New Xbox 360 Fighting Game News!

At the Microsoft Xbox 360 Spring Press Conference in Japan, they just showed off a new TEKKEN 6 trailer!  The new trailer is now up for download on Xbox Live!  Click below for all the info on the latest fighting games from the press event!

Check out this new Tekken 6 trailer!

You can also download the HD version here at GameTrailers.

Xbox 360 is getting a bunch of fighting game goodness this year!  A good amount of the games covered at the event were fighters.  Here is what was shown:

  • Tekken 6 from Namco Bandai Games, still slated for Fall 2009 release!  New trailer was shown! Download it now on Xbox Live!
  • BlazBlue from Arc System Works.  To be released June 25th in Japan (June 30th in the US)!
  • Virtual On for Xbox Live Arcade, from SEGA.  Slated for an April release in Japan!
  • King of Fighters XII by SNK.  Showed off in an upcoming games montage.
  • King of Fighters 2002: Ultimate Match announced for Xbox Live Arcade.
  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves announced for Xbox Live Arcade.
  • Samurai Spirits Sen, 3D action Samurai Shodown!

For the latest updates, stay tuned!

38 Responses to New Xbox 360 Fighting Game News!

  1. standinside says:

    since i only have a ps3, mark of the wolves and samurai showdown makes me jealous…

    but ill get over it

  2. acg137 says:

    Feels good to have both :P Ok that aside, well at least I’ll be seeing a lot of guys in the multiplayer world these days. Arcade lines are long these days…

  3. Fleakitten says:

    Lol @ Microsoft trying to make Japanese gamers forget that most of those games will be on the PS3 too.

  4. Demon says:

    microsoft aways want ps3 games on xbox

  5. chemicalRed says:

    Cool, A new trailer.

  6. MarkMan says:

    Let’s not turn this into 360 vs PS3.

  7. BlindGhost says:

    lol, thats sad man, Lots of games,I wouldn’t call it lots of games, seeing how the majority of those games are coming to PS3…Garou ?? , SAMSHO ??

    uhhh how long have people been playing those games, ive had that game for the past ten years, i wouldn’t call that line up, a lot of fighting games.

  8. BlindGhost says:

    i guess MS just agrees to everything , seeing how the controller for the 360 isnt good for shit other than shooters, i wonder how they are able to play all these fighters.

  9. rumrunner says:

    are the ps3 sticks compatible witht the xbox units?

  10. rumrunner says:

    since its a usb plug?

  11. BlindGhost says:

    i dont think so, but whyyyyyy ??? seriously garou, whatever, ill wait for KOF and TEKKEN..thanks.

  12. Demon says:

    i use to like the 360 but now its all about ps3
    my 360 broke down on me 18 times in 2 months

  13. YukioSumadera says:

    haha “Where” did you do with Jin Kazama

    hurray for Engrish

  14. Demon says:

    any info on Tougeki 2009 ?

  15. BlindGhost says:

    i never caved in and bought that piece of shit, 2 of my friends did, and Now they regret it, they are back with Sony LMAO.

    Keep churning out those heat sinks and chips MS, it wont help LOL.

  16. BlindGhost says:

    True,it doesn’t ,but i just hate that damn system , and for good reasons too markman!

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  18. tekken lover says:

    oh god i can wait anymore… damn u namco

  19. Ayumi says:


  20. Malakai says:

    please someone confirm that Garou is coming for PS3 as well?

  21. Patrick says:

    I didn’t see the new trailer on Xbox Live, today.

  22. L_Z_N says:

    awesome trailer…Cheers MarkMan..^_^

    Hmmm, I wonder what classic fighters are coming to PS3.

    *starts reseaching*

  23. Huntelaar says:

    Namco + CGI = <3

  24. Been waiting for this for ages as a big tekken fan, just hope they sort out the online side, as i have tekken 5 on my ps3 and it is very, very slow

  25. blitzkrieg says:

    That T6 trailer is badass.

  26. se says:

    you are ass

  27. I was trying to find this for so long.

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