IGN E3 TEKKEN 6 Report

Our friends at IGN have just put up their E3 2009 thoughts and impressions of TEKKEN 6 on the PS3!  Most of the write up covers the newly revealed “Scenario Campaign” where two characters, either coop online/offline or with AI, take on hordes of bad guys similar to our beloved Tekken force of games’ past.  Check out the full story below!

SOURCE – IGN – E3 2009 TEKKEN 6 Scenario Campaign Hands On

SDTEKKEN took the lazy way out and pointed you towards the IGN link…  But keep your eyes out for our Namco Bandai Games booth report and the skinny on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of TEKKEN 6, and how they compare to the arcade version!


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  1. Blind Ghost says:

    ya thats really what i want to know, how the PS3 version of tekken compares to the ARCADE VERSION.

  2. thelonegamer says:

    Can’t wait! ^_^

  3. Blind Ghost says:

    im actualy gona sign up for the site and ask them a couple of questions in the forums.

    for one im hoping i get an answer abut the breakable stages i wonder if theres a sensetivity meter for the stages because sometime the top half of the stage looks better than the bottom.

    • SolRahlX says:

      I went to that site, then somehow wound up signing up on the official namco site. I read the first topic there and felt like punching one of my casual Tekken friends in the face, but they don’t even speak the stupidity that comes out of these people.

      Seriously, If I were you I wouldn’t do it seeing as how your temper is worse than mines.

      But since I like to instigate… here’s an example:


  4. madnis1208 says:

    please ask about interconnectivity between the PSP and PS3 versions of tekken 6. it would be hella sweet if i can use the money I earn in my psp to continue to buy items on the console version.

  5. madnis1208 says:

    ooo and ask about Home as well. would make watching tournaments and tourney vids a lot easier and since it’s uploaded from a direct stream, quality would be infinitely better than youtube. and would actually give home a reason for people to use it. if you ask for me thanks in advance markman!

    -madnis from SC forums.

  6. Deus et Dominus says:

    PLEASE compare PS3 and 360 versions and inform us about differences, especially the graphics. I hope there are none, but it worries me that they only showed the game on PS3 so far. I even bought a SF4 FightStick SE last week to play T6 on 360, so it better keep up with the PS3 version!

    • Nando says:

      In before Markman:

      Don’t start anything related to Console Wars NOR COMPARISONS on the PS3 or 360.

      • Deus et Dominus says:

        lol, I’m not a fanboy. I’m just worried that the 360 version (which I will own) may be inferior (which would suck). that’s all. I hate fanboys btw.

      • Blind Ghost says:

        man thats looking sweet, im sooo glad they are ONLY showing us PS3 GAMEPLAY, Harada-san is looking out for his PEEPS !! and so far gameplay vids look good on the PS3 ! HA HAAAAA YEAH !

      • Blind Ghost says:

        why are yo ueven here if you hav e a 360, seriously why ?? if you can answer that question id be amazed.

        dont you realize that the fact that their controller is made for FPS means they dont give a crap about other game genre ??

        should have bought a PS3 son. now you have to suffer.

      • Nando says:

        Oh yeah,

        BlindGhost, I forgot.

        You are the one I tooled on the Guilty Gear/ Blazeblue thread a while back on here.

        Hahaha. I forgot you lack credibility.

      • Deus et Dominus says:

        why I am here if I own a 360? because I have been playing Tekken for 13 years and won’t stop playing it because of stupid fanboys like yourself. you moron suck…

      • Deus et Dominus says:

        I referred to Blind Ghost, not Nando obviously ;-)

      • madnis1208 says:

        not trying to instigate or anything but uh… yeah…

        is it really that serious? I personnally got beef with my old xbox and because of that, the cut was so deep it affected and continues to affect my decision on the 360. other factors are i bought all 3 last gen and discovered i mostly played my ps2, leaving the other 2 to sit and collect dust. seeing that as a waste of money, i went with one system. i have 0 regrets thus far. game is still comin to the ps3 and aside from the slight sting of seeing my console devalued, i was able to push and move on. personnally no longer care about any of it. consumers, consoles, “community”, i give a shit less about all of it. as long as i get my game, i’m good. that’s just me though. But the 360 is crap for fighting games, but so was the Gamecube and i still played/preferred sc2 on that. it’s called arcade sticks. learn to use em and you’ll be fine. haha…

    • madnis1208 says:

      Deus- Harada made a comment about the two consoles during the gamespot live thing and i recall him saying the differences were negligible. Looks and feels the same, plays the same etc etc.

      so don’t worry. you’ll have your tekken
      (^ ^)V

      -madnis from SC forums.

      • Deus et Dominus says:

        yeah, just watched the gamespot interview (which was way better than the ign one) and he said that you can look at both versions screen by screen and you won’t be able to tell the difference. I take his word for it. don’t you lie to me, Harada-San!

  7. tekken lover says:

    i hope that the A.I partner is much better than resident evil

  8. Tmd02 says:

    Hey Markman, is Nancy the big suprize?!? gamespot was just on and that was the only thing new.

  9. chad90 says:

    wher i can watch the E3 tournement plz????????

  10. Lulz says:

    Fanboys make me sick. Can’t wait for the game tho.

  11. Nando says:

    @ BlindGhost

    Dude, why at EVERY CHANCE you get, you have to bash the 360? I don’t understand it.

    Did Microsoft rape someone close to you? Did Microsoft kill your pet? I seriously…get tired of the console bashing.

    Console bashing is for kids and teenagers. I haven’t participated in such crap since my teen years. Please be (a) more respectful, and (b) a bit smarter.

    Both systems have their pros and cons, and I don’t think it is much of a problem that both systems get the game and I’m SURE that the 360 can handle this game just as well as the PS3. If it couldn’t, Namco would of never considered even attempting to engineer a game for the 360.

    BlindGhost, the horse is DEAD, stop beating it.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      care to mention the PS3’s Cons, i would Gladly like to hear those.

      if you can do that

      I’ll be more than happy to mention the 360 Con’s.

      Shall we get started ??

      • Nando says:

        Are you asking me to have a console war with you?

        Markman, please look up above this post for blatent evidence of attempting a console arguement.

        Seems that way. XD I never tried to name negatives, but you are always waiting for a chance huh?

        I don’t even try to bait you, you jump out of the water yourself for a chance! Hopefully you’ll start thinking about how you put up entries.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      oh WOW, MAN! what a FANBOY you are !, you trying to pull the Bait and switch, you call me out on the PS3 having cons then you point out to markman how im trying to start a war .

      Dude that right there makes you a Douche, im seriously done with you.

      • Nando says:


      • Nando says:

        “Care to point out Cons for the ps3?”

        Open foot, insert in mouth, part deux. You said that, not me, Captain Oblivious.

        And you can’t even take an honest answer from Markman, from all people at the bottom of the page about the ports.

  12. Blind Ghost says:

    I’ll never stop hating on MS , but since your dont have that many brain cells im not gonna bother you with the details of why i hate on MS. if you think it’s as simple as the 360 your dead wrong, i hate MS for various reasons, that go beyond the console it self.

    but i’ll give you a hint, if it was SEGA or nintendo or anyother company that didnt stand a chance in this world, i honestly would not dog them.

    But MS is diffrent, they are the one company i didnt want to join the console race.

    if your smart you;ll figure it out right away and stop bugging me about why i hate MS so much, but if your not that smart you;ll just dismiss me as another fanboy and keep talking crap to me.

    • Nando says:

      No, it just makes you sound like an elitist fanboy.

      You’ll give me a hint? Wow, great VAGUE hint, BG. “…any other company that didn’t stand a chance in this world…”

      So you are essentially telling me that Microsoft actually has you worried about good competition?
      Competition breeds the best out of people, ideas, plans, you name it. It’s an essential part to pushing their own personal envelopes of technology and pleasing the masses through their systems in their own visions. That goes for both Sony/Microsoft. In all honesty, both Sony/Microsoft should give some props to Sega for being ahead of the powercurve with the Dreamcast, but thanks to a lack of push in Sega of America’s branch, it tanked in the states.

      Hate. You HATE a company? What will that gain for you? Nothing. There’s nothing that you will get out of it. Hating Microsoft is a waste of time and you definately aren’t getting paid under the table to push your system hard-on onto others. It is AMAZING how people can come to this site and just ask simple questions about the versions of Tekken 6 for the system they own, and you have to attempt to force your biased opinion of a system down their throats when all they initally are looking for is just some console information.

      Don’t you think that’s a bit undermining and a bit sad that you have to go on your Anti-Microsoft crusade just to get your kicks off people?

      Elitist, selfish, bigot.

      You were wrong on the BlazBlue arguement. Do you really need me to continually school you?

      • Blind Ghost says:

        Oh and you didnt school me on Shit when it came to Guilty Gear/Blaze Blue.

        you couldnt prove any of your points I asked you a Question on which of the 2d Fighters is more popular and you kept beating around the Bush.

        Everyone has an opinion.

    • Nando says:

      “If I’m smart….”

      BG, Open your foot and insert in mouth; Pot calling the kettle black…you get the picture right?

  13. TD says:

    There’s plenty of room for both consoles. I like options

  14. demon says:

    lets not try to turns this into a console war thread
    its already making my head hurt

  15. Blind Ghost says:

    why are you so hot headed over this NANDO. i have my reasons for hating MS , if your too stupid to know why i hate MS and i said it goes beyond gaming then thats your problem Nando not mine. maybe you should do less gaming and try to focus on other things like world news.

    I love tekken to death but, I have a life Nando.

    and i have my reasons, i commented on MS so what ! move along if you didn’t like what i said, ignore me and reply to other comments. its as simple as that.

    But the fact that you like to drag my 1 comment to a full out war, makes you look like an Elitist Fanboy, it doesnt make me look like one, but it plainly put you out there .

    • Nando says:

      I’m not hotheaded, but I do like to pick apart illogical posts that people throw up on a whim because of their bias.

      “If you didn’t like what I said, ignore me and reply to other comments”
      It’s hard not to fix something that’s broken. You have consistantly made anti-Microsoft comments various times through other posts on SDTekken, not just on this thread, but other Tekken information that Markman has put up on here. Markman has already asked everyone NOT to do that.

      The fact of the matter is that Markman has already specified that he doesn’t want this happening. Remember the initial entry I put up when one poster asked for console comparisons?
      “In before Markman: Don’t start anything about console wars NOR COMPARSIONS”

      But you couldn’t help yourself. No more than 2 or 3 replies later, you had to shoot your wad out about the PS3.

      “But the fact that you like to drag my comment into a full out war makes you looke like an elitist fanboy…”
      Uh… no it doesn’t, considering that I never said nor totally taken a side on ANY post on SDTekken about either system’s version. If you can read, you’d see that I said that both systems have pros and cons and that Tekken would run fine on both. It’s nuts that you’ve totally passed that part of the entry by. You are certainly in denial. When you can come on a TEKKEN website to push a system, you are in the wrong area. It’s about Tekken, not how much a corporation sucks. It’s about Markman saying not to start this crap. You started it, and I’m cleaning it.

  16. Blind Ghost says:

    and as for Creativity on MS’s part, Did you seriously Put Creativity and MS in the same sentence LOL.

    the only Creative skill they have is how to Bribe other companies to make games for thier console.

    Microsofts Creativity went out with the Original XBOX ,Microsoft Studios couldn’ conjure up Shit to save The life Of the original XBOX, Remember Thief?? so they change thier strategy, and just started buying companies, like Epic and Rare. They have no skill

    Sony Does , Nintendo Does they have their own IP’s not so on Microsofts part.

    But, im not gonna drag this any longer As i said before, thats just 1 of many reason why i hate MS.

  17. tekken lover says:


    • Lulz says:

      LMAO your blind like him also?

      Blind Ghost Says:
      June 3, 2009 at 11:52 am

      why are yo ueven here if you hav e a 360, seriously why ?? if you can answer that question id be amazed.

      dont you realize that the fact that their controller is made for FPS means they dont give a crap about other game genre ??

      should have bought a PS3 son. now you have to suffer.

    • Nando says:

      Uh, did you try to read everything? The post just below yours by Lulz was copy and pasted from BlindGhost.

      Typing everything in capslock doesn’t show any more force behind words. It just makes it harder to read.

      • madnis1208 says:

        look, in all honesty to argue over opinions is both pointless and a waste of time. if you don’t want to read it, you can choose to ignore it and leave it be.

        if he screams bloody murder about his hatred for 360 let em scream. you have a choice in the matter. to continue the arguement is to fan the flames, choose to put it out by simply letting it burn itself out. (in other words, show patience and just let him have his say)

        it kind of applies to both of you since both of you are proceeding. honestly? it’s a bit of a pain in the ass to read these kinds of comments everywhere i go.

        they’re entertaining when i’m bored but for real, it’s like a wall of this shit and there’s just no getting around it.

        I’m praying one of you will take the high road and just simply, let it go.
        it’s not about consoles, it’s about your personalities. let that shit go. man up. do some shit along the lines of stopping. you both made your points. you both disagree. where is this going? nowhere. anyway, i have no beef with either of you.

        i’m just saying this shit needs to stop. it’s like elementary school with the nu-uh yuh-huh arguments. or my dad can beat up your dad shit. seriously this the adult version of that. look at yourselves, realize where you’re standing. is that really where you want to be? how you want to be looked at? if you don’t give a fuck more power to you. but i’m hoping you both consider yourselves mature enough to know when to stop.

        it’s like i’m sitting here waitin for the dad to come in and say “don’t make me pull this thing over. i’ll get to whoopin on both of you.”

        meh… my rant is done.

        madnis from sc forums. holla at the boy and let his truth shine down on you like sunshine.

  18. Blind Ghost says:


    don’t worry about it, its no use dealing with idiots like him, ive dealth with people like him on GFAQS as well, let him talk his shit. i dont care.

    i want him to bust a couple of capilaries. he thinks im gonna go back and forth with him , im not , i’m cool,

    im just glad that they’ve been focusing on the Ps3 version of tekken 6. from what i hear at NEO-GAF so far all the Gameplay vids and T6 Trailers are PS3 gameplay. so i thought it was good news cause i own a PS3.

    Its the Console that i own, can you blame me for being happy NANDO ??? oh and i also own a NINTENDO Wii
    so really how am I a fanboy ?? i own 2 consoles.


    • Nando says:

      Its the console I own, can you blame me for being happy? I also own a Nintendo Wii so really how am i a fanboy?

      You can definately be a fanboy of any console you own. You’ve already shown extreme disdain for one system, and just becames you own 2 doesn’t mean that you still aren’t blindly loyal to a system…or two…or three…

      “Get a life Nando”

      Seems as though I have one. Typing on my computer on my freetime at night off of work, replying to ill-thought comments on a Tekken site I like to get updates on. The comments just happen to be things that have gaping huge holes of logic-fail in them and it’s a pet peeve.

  19. Blind Ghost says:

    Look man i’m done with you. seriously, im not fond of the 360, end of story let it go. i hate that system.

    you calling me a fanboy isn’t gonna change that.

    • Nando says:

      Dude, understand that I don’t mind if you do…

      …just publicly do it when someone’s told you not to, in this case, it was the Moderator himself. That’s all I’m saying.

      Bygones now be bygones.

  20. Blind Ghost says:

    im picking up this game for the PS3 do you not think its normal for me to want to hear news for the PS3 version of this game ??

    or be excited to hear that the majority of the gameplay Vids have been PS3 vids most of this time.

  21. MarkMan says:


    I played extensively on both 360 and PS3 versions.

    They are BOTH good, the 360 one ran just as good if not better than the PS3 one. I noticed slowdown during rage effect/floor break on the PS3 version, but never noticed the same thing on 360.

    Excellent ports so far.

  22. Blind Ghost says:

    lol sorry markman not gonna work on me, i know your trying to get me riled up aint gonna work.

    maybe if i was some dude that didnt know crap about tekken 6 hardware.

    but if anything it should be the other way around PS3 version is the same as the arcade. version.

    nice try though.

  23. Blind Ghost says:

    anyway im calling it a night, im out see you guys tommorow.

  24. tekken lover says:

    @ luz and nando whatever…. blindgohst just ignore them

  25. MarkMan says:

    Blind Ghost. Come on man, I was just there, I was playing for hours.

    The PS3 version is arcade perfect yes. Did you know the arcade version has slow down in that same instance as well?

    The 360 doesn’t have that. So essentially you can say, the PS3 is arcade perfect. But the 360 one may be better?

    Take it how you want, but I’m speaking from experience, not internet fumes. I believe I’m more than qualified to tell the differences between the different versions.

  26. KENTOIRC says:


    • MarkMan says:

      Trust me, all arcade versions of Tekken 6 and BR have slowdown. There are certain ways of having it come up. You can have rage effects on + wall/ground break and you’ll notice some slowdown. Also when near a wall, doing Raven’s clone attacks will cause the same effect.

  27. Lulz says:

    @ Mark Man did they set release date yet?

  28. tekken lover says:

    hi Kentoric,oh man i whished gave us the exact date… by the way markman you said you played tekken 6 many times, i am wondering about the new bounce system in juggle is it easy to learn or not? since i havent played tekken 6

  29. Undeadewok says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things!

    You know whom they are LOL

  30. thelonegamer says:

    Well, sounds good. It’s just pretty freaky that we still got about five months of waiting to go, darn it.

  31. Blind Ghost says:

    Damn it, thats not good, fuck , Markman im hoping your pulling my leg bro.

    But if your being honest, did you at least bring it up to Harada-san ??

    i think i saw somewhere you were hanging out with Harada-san at E3 did you bring up this issue to him about slow downs on the PS3 ??

    If not plz do, im a long time fan of the series, and this is the only game im wating for , If you can Markman ,plz, let him know about this issue if you havnt .

    I wonder why, somehow that doesnt make sense. it works better on the 360 !?!?!

  32. yiggs says:

    I can vouch for slowdown in the arcade version.

    Try to have customs that move, have colour rages equipped, break a wall/ground.

    It happens at wall combos too.

  33. Fleakitten says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of slow down in either version. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to buy a 360 now since the PS3 version has such horrid issues. *joking joking*

    Mark Man, Joystic’s impression of the new Scenario Mode is that it “isn’t quite fun”. Have you tried it? Do you agree?

    They also said if you want to fight others online in tekken fashion the game is good “Just don’t expect there to be anything else of merit here”.

    What’s your take?

  34. ZeroX says:

    BS that the 360 version is better. I WILL NOT believe it!

    • Fleakitten says:

      Doesn’t sound like it’s better. They both sound equal just with a minor difference w/the slowdown. Namco has time to fix it if they want.

      Good port job namco.

  35. Dilly says:

    Personally, I’m still getting both versions, just so I can play with the entire community.

  36. chad90 says:

    WTF slow down on ps3 OMFG icant bealive that . ii played Tekken 6 BR in super arcade i know its slow down sometimes in floorbreak but i thought they going to fix it but now xbox running smothly and ps3 slowdown i cant imagine this .

  37. Hwoarang says:

    which characters were playable on ps3/360???????

  38. Aldrin says:

    MarkMan: Yeah, there was one time a TEkken br machine at our local arcade needed to be rebooted, and I saw that it had the ps3 XMB interface. So yeah it must be the same hardware.

  39. Blind Ghost says:

    Markamn Did you mention it to HARADA-san at E3, about the Slow downs ??

  40. .... says:

    Was BR playable with the 360 controller?

  41. Blind Ghost says:

    Markman Did you Mention the Slow Downs to Harada-san at E-3

  42. chad90 says:

    hey Markman did u mention also the lag issue in tekken 6 to Harada san

  43. chad90 says:

    blind ghost

    does it really lag in wall combo aslo ???
    i mean every wall combo it lag or sometimes ????/

  44. Blind Ghost says:

    ya it does according to a couple of good aracde players that i know, it laggs sometimes near walls.

    Its a Big problem for the PS3 owners such as my self, i do not want that disadvantage.

    Namco needs to fix this Pronto, ot only that but i hear a couple say it laggs when you have too much accesories equiped, like shirts and cutom pants.

    an then what markman said i never heard of that one till he said it, he said it laggs when the floor breaks and you have colored rage equiped.

    I dont want that in the final version so if i were you bro do what i do and head to the main NAMCO bandai site register on the forums and make a topic About this to bring it to thier attention.

    • Lulz says:

      As I recall Harda saying in his IGN interview it was only 15% done. So chill it’s still plenty of time to fix small things like that.

      • Blind Ghost says:

        ya but Lulz this shit was form the PS3 version of the game not only that were 5 months away from release.

        when is this gonna get fixed ??

  45. chad90 says:

    OMG why namco f**k things up .
    i think they focused on xbox version more then ps3
    and now even if they going to fix it the game will more delay like if they going to realse it in septembre or ocotber now it will be on 31 december for sure :(

  46. Blind Ghost says:

    its pissing me off as well, i went to the main site and i posted about the E3 version of tekken 6 and about the slow downs i dont know when they are gonna reply, and if they dont im probably gonna IM the Administrator of the Forums at NAMCO BANDAI
    and let him know about that.

    i think his name is DIG-DUG

  47. chad90 says:

    nice going NAMCO for a game took 3 years to make and still not ready and laggy
    maybe this game will be 100% complete with no prob in more couple years

  48. chad90 says:

    blind ghost
    im sure they dont give a damn about ur comment
    NAMCO always like that

  49. Blind Ghost says:

    man i sure hope ot im gonna contact the mod and see what he can do im hoping he will adress this. or at least pass it on to TEAM TEKKEN.

  50. Killbomb says:

    Only 15% done? We’ll be lucky to see this game by Christmas. :(

  51. chad90 says:

    hahah 15% done 3 years loool

  52. Dilly says:

    The 15% done part was the Tekken Force mode…

  53. ... says:

    hey MARKMAN u should say this to HARADA-san : nice work with tekken 6 on ps3 version asshole go F**k urself .

  54. chad90 says:

    i dont need tekken force just realese the game
    i only need versus online and cutomazation i dont give a damn about tekken force or stupid add1

  55. chad90 says:

    and also i dont think a conpany game should make their fan angry and NAMCO did that 3 times or more

  56. Hwoarang says:

    could it be 15% even if all characters were playable? i dont know much about game developing :p
    can any1 explain?
    i hope they work on net code and customize items :)

  57. Fleakitten says:

    You guys do realize that after all the T6 previews and comparisons I’ve seen come out of E3 that NONE of them mentioned anything about PS3 slowdown. You guys are the only one’s making a big fat nothing out of it.

    • Lulz says:

      I think most are just upset about MarkMan saying that he didn’t see it slow down on the 360 version. That’s most people’s “real” issue.

  58. SolRahlX says:

    Yeah, but Markman is one of the very few people up there who has played the arcade version extensively to notice that there is slowdown during a rage and floor break. None of those IGN/Gametrailers/Gamestop dudes would know to catch that during that instance.

  59. SolRahlX says:


  60. Blind Ghost says:

    I agree with SOLRAHLX

    they could give two shits about split second timing, but we do.
    and im glad MARKMAN picked up on that, cause hes a die hard tekken fan, so its natural for him to pick up on those miniscule bugs.

    but site ike kotaku or GT or IGN wouldnt know the diffrence, this is actually a big problem for competative players like me.

    they are critical sometimes during a fight, so this is very important.

    i already have to deal with LAGG on TEKKEN DR the last thing i need is slow downs to make that even worse.

    • Fleakitten says:

      I think they would be the 1st to point out any diffence in the PS3 and 360 versions. Especially if the 360 version shows a milimeter of being the ‘superior’ port.

      • SolRahlX says:

        They are probably too stupid to floor break and rage their opponent at the same time. So I doubt they would spot it.

  61. ZeroX says:

    HAH! The 360 will Red-Ring every two seconds, since it cannot handle the awesomeness which is Tekken 6, whereas the PS3 WILL be the superior version, hahaha.

  62. M.Fahey says:

    You sure you were at the Same E3 we were MarkMan?

    We saw not a single 360 booth for Tekken 6. Only the PS3 version was on display.

    Also, the Character models did appear slightly less lucidly detailed from the Arcade Version of Bloodline Rebellion.

    Where exactly were you again? I was certain I was in the Namco Bandai station for quite a while.

    • MarkMan says:

      Mr. Fahey,

      Wait, were you at the same E3 I was at? Because last I checked, I posted stuff that was accurate.

      Is this really Mike from Kotaku? There were several 360 stations set up.

      ^^ See that? Journalistic integrity.

      The only time where the character models seemed slightly ‘less lucidly detailed’ was at the SONY booth in the West hall. That’s because those wise guys didn’t set up the TVs properly.

      But hey man, you’re from the big site, I’m not. I’ll believe you when you say that there were no 360 Tekken 6 kiosks there.

      *looks at pic again*


  63. Undeadewok says:

    Wow kotaku FTL

    Mike a small tip of advice. Never flex on MarkMan in his own domain. Now prattly off like you know something about tekken LOL

  64. Ace R. says:


  65. Diar says:

    Shit. I wonder how would the psp port work out. The game looks too demanding for a psp port, but who knows.

  66. SolRahlX says:

    You’re an idiot Fahey.

  67. chad90 says:

    how can they say comming soon when its still dosent have a realse date 5 months thats not too soon

  68. Myth says:

    Sometimes, in order for you to

  69. demon says:

    PSN : SilentDragon180

  70. SG79 says:

    According to a developer at B3D, the 360 version lacked the full scene motion blur that was implemented in BR:


    Harada noted it as the main issue they were having problems with with the 360, but it also explains the lack of momentary frame rate hitches at the E3 build.

  71. justin says:

    is there a difference between the psp and ps3?????

  72. Bunnyspatial says:

    For the record, this is the real Mike Fahey from Kotaku, and I have no earthly clue who the hell this M.Fahey person is. I suppose it is flattering that someone would chose my name to play pretend on the internet, but one look at the comment makes it clear that M.Fahey is an imposter. “Also, the Character models did appear slightly less lucidly detailed from the Arcade Version of Bloodline Rebellion.” I have no idea what that means. As far as fighting games go, I’m still partial to Bloody Roar.

    I should probably run like hell now.

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