TEKKEN 6 Collector’s Edition Bundle!?

Word on the street is that GameStop stores are now taking preorders on a limited edition TEKKEN 6 bundle with an arcade stick!  The bundle seems to be fetching a price tag of $149.99! (Thanks Mastapopo for the pic)  More than likely the bundle will include a Hori arcade stick.  The rest of the contents are unknown at this point. What do you want to see in the bundle?  Speak your mind in the comments section!


55 Responses to TEKKEN 6 Collector’s Edition Bundle!?

  1. PhrostByte says:

    I’d like to see a hardcore porn blu-ray with nina, anna, and kuma look-a-likes.

  2. John Sacranie says:

    A code for the inevitable DLC so that I don’t have to shell out more after dropping one fiddy on the bundle.

    And maybe some shot glasses?

  3. uraizen says:

    A new Hori stick! No recycled HRAP3 sticks please. If it is an HRAP3 though, QDs please.

  4. InstantOverhead says:

    An all Sanwa stick with QD buttons. Considering the VSHG was $70 retail and a new game is $60 they could charge $150 for a sanwa stick and make tons of profit.

    No Hori clone buttons please or count me out.

    • MarkMan says:

      If there is ANY Sanwa, I’m willing to bet it will only be the stick, not the buttons.

      Full Sanwa editions are usually super limited and are never tied to a game release (for Hori).

      I’m thinking it will be all Hori parts. There has only been one licensed stick that has QDs/Sanwa stick. The CFJ HRAP1 for PS2.

      • TD says:

        Would it be difficult to replace the buttons?

      • Kajoq says:

        I’ve got one of the CFJ HRAP1’s and it comes with neon Green Hori buttons that wiggle around in the button hole. Pretty sure none of the game based HRAP’s came with full sanwa. I don’t know for sure about the Japanese Tekken 5 HRAP though.

  5. Lost says:

    Phrost you crazy shit. Something along the lines of the t5 bundle would make me happy really. Im not expecting some great stick out of the deal, but any a collector’s bundle is nice.

  6. pixel says:

    A bit higher price tag than the Tekken 5 bundle, so perhaps a higher quality arcade stick than the Tekken 5 Hori. There will be nothing Xiaoyu related in the bundle, so it doesn’t interest me. However, my bet is it will include..

    Tekken 6
    Hori Arcade Stick
    -character figures-
    Jin – PS3
    Kazuya – Xbox 360
    Heihachi – PSP
    Free Halloween Customizations Pack DLC
    Jin Temporary Tattoo

  7. ZeroX says:

    MarkMan, surprise you were talking about??? Hmmm…

  8. Zooop says:

    I would like to see a much lower price.

  9. Blind Ghost says:

    I would like to see a making of DVD, art book, posters and wallpapers for the CPU and maybe a featured anime or a trailer to the movie.

  10. Ryuhza says:

    Shit, I hope they have a version without the stick, I already have a nice one. I wanna get some sort of special edition but I’m not willing to spend a whopping $150 on it!

  11. PhantomJ says:

    Even if it’s just a HRAP3, I’d buy one, and at that price, too. Though I don’t even use the one I already have, lol.

    Maybe a Tin-box to go with the “Iron Fist” theme, an extra blu-ray, and a SOUNDTRACK! Along with the stick of course.

  12. tekken lover says:

    lol @ Phrostbyte you really need to get laid man

  13. Ayumi says:

    A bag would be nice!

  14. SolRahlX says:

    A new fold out special edition case would be cool too. I guess I’ll get the PS3 version as the special addition and keep the other preorders I have as normal.
    But if I just get the game and a Stick for only 150 bucks then that sounds good enough for me. If they include anything else that would be double fantastic.

  15. noodalls says:

    Ryuhza check the image, standard edition is there too.

    • Ryuhza says:

      I know, but I want anything the special edition has, besides the stick, which is clearly weighing the price down.

  16. kayuza says:

    in case you didn’t know, “OLC” means “Online Compatible”

  17. TekkenholycRap says:

    is this the suprise markman?

  18. thelonegamer says:

    My dream Tekken 6 bundle would be…

    • Tekken 6 (PS3)
    • Arcade Pro Stick
    • Limited Edition Collectible Tekken 6 PV/Art Book- hardcover, high quality CGs of all the characters in T6.0 and BR, plus new art for consoles, sketches and concepts, storyboards and stills of the intros/endings.
    • DVD with HD vids of all the Tekken 6 trailers, from the faux Tekken PS3 trailer with Jin to the final trailer released

    Meh, just dreaming. ^_^

  19. ZeroX says:


    Ditto dude. I would LOVE that. MarkMan, answer already lol, is this the surprise or not??

  20. Irongoat says:

    hmm a bundle with a stick would kind of a waste of money as i already have a moded HRAP3 with sanwa buttons (was more difficult than i thought it would be) so i would like to see maybe a blu-ray movie of some top matches from maybe past SBO or any classic matchs really would be sweet or maybe a blu-ray video of character combos(even though we probably know most of them) it would still be cool!

  21. Mishima1 says:

    -arcade stick
    -disc with DLC
    -complete movelist with framelist and ALL the hidden moves
    -jin & kazuya statues punching each other

  22. SG79 says:

    I honestly think it’ll only be a stick comparable to the one from the T5 CE on the PS2 and that’s it. Then again, given how much higher the price is (that one was only $100 IIRC), maybe we’ll get one with Sanwa parts. That would be a first.

    Ironically, the thing that stood out the most in the T5 bundle was the great DVD-style box that houses T1-T5 discs. That one was more of a collectible than the stick.

  23. thelonegamer says:

    Honestly though… I just want THE GAME. They can give it with Tekken 6-themed toilet paper for all I care. ^_^

  24. Peruvian Stallion says:

    Id like to see a dlc version of :


  25. coilover2005 says:

    If it were like the SF4 TE Stick then HELL YEAH I’d buy it!!! Cord wrap, Sick Box design, Not too bulky. ***

    Even if it were just something COMPLETELY unique from the T5 stick then I’d consider it. Who wants the same stick with new cover art if you gotta shell out $150???

    We can only hope for the best!

  26. Bob Johansen CK says:

    the 3 years of my life back that i spend waiting on this game. Screw the bundle, we all have over 9000 sticks already, why do i need another one with little art books and dvds with the same interviews i can see online.

  27. Nando says:

    I agree with Blind Ghost, I think an artbook would be pretty nice. Their character art has been pretty good since the Tekken Tag days.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      The last art book that they release with TEKKEN 5 was awsome it had character art from tekken 1-5 and it had a couple of sketches and diffrent images for characters.

  28. Apple says:

    Fanta stick please

    • MCPtz says:

      Thumbs up dude. I wonder if I can put a fanta in it.

      Hopefully, they sell the sticks separately. I want to move away from relying on ps2->ps3 usb converters.

  29. TD says:

    Gamestop has officially posted on its site: “Tekken 6 with Arcade Stick” no picture. It’s probably just what it says it is

  30. yiggs says:

    is this the big secret :p

  31. Zero says:

    Dude it’s so worthless if it’s just another Hori with a Sanwa stick and hori buttons. There are millions of those. Make it special. K-Sticks are hard to get ahold of in America. Making it a Myoungshin Fanta with Hori Buttons would be really nice.

  32. Zero says:

    Listen legit the T5 Hori by itself is complete ass. No one wants that thing. It’s hard to mod, has a crappy stick and crappy buttons.

    Honestly no one is going to drop money on a POS Hori stick. I wont buy it unless it’s got a Fanta in it.

  33. SlaughterX says:

    I will buy it if it comes with a HRAP EX, and I called this (ok, I hoped for this) months ago. Tekken still sucks though.

  34. Blind Ghost says:

    I hope they can do better than a ARCADE STICK, i mean seriously, Street fighter IV went Ballz out with the collectors edition and so did RE 5, c’mon namco you have a huge Fan base, all your gonna give us is an arcade stick.

    throw in a couple of bars of soap and some TP and were good.

  35. Tekken occult says:

    which are the best arcade sticks out there?

    if anyone know please

    best stick, buttons etc.

    not something that is super limited tho :p

  36. Zero says:

    Buttons Sanwa and Semitsu are king.
    Sticks it’s all about taste. Not enough Korean Sticks (Fantas)in America.

  37. That Guy says:

    I hoping for a stick (don’t have one) strategy/artbook code for holiday themed DLC, money off seeing the movie (which I have low hopes for) set of jin style gloves and a behind the scenes dvd

  38. Rip says:

    Hmm.. Jin Style gloves sounds cool for a collectors item. I want a Law action figure, but realize thats pretty darn close to 0% in happening haha. Action figures are cool. Soundtracks are cool. Free DLC is cool. Maybe free PSP version/discount coupon for anyone who buys collectors edition PS3? Ticket to see the movie (or coupon for free bluray would be sick) so I don’t feel bad about paying for it? lol

    If its a stick, I really hope its something new (unless its just a rebadged SF4 TE stick), but the features I really hope are in the new stick = long ass cable + that little compartment to store the cable so I dont have to wrap it around the stick + start/select/home button NOT on top with the other buttons.

  39. insanekyo says:

    What I would see is something similar to what other games are already doing.

    -game with limited case/cover
    -free dlc for either premade costumes/money/or items that will give like 10% more money after battles.
    -collectable figurines or item of some sort (maybe jin/kazuya or lars/alsia)
    -ost or dvd of either matches or tekken related movie
    -mad catz joystick with tekken art

  40. TCO-TheOne says:

    Well i hope the surprise is tag mode would be nice Markman lol.

  41. gmbluedestiny says:

    canada eb games might not get this :(

  42. Ekou says:

    This new bundle is more expensive because games are more expensive. Most likely the majority of the components will suck. The DVD case thing was lame for the Tekken 5 bundle. If they release another one of those stupid things I’m done.

  43. AlphaCananogram says:

    It’s funny how this was on Gamestop.com but today it’s not there,,, kinda like the crimson black ds lite was

  44. coilover2005 says:

    ^Very True… I just tried checking out Gamestop.com and searched for Tekken 6 and the Bundle Pack is not listed anymore, but the psp version is which wasn’t there last week. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm……. Is the bundle pack REALLY a 4 sure thing???

  45. Moto says:

    I dont think the price is bad at all. I plan on buying it for sure.

  46. MarkMan says:

    I preordered from my local store. Ended up preordering 4 bundles! $25 down. Can’t wait ;)

  47. sbo says:

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