New Tekken 6 Hi-Res Screens

GamesRadar has put some new screens for Tekken 6 for XBOX 360 and PLAYSTATION3.  Check ’em out by following the link below:


9 Responses to New Tekken 6 Hi-Res Screens

  1. chemicalRed says:


  2. tekken lover says:

    yo mark man i bought the guide book for street fighter 4 i look at how ultra combo is excecuted, and for example for sagat ultra combo you have to press three button at the same time, i am sure you know all this, but do you know if we can put some of the commands in R1,R2, L1, L2 ,
    (just like tekken) so it would be easier for us to excecute ultra combos?

  3. MarkMan says:

    Yea you can put 3 punches/kicks onto one button.

  4. tekken lover says:

    cool thanks:)

  5. undeadewok says:

    but that’s not tourny legal, right?

  6. Zooop says:

    Game looks great, but whoever took the screencaps made most of the fighters look really odd.

  7. Ayumi Namae says:

    It will look good in HDTV!

  8. victor says:

    tekken 6 ti play will fun play raw u kill ti fun

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