E3 Coverage Round Up!

We’ve been at E3 this whole week and unfortunately did not get to update the site as much as we wanted to, but don’t fret!  Tons of sites covered anything and everything having to do with TEKKEN 6!  Also congratulations to Namco Bandai Games Inc. for having TEKKEN 6 nominated by both IGN and 1UP in their E3 Game of Show awards!  Click below for a summary of all the coverage T6 has seen during this hectic week!

Media coverage for TEKKEN 6 during E3 2009:

32 Responses to E3 Coverage Round Up!

  1. Farhan says:

    Can someone translate the famitsu report of tekken 6

  2. SolRahlX says:

    I can’t stand reading Gametrailer comments… There are people who are basically judging this game just by the scenario mode alone. I pray that I don’t run in to someone like this because I’m afraid I’ll probably go to jail.

    I really wish that NamcoBandai would release a 60FPS video of the combat so people can see how smooth this game really runs.

  3. thelonegamer says:

    It’s advisable for Tekken fans to ignore reading comments generally at sites like Gametrailers, Gamersyde and Kotaku- tons of idiots there rambling about how they hate Tekken or some other crap. Gamersyde’s the worst- the webmaster himself hates Tekken for some reason. Meh.

  4. Blind Ghost says:

    Damn Markman, i was gonna fucking Cuss real hard here in my own Home when M.Fahey said the character models on the PS3 version were a bit lucid.

    I was like,First Slow downs now THIS !!! FUCK !!

    I’m Glad you replied to that cause i’ve just about had it with the bad news.

    im still trying to get the MODS on Namco bandai site to reply to my request of passing on the news to Team TEKKEN
    about the SLOW DOWNS.

  5. Blind Ghost says:

    Hey Ayumi-san I need a Favor . think you can help me??

  6. thelonegamer says:

    By the by… the ‘new’ Tekken 6 box art is kinda iffy. I mean, Nina and King are kinda random. I hope it isn’t the final one… looks kinda thrown together. Can’t Namco just get something totally new instead of just doing layouts with the character CGs? ANYONE can do that… oh well. Just nitpicking…

  7. PhantomJ says:

    Well said, Lonegamer. I just wish they don’t pull off another SC4. Pretty, but not so creative. Something like Tekken 1/2/Tag would be great. 3, 4, and 5 weren’t so great imo.

  8. vdaymassacre says:

    Those haters will never learn. Just leave them be. We’re too fly to even give a flying f*ck about them.

    Tekken rocks and nothing beats that.

  9. Fleakitten says:

    Were the lines for T6 lengthy @ E3?

    • Autocrat1 says:

      Not really. I mean, there were rarely times where BR wasn’t played by two people, in either version, including the two cabs set up for the tournaments. But it wasn’t mad crazy like the good ol days…20+ tokens til your turn good ol days ha.

      I managed to beat Arcade Mode – fighting Nancy/Golden Azazel for the first time ever – mainly because their weren’t much comp and maybe some people recognized me and reversed course ha, and someone else played the Tekken Force mode, and that’s about it for 1P mode that I saw or did.

  10. Blind Ghost says:

    ya i was wondering the same thing markman, was there a huge line to ply tekken 6 ??

  11. tekken lover says:

    yeah hopefully those slow down that markman talked about ps3 version will be fixed before the release

  12. .... says:

    Hey MarkMan, did you have any trouble playing BR with the 360 controller?

    • MarkMan says:

      You know, it wasn’t that bad. I was able to wavedash and cancel into WS 1,2 with Kazuya pretty easily. The hardest thing to do is f,f,f motions. It was very difficult for me to get used to doing B! into iSW with King. But other than that, the dpad was fine.

      Analog stick did not work however on this version at E3.

      • Deus et Dominus says:

        my problem with the 360 d-pad is it’s location. it’s simply too far down so my thumb hurts after a while. I think buying a SF4 FightStick was my best solution. now all I need is getting used to the stick (pretty hard imo).

  13. Autocrat1 says:

    Raven’s move where he splits into two – the side swap one, sorry don’t know the notation – had MAD slowdown throughout the ENTIRE animation, PS3 version (didn’t check on 360). That needs to be fixed.

    Was it just me, or did BR just dominate all fighting games @ E3 quantity-wise? I didn’t know there were loads of BR in the West Lobby until yesterday, to go along with Namco’s booth in the South @_@

    …also MarkMan, you met me, the living spambot, NOW ADMIT IT lol! Remember, the Autocrat1 @ TZ is not the real me anymore, due to giving away my account (ie: password).

    …I let your King beat me BTW -_-

  14. Blind Ghost says:

    man, First slow downs, then my Main character is horrible, OMG. It just had to be Raven.

    • Autocrat1 says:

      Well here’s some good news.

      I beat Golden Azazel with Raven by spamming his knees (ff3).


      But yeah, several times where Raven split into two the game just slowed down until it ended or it was interrupted. It was like a smoother DRO, excuse the contradiction lol

  15. ZeroX says:

    I see no slowdowns here…

    @Blind Ghost

    Maybe read up on TZ to see the nerfs or buffs on your character in BR.

  16. MarkMan says:

    There are no slowdowns in the video because they don’t fall into the situations I described previously. lol.

  17. ZeroX says:

    You said there was slowdown during GB!. I see none of that there. Either way, I’m 100% sure Namco will patch it up by the time the final release is done.

  18. Blind Ghost says:

    Regardless, i Dont want a Patch, i want them to fix it before release.

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