BlazBlue Asks, “What Is Drive?”

AKSYS Games is releasing BlazBlue on June 30th!  To celebrate the release of the fighting game, AKSYS wants to know, what is your drivePreorder your copy today!  Check out the hype video and anime trailer by clicking below!

BlazBlue “Drive” Trailer

BlazBlue Anime Trailer

Also stay tuned for a special BlazBlue contest here on SDTEKKEN.COM!

32 Responses to BlazBlue Asks, “What Is Drive?”

  1. chemicalRed says:

    Nice vids

  2. GAF says:


  3. BlindGhost says:

    uhhhh ok, whatever, i like the second trailer better, but anyway, this shit will prove mediocre just like Guilty Gear.

    you know what the problem with ARC SYS, THEY FUCKING TRY TOO HARD !!, They want that shit to be EDGY,but they fail horribly.

    this is just another Guilty Gear, This Game is in no way compared to KOF, LAST BLADE, GAROU, SAMSHO, OR SF.


    And or them to put it out in the same month as KOF XII, thats just straight up Suicide. KOF XII is gonna own.

    SNK : the future is now.

    • too little too late says:

      I’m willing to wager you didn’t buy those four SNK games and pirated like the entire rest of the SNK community does.

      At least I can go watch the Chinese win KOF during this year’s SBO.
      Oh wait.

      • BlindGhost says:

        i have a dreamcast bro, i dont have to pirate i have the real thing, Garou, Last Blade, and as for samsho i play it at the arcade and now i have the collection. i had MAME before, but you cant beat the original.

    • BB says:

      Congratulations, you have absolutely no idea about what you are talking about.

      BB is currently the second largest fighting game in Japan, second only to Tekken.

      It’s much easier to pick up but still has a lot of the depth that Guilty Gear has, for a first fighting game in a series it’s arguably one of the best ever.

      With what seems like a great console release coming up that wil have tons of content for both the casual and hardcore gamer, it looks like it will continue it’s success. If it gets a good update to fix and improve the gameplay, it could easily become the best fighting game out there.

      • BlindGhost says:

        yeah no shit its second to tekken has anything else come out ??? after BLAZE BLUE ????

    • jiyuna says:

      Now, now…just because ArcSystem doesn’t use pixelated sprites and 16-bit music in their games doesn’t mean they are trying too hard!


  4. Triumvir.JK says:

    This is a surprise! Great video.

  5. BlindGhost says:


    not only that but the majority of the moves are extremly similar.

    ive seen some gameplay vids, im still on the fence for this one, i might pick it up, ill just have to see more vids.

  6. Demon says:

    BlazBlue is this game good?

  7. rylerman says:

    looks like guilty gear to me

  8. Bruno says:


    you have no idea about what you are talking about….

    Go read and stop posting shits

  9. UndeadEwok says:

    there is a lot of differences, here is a few. its slower paced, easier to jump into(still crazy depth), astrals have way more prereqs (last round, full heat gauge, opp. life below 20%). i could go on but whats the point

    @ Demon

    its number 2 in japan arcades… need i say more

    • BlindGhost says:

      you serious ?? whats the point of that ??

      if hes got 20% why dont i finish him off with a jab, why would i go out of my way for that 20% and do a untilame on his ass….AGAIN pointless shit.

      • undeadewok says:

        you still have to work for that 20%. plus its called flare; so when you beast people, you can say “i GANKED you with an ASTRAL, WHAT BITCH WHAT!!!”. if you dont live for moments like that…. what do you live for haha!!!

  10. UndeadEwok says:

    oh yea i just about forgot

    thanks for the coverage MarkMan

  11. BlindGhost says:

    Listen as much as i want this game to be good, and ill say it again im stillon THE FENCE !! for this game, im not sure yet, but from the vids that ive seen it is very similar to GUILTY GEAR, and no you can’t compare Guilty Gear to The classics, Ark SYS 2d games are not in no way compared to SNK’s, i have all the Guilty Gears, your gonna tell me something i dont know !?!?!

    Guilty Gear Isuka when as far as if you want your character to turn a direction you have to tap a button…LOL anyway as i said before, Trying too hard.

    KOF XII is gonna murder it.

    they dont know how to limit themselves, Thats what SNK is about small combos, that are good but if your an expert player can get really good combinations out of them. Guilty Gear is like Trying to mash KOF Mechanic with Marvel v.s Capcom style fighting….its Sloww, not as fast, and in reality the characters are so Edgy and COOL ” SARCASM” that no one seems to care.

    Im calling weak ass game on this one, but i’ll wait and see. and to the response of the guy that said i dont know what an astral finish is, i do i saw some gameplay vids and yes i’ll say it again


  12. Nando says:

    It’s funny to see someone call Guilty Gear a mediocre game when it was one of the last great 2-D fighters in recent history.

    GGXX > Street Fighter IV

    I enjoyed it, but I didn’t have the time to get used to the fighter’s speed and style of play to become an expert at it. Watching my friends play this counter intuitive, ground to air ballet was pretty friggin’ sweet.

    Why limit a game? By your LOGIC, Tekken should go back and limit their love for flight happy characters and tone down their juggling. OH WAIT. That’s not happening. Listed just in the past interview on this web site no less, is that they WANT over the top fighting. Why can’t GGXX/BlazBlue go over the top either?

    Logic doesn’t exist on the intranets.

  13. BlindGhost says:

    Becuase they try to copy other 2 fighters, they try too hard, and its laame, the character design is whack too, everything wiht Aksys has to be EXTREME, thats what i hate.

    but whatever, diffrent opinion this is a free country.

  14. Nando says:


    I don’t see them copying any game. If you are referring to GGX series…BlazBlue is created by the same team that worked on the GGX series. You complain that they are trying to copy games, but all I see is that they are trying to stand out more. Good for them. Like I said, same goes for Tekken; Over the top character designs compared to others, longer combos, faster game speed, and their system enables long juggles.

    They aren’t copying MvC: There’s no mix of companies, and the only thing that I see is the fact that both games have chain-up combos that can also be carried in the air…but then again, GGX did that as well and there isn’t any tag-outs (With your train of thought, you should be thinking that DOA/ Tekken copied Virtua Fighter…since…you know…that game started it all…)

    And copying KOF? No. Blazblue/GGX is so over the top and complex that KOF isn’t in the same league. KOF is more similar in conception to SF than GGX/Blazblue. Even KOF is guilty of a bit of a idea tradeoff with the inclusions of “Strikers” and the Tag inception during XI.

    Hate Blazblue and Aksys? Don’t read the article and stay away from the game. But, I guarantee you that you will at LEAST put your hands on the game and play it.

    “but whatever, different opinion this is a free country”

    No sh*t Sherlock.

  15. BlindGhost says:

    GG is more Complex than KOF, see now your talking SHIT! cause i have GG and i can pull chain Combos out of my ass, theres nothing fucking comlex about blazeblue or GG, its fucking button mashing , they have a punch, kick, slash and heavy slash button combination, its sooo fucking easy to pull combos with that game its not even funny, theres practicaly a combo for every button combination you can think of and if that wasnt enough you can link just about any combo to a super you can Stop the combo anytime and cancel into a super COMPLEX MY ASS, stop talking shit, its the simplest a 2d game can get

    every button on GG does at least 2 hits with the exception of heavy slash.

    dont think i dont I know my shit, i own the games, and i know its easy to pull 15 to 20 hit combos in GG and probably the same in BB.

    Theres nothing Innovative about GG or BB except Aksys policy seems to be ” you like KOF, you like SF?? well were Giving you more of this and more of that, and thats why they are wanna be’s they add nothing new to the Formula, their roster look like its full of a buch of ANIME REJECTS with no style.

    Too Little , Too Late, they need to make a name for themselves with GG before moving on to another Franchise, But i guess if one fails try again.

    KOF characters have a history over a decade long same with SF, these cock suckers came out what 7 years ago ?? and they are somehow hot shit ??? give me a fuckign break.

    GG came out of fucking no where and the characters have no back ground history in any other game…at least SNK compiled characters from IKARI WARRIORS, PSYCHO SOLDIER, FATAL FURY….what does AKSYS have ??

    ok so uhhhh heres a bunch of ANIME REJECTS, some story about magic and knwo SHIT PEOPLE DONT REALLY GIVE A FUCK ABOUT…annnnnd uhh you know..whatever.

    GG—->KOF MY ASS.

  16. BlindGhost says:


  17. BlindGhost says:


  18. Nando says:


    “I own the games so I instantly know more than you hurrhurr”
    Okay…I own them too, and there’s more in GGX’s system than there is in Street Fighter or KOF and if you don’t want to admit it, all you have to do is go back and read the instruction booklet again (Burst Gauge for Counterattacks, Overdrive specials, Roman Cancels for custom combos, Faultless defense, useful during block damage strats, air combos). GGX not more complex than KOF/SF? Riiiight.

    Sure, combos are easy because it has the tendency to be a bit of a “dial them up” way to complete them, but I don’t think it takes away from the game. MvC does it too, and it seems like, more often than not, people seem to enjoy it. LOL for someone that has the games and boasts about how much he can do this and that, you sure do have a lot of strife about the games. Why do you EVEN buy them and play them if you are going to bitch so much about them? It’s like smelling something horrible and you cringe…then go you back to get a second whiff because you can’t believe it but you really enjoy it and won’t admit it. XD

    “Too little too late”
    Same can go for KOF: Big sprites (albeit, still low-resolution) with lots of animation and hand-drawn. Whoopdiefriggindo. Only one super? SFIII. Back to the basics gameplay? SFIV. Capcom has already had their boots hit the ground in those aspects. Who’s late now? BlazBlue is only continuing what Arcsys has been doing, just upgrading. AN UPGRADE with different faces and some changes, think if it like a sequel of sorts.

    “KOF/SF Characters have 10 years experience and people respect 7 year upstarts? Give me a break” What does a lack of years under a belt mean to gaming companies or teams? For someone who boasts how much they have played GGX, you should know that some of the team that created the GGx series were once in tandem with the SamSho series from SNK…so your arguement is moot. As for the characters, lets do some recalls with examples:

    Ryu: STILL traveling the world fighting people. Same as Street Fighter 1. Progressively getting stronger. How boring.

    Kyo: Hasn’t really done much besides continually beaten bosses in the KOF series, but damn near got replaced by not one, but TWO lead characters (K’, Ash). There hasn’t really been any real progression in the Kusanagi/Yagami bloodline rivalry in years. He’s pretty much been stagnant until now.

    Terry Bogard: See Ryu for example, except the fact that he fostered Geese’s son and had a change in clothing.

    Psycho Soldiers: They haven’t done much at all, what a horrible choice for a debate. SNKPlaymore was promising fans that they would unlock their Dragon power in the storyline and it never happened. A change in clothing doesn’t count (Kensou and Athena).

    Art of Fighting: See Street Fighter II. There’s definately a reason why Capcom made Dan right???

    And speaking of storyline…It seems like its really lacking in XII, so where’s your 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN CHARACTERS now?

    Do you really play fighters for story and background history of a character? Then you play fighters for the wrong reason.

    How is doing a buster wolf through type going to do anything for you against me? LOL is that supposed to be some kind of insult? Herp Derp Fail.

  19. YukioSumadera says:

    someone should inform BlindGhost that competitive fighting gaming isn’t about being able to pull off the dopest combo in the world.

    it’s about spacing, patience, defense, controlling the pace of the match, mixups, mindgames, setups, reacting to opportunities, reading your opponent and adapting, executing in the face of pressure, etc.

  20. BlindGhost says:

    WOW, Yukio thanks for stating a Fact well know to fighter through out the world, how about something i havn’t heard before.

    and for NANDO, I like GGX, but its no where near KOF, and yes Seniority has lot to do with it, it means a bigger fan base, and more of a connection wiht the fans, GUILTY GEAR LACKS that, sorry. but thats the truth

  21. YukioSumadera says:

    With all that talk, I really hope you’re a consistent tournament placer, if not tournament winner, in each of the games you keep mentioning.

  22. Nando says:


    Yes yes, that is truth, but it has nothing to do with your lack of commitment with proving that GGX isn’t deeper than SF/KOF, or how BlazBlue is behind the times (Ironically enough, KoF is doing a redux). You haven’t countered how your character argument hasn’t resolved the stagnation problem in KoF or SF either.

    I’m done.

  23. kiyotaka-kun says:

    I’m playing Tekken 6 BR right now. But all I can say is I miss Guilty Gear’s depth.

  24. kiyotaka-kun says:


    It is clear to any skilled GG player that you didn’t even tried to learn the game. As far as I can tell, you can’t mash buttons in GG. Well If you mash, your next move is delayed a lot if you didn’t hit the button exactly 1f or more before the recovery of a move. So button mashing won’t cut it. You should visit

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