember so why the change their mind?

  3. L_Z_N says:

    no Tekken this year…. :(

  4. MarkMan says:

    It is better that there is no Tekken.

    The rest of the world is playing Tekken 6/BR. It wouldn’t be fun to go back to DR again. :(

  5. inforcer says:

    DR is still fun.. It would be nice to have a tourney for us tekken players.. well its all namco/bandai who insisted on delaying t6 for the ps3.. this is just disappointing

  6. tekken lover says:

    mark man has a point but still T5DR still can be fun. OH well, i guess they ll bring back tekken next year when T6BR comes out, damn you namco for making us wait for 8 more months

  7. MarkMan says:

    Nothing is holding people back from having a Tekken 5: DR tournament on the side. I’m sure people will still play if there is interest.

  8. tepid says:

    It’s sad, but you can’t blame the EVO peeps. Blame NB.

    Fall 2009 BR console release date with no US arcade release I am sure factored heavily in their decision.

    What the hell was NB thinking?

    Get your shit correct NB. There are dedicated fans in the US who see your bullshit for what it is.

  9. tekken lover says:

    yo markman http://www.gamespot.com put up new tekken trailer i think you might wanna check it out

  10. vinzboy says:

    it’s not NB’s problem that the arcade scene in the U.S is kinda dead , that is the reason for delaying T6BR, it’s for the arcade owners who got the international version to at least earn some money, coz when the console version comes out hardly anyone will play in the arcades anymore, this is what you deserve for not playin in the arcades anymore, you guys just have to wait while the rest of the world and some parts of the U.S are already enjoying T6BR in the arcades

  11. dbostick says:

    I might go to this one for HDR. The last time I went to the Rio, I got really sick from bad sushi at the buffet. I ain’t gambling either, one too many Indian casino visits already…

  12. Malakai says:

    Too many Street Fighters :D

  13. sexe says:

    merci pour ce post ! thank’s ! (sorry for my english i’m french !!) :-)

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