The official Tekken website has relaunched!  This time it has a very unique look and interface, sporting a new community section and linking to the official TEKKEN 6 Twitter! Click below for a walkthrough of the new official Tekken site!

TEKKEN.COM has officially relaunched!  Namco Bandai Games  is bringing the fire with the new website dedicated to the upcoming release of Tekken 6 for home consoles.

Some important things of note on the newly revamped site are:

Match Line-Ups – The first match features Paul Phoenix and Kazuya Mishima.  Presented in familiar match/boxing card style, each matchup has a video and stats for the characters.

Character Profiles – This section is decked out with tons of info on most of the characters.  View their background story and even download a poster/fankit!

News/Events Section – This section highlights the latest information regarding Tekken 6 and Tekken coverage on the net.  Also of note is the new events listings on the sidebar of the page ;) !

Community Section – Click the above image to go to the official NBGA forums and discuss all things Tekken with other fans!

Official Twittertekkenbob Twitter!  Check out the latest updates from Namco’s very own Bob and his awesome taste for food!  Official Tekken information will be posted here regularly.

Keep checking TEKKEN.COM for more updates!


19 Responses to TEKKEN.COM RELAUNCH!

  1. yup yup says:

    I really like poster section. Need to print some.

  2. Blind Ghost says:

    thats awsome hope we get some cool updates, and if your wondering what am i doing up at 2:22 A.M, im playing TEKKEN 5 DR.
    and talking to a couple of buddies in the room about T6.

  3. thelonegamer says:

    So THIS is the Huge Surprise, finally? ^_^

    • MarkMan says:


      But soon! And to everyone that keeps posting/asking about if it’s a demo. It’s not. :(

      • QueenWasp says:

        Is it the ability to take screens and capture vids in matches? Possible sharing of such items?
        IGN had a brief video demo of the game today with Harada-san and there was an option for Gallery in the menu… I hope that’s what it is! ^_^

      • thelonegamer says:

        Darn, what could it be?

        Oh and a side note- according to the new site’s character information, Jin is Asuka’s HALF-BROTHER. Oopsie.

      • Ayumi says:

        Why can’t I post?

  4. Blind Ghost says:

    it might be, or do you know something we dont ??

  5. QueenWasp says:

    I wonder if they’ll announce it at after the tournament at E3… Oh BTW did you guys see on the event list?! T6 at EVO!!! MarkMan was chilling with Harada-san earlier, do you think he’ll come?

  6. Aldrin says:

    Hhmm. Asska’s Jin’s sister. Who would’ve thought.

  7. Blind Ghost says:

    man , the one thing that was left sacred isnt anymore Jun’s a Whore. why is she an Angel again ??

  8. yup yup says:

    “Compete and Battle Globally! Prove your supremacy against players from around the world with online VS mode! More details to be announced.”
    And there is a picture with Jin from Brasil and Paul from Australia. NB need some real goals to achive, not thinking about lag free worldwide experience, IMO. BTW, SC & SF4 are separated by regions (online)?

  9. thelonegamer says:

    In case I need to make it clear, Asuka isn’t Jin’s half-sister, they’re cousins. it’s a pretty irritating mistake to make for a high-profile thing like the official website… bah.

  10. Nando says:

    All of this guessing at what the big thing is going to be is a bit amateurish.

  11. tekken lover says:

    ahh damn it no demo :(

  12. Fleakitten says:

    I’m so not following Bob on twitter.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      ya i know, all he does is eat. and post pics of his sandwiches.

      i rather follow kazuy, i bet you he would tweet some cool stuff.

      Kazuya log 9348 : i just killed bob and stole his sandwich , 2 words D licious.

      heres a pic of the sandwich i stole.

  13. chad90 says:

    any1 knwo wher to watch E3 tekken 6 tournement ?????

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