SC4 SOCAL Regional Results

GAMES ON played host to the Southern California Soulcalibur IV Regionals.  In the end, it was Aris of SoCal who came back from losers and ultimately took 1st using Cassandra and Siegfried!  Along with other prizes, the top four placers earned seed spots for the Soulcalibur IV Nationals in July.  Follow the link below for more results.

ViciousSuicide (2nd), Aris (1st), OffbeatNinja (3rd), PendragonsFall (4th)


1: Aris (Cassandra, Siegfried)
2: ViciousSuicide (Lizardman, Sophitia)
3: OffbeatNinja (Siegfried)
4: PendragonsFall (Raphael, Kilik)
5: BeefyLoveLord
5: CrackMamba LDG
7: SPMan
7: KingSalmon
9: Shinobi01
9: WhiteRob
9: DanyK.
9: NoFaceKiller
13: -_- (SAB)
13: BL
13: LunarAura
13: BigWalt87
17: Izluden
17: SPQR
17: Lobo
17: NitNit
17: Dr.Dogg
17: Mystik

Full Bracket can be found HERE.

Special Thanks:

Special thanks again to GAMES ON for having us at their venue, GETYOURTOURNAMENT for providing a live feed and video coverage, and all tournament staff for another smoothly run event.

The Soulcalibur IV Nationals is hosted by the NVGA and will be taking place July 24-25th, 2009 during this year’s NVGA SuperCon in Denver, Colorado.  More details for the event can be found HERE.

Be sure to watch this space as we update with media from the event.


5 Responses to SC4 SOCAL Regional Results

  1. dbostick says:

    lol, 1st place is being an asshole.

  2. ZeroX says:

    He looks like one.

  3. RoyalFlush says:

    People, don’t judge unless you’ve actually met the guy. Aris is actually a pretty cool dude.

  4. dbostick says:

    Still, that’s kinda being mean to 2nd place and it’s photographed forever for all to see. :)

  5. n8nmonster says:

    finals vids are now up, see above link.

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