Surprise… Surprise…

Our good friend Bob sent us a picture… So we’d like to share it with the TEKKEN world!  What could it be?!  Is it a new character?  A costume?  What is it!? Stay tuned for more information this coming Monday at 10:30 AM PST!  In the meantime check out the full image below!

TEKKEN 6 – ???


66 thoughts on “Surprise… Surprise…

  1. I’m half joking and half serious when I say this but…

    Harada got Soul Calibur in my Tekken.

    I don’t mean this in a bad way… I think this screen could be a number of things: create a character, new custom items, etc. None of these could hurt the game we all love.

    Now if they would tell us what kind of Hori sticks are in the $150 bundle…

  2. …is that pacman i see on the shirt?

    lol this is insane markman! My guess is that this is pacman on a cyborgs body, hence his head hidden by the hat and robot arm XD

    Thank you MM

  3. As much as I’d love to see another new character I’m pretty sure this is just a yoshimitsu customization… Create A Character is a possibility too, but I’m not too excited about using an existing fight style with just a different character skin. And if this is a new character hopefully its not console exclusive.

  4. He better be just a joke character, because if he turns out like mitsurugi im gonna be pissed. If we wanted weapons in a fighting game we would play soul calbiur. I trust namcos decision that they wouldnt ruin their game with someone who only uses a weapon. He will probably be like yoshi.

  5. Seeing as Cardboard Tube Samurai has regular hands, and in the screenshot the hands are clearly robotic, I’m betting it’s a Yoshi customization.

    Still pretty cool that Namco would partner with Penny-Arcade to bring two of my favorite things together :D

  6. This looks like a Custom Yoshimitsu, change of clothes, change of swords, and you can see his cyborgish hands

  7. Remember guys… They said comic book artists would be doing extra costumes for characters… They must have included American artists too. This is probably just an extra outfit for an exisiting character.

  8. Look i sounded like a noob before but now i have a logical explanation:

    It’s yoshimitsus console exclusive costume (similar to jins CLAMP one), and on monday i bet there will be a new trailer yet again

  9. I think this is just yoshi in one of the new costumes that japanese artist designed.. As for the character that Bob is talking about, I’m sadly expecting Dr. B

  10. Looks like Kunimitsu to me…holding the right sword like her dagger…other sword possibly an item like yoshis outfit you could do in Dark Resurrection?

    1. Some dude named Bastion posted a link here to a character named Cardboard Tube Samurai. The character looks very similar to the figure in this screenshot ( aside from the mechanized hands)… So I highly doubt this is a new character, especially Kunimitsu. I just think its a customization for Yoshi to mimic that Cardboard guy… Namcos customizations have made reference to existing character before and I think this is the case now… But that tekkenbob guy says there may be a new character introduced, and that’s cool, but hopefully its not another weapon weilding character… It’d be cool to see Kunimtsu return though, especially if shes not just a copy of yoshi play-wise.

    1. Maybe this isn’t the best picture to base a guess from, but it looks to me like this character is male… And unless Namco is returning to Kunimitsu’s Tekken 1 model then she should have breasts… I don’t think its her.

    1. I completely agree… I’m not excited about playing an old characters style with a new skin… That’s what Mokujin is for

  11. That looks like Yoshimitsu cause of the dual swords, metallic hand & metallic tail [you can see it wrapping around him]

  12. We can assume one of two things:

    It’s either Yoshimitsu with a new costume.
    Kunimitsu with a new costume.

    Just click on the picture, in the URL it says “new_costume”. Haha.

  13. For those that don’t know Yoshimitsu has moves where he uses a short sword along with his longer sword. That’s why you see a shorter cardboard tube and a long cardboard tube in that pic.

  14. I think they’re getting 2 new chars for the consoles.
    why do i say that? i say it because what i heard in the E3 tekken interview. we have known for a long time that there is 40 chars in the game. But in the interview he said it would be 42 chars.

    1. The 42 characters could include Azazel and Nancy.

      Would be cool however if there was two more console characters.

      I’d be happy if it was Kunimitsu but BOB does state i it is a MALE. That Pic is probably just a customisation for Yoshimitsu.

      Regarding the new character it could be a PACMAN side game? Looks weak with a unique style. In BOBs blog he then has “Hmmm”. Don’t know if that is down to Bob being a greedy git or a reference to PACMAN eatting. LOL

      This is just a wild theory on my part so don’t flame me too much.

      Look forward to Monday to find out !!! ;)

      1. LOL… I think you gave it away.
        You obviously are a little more knowledgable when it comes to the latest Tekken news and Namco’s dealings, so can I ask you one question?… Namco has definitely implied that they value the fans’ opinion; They say that’s why they went multiplatform… But if they really listen to us then why havent they brought back Tag Battle.. I’m sure fans’ have been requesting it for years now..and itll definitely be more appreciated than a revamped tekken force mode.

  15. This is my personal opinion… but I think even though fans want tag… I don’t think TEKKEN 6 is the right time to implement it. I’d appreciate it more if there was a whole new TEKKEN TAG game… Just my two cents.

    1. Maybe you’re right… I wouldn’t mind a TT2 either…as long as I can play with a tag option I’ll be pleased, even if its in another game… Combos have really grown since Tag Tournament and I’d love to see how the bound system will work with tag team gameplay.

    1. LOL, yeah… I’d love it if they just let old outfits be available too…at least then something good wouldve come from Tekken 4

  16. Wait a min. Bob is competing in Tekken for the 1st time. So of course he would say that everyone is “new” to him.

    …I don’t know what’s worst: Dissecting tweets from a fictional person or studying fighting game storylines..

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