CLAMP To Design Special Costume For TEKKEN 6!

The all female mangaka group CLAMP has announced on their site, they will be designing special console exclusive costumes for the home release of TEKKEN 6.  You may remember the console exclusive costumes in Tekken 5 for PS2 by various Japanese artists…  The special costume is for Jin Kazama and is prominently featured in this week’s issue of Famitsu. More news when it comes! (Image courtesy of Famitsu)



83 thoughts on “CLAMP To Design Special Costume For TEKKEN 6!

  1. So will it be different mangakas doing redesigns or will people from CLAMP be handling all of the redesigns?

  2. hope PS3 gets the Best costumes.

    snce we got hussled out of character in SC II XBOX got SPAWN and we got HEIHAHI

  3. I wonder if the CLAMP costumes are also in pieces (top, bottom, gloves, footwear) which you can switch out or combine with other pieces, or will it be one single outfit you can’t change or modify? I wish it’s the latter…

    1. Most likely the latter, dude. I don’t really like Clamp (for their shoujo-ness), but the costume actually looks pretty good.

  4. w00t. Jin’s costume has Code-Geass written all over it. Now where’s Zero’s mask!? I hope they make a custom like Kallen’s clothes….Sweeeeet.

  5. I hope the extra costumes are for all the major characters in the game and not for just a few lame-ass characters ala T5

  6. Why only clamp? I hope they do it like T5, with different famous mangakas and hopefully all characters get a special mangaka designed outfit.

  7. Ergh, y’all only like CLAMP for Code Geass, a sorry piece of anime if I ever saw one.

    I hope the girls all get nice designs! And that the shoujo-ness goes with the men too. Yes, even with surly old fart Heihachi and the demons – now THAT’s hot! ^.~

  8. Jin looks inspired by Yue from CardCaptor Sakura to me. I hope they give Xiaoyu something similar to CardCaptor Sakura’s outfits. I’m sure Tomoyo can come up with something.

    1. I’ll clarify: I mean that their direction is better suited for the women. I don’t like the majority of the male fighters having a shoujo look.

  9. That costume looks funny on Jin. Anyways they better give something sexy and cool on Nina and I hope they give Bob a fat clown outfit and make Christie look like Boa Handcock from One Piece

  10. I HATE CLAMP!!! Why did the Tekken Project made that stupid choice??!!! I mean, CLAMP is overrated!!! There are lots of Japanese artists out there that are really talented…I even prefer many amateur artists over CLAMP!!! …& I think that Code-Geass would be a whole lot better if the original creator did not choose CLAMP as the character designer…
    Poor JIN! Oh well, whoever made that decision in the Tekken Project, he’s a genius!! CLAMP fanatics are everywhere…what a cheap strategy. Super mainstream fighting game…I’m GLAD, there was NO CLAMP virus in Soul Calibur IV!

  11. Well if they ever get Kentaro Miura or Keisuke Itagaki to do a character design I would probably be happy. Those guys design good fighters, so does Oh Great!, but some of his female designs are kind of out there. Those 3 guys aren’t afraid to actually make a character with muscles. Every other manga artist just draws stick figures.

    1. so were going to have Jin look like Sasuke !?!? or orichimaru ???

      why dnt they get artists from awsome animes do the art work for tekken like the guy who does BLEACH, or the guy who DID BERSERK, or maye DEATH NOTE…..on second though scartch DEATH NOTE artist off i saw what he did to Castlevania Judgment.

      not very nice.

  12. A women’s mangaka group… For a series like Tekken they should have talked to

    Oh Great: Tenjou Tenge
    Kentaro Miura: Berserk
    Keisuki Itagaki: Grappler Baki

      1. I mean for female costumes yeah… I don’t think I’ve ever seen those dudes draw anything other than girls.

  13. Oookay…. so wait these outfits exclusive 4 the ps3 or are they making differents 4 both systems… cuz a lot of the links are stating that this is on the ps3 but i don’t see xbox mentioned at all.

  14. Unless there is something involving Lee it’s gay and irrelevent. It will be gay anyways. Did anyone really like those extra costumes? Furry Arm Jin, Slutty Asuka? Really!?

    1. I liked the Asuka, it reminded of those gambler dealers from the older Japanese eras. If you ever watched Samurai Champloo, when Fuu was rolling the dice, it was the same outfit as Asuka’s.

      Not real function nor character attachment, but I thought it was cool.

  15. Hey MarkMan,

    I have a couple of questions.

    Do you know anything about if there will be costumes exclusive to specific platforms? Such as if this Jin costume is solely for the PS3 version or not?

    Is CLAMP doing just this 1 costume for Jin or will there be more from them?

    1. I can’t comment on stuff that hasn’t been officially announced yet. Sorry.

      But it is my understanding that CLAMP is only doing one design, the one pictured.

      1. Markman , Do you have any info on VF 5 R , for console release ??

        I seriously want that game. From the looks of things they almost rehauled the characters moves for more combo style fights.

        and that Jean character looks fucking badass.

    1. lol I don’t think markman would know that but then again he seems to have many connections so if someone knew, it would be him i guess.

  16. Lolzzz!! Is that Jin??! He looks really CLAMPyyy in that drawing… :X
    CLAMP is so so so so so everywhere! What’s happening to Tekken???!!



  18. If you ever want to read a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this post for 4/5. Detailed info, but I just have to go to that damn msn to find the missed parts. Thank you, anyway!
    p.s. Year One is already on the Internet and you can watch it for free.

  19. Markman just clarified that to his understanding, CLAMP will be designing only ONE costume, namely Jin’s.
    So why on earth does it say COSTUMES (plural) in the article above?!

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