MyComChannel has put up a gallery of the CLAMP Jin costume from the console version of TEKKEN 6.  Featuring more concept images and some of the CLAMP Jin costume in 3D action, click below to check ’em out!

Click thumbnails for larger images!

View More at MyComChannel

33 Responses to GALLERY: JIN x CLAMP

  1. beach08 says:

    Looks Badass!

  2. thelonegamer says:

    Jin’s outfit is pretty awesome, I think- quite befitting a boss. ^_^ Much better than Lars’ costume, I think.

  3. Blind Ghost says:


    DUDE He looks BADASS !


    i have to fucking wait 4 more months for this man !

  4. Lind says:

    Jin Ka Britannia. lol

  5. wing says:

    it is better than expected~

  6. Spiriax says:

    Wow, that was indeed very, very awesome.
    Sankyuu Maakuman~~

  7. mann23704 says:

    I would seriously kick someones ass for getting blood or dirt on my “cocaine white” suit.

  8. chemicalRed says:


  9. dfagrfeag says:

    seriously dude

    stop showing us!

    the wait…too painful..

  10. SolRahlX says:

    4 more months… my heart aches for some TEKKEN!!

  11. Kikimaru says:

    I’m not a Geass/CLAMP fan, but holy shit that is pimp.

    Now, how about a C.C. or Kallen outfit…

  12. Motoko says:

    Im diggin jins new attire man that is sick wid it!!!

  13. The-White-Wing says:


  14. LOLman says:

    A little off topic, but is tekken 6 in post production

  15. LOLman says:

    A little off topic, but is tekken 6 in post production?

  16. LOLman says:

    Sorry about double posting, my blakberry is screwed up

  17. tekken lover says:

    i more interested in lars’s custome

  18. DarkTalon says:

    im not a big fan of big costumes like lars and this. Its cool but it makes it harder to play against them, the big capes is hella confusing.

  19. DeluksZ says:

    After the Tekken 5DR CLAMP costume anything would be better, but hey… this is AWESOME indeed. Like it a lot!

  20. Tekkenqueen_Ras says:

    I like it much, looks
    quite sexy and fits well to Jin.
    He looks awesome in suits,i can´t
    wait anylonger to play with him
    and Kazuya!

  21. kogetsu says:

    Would be cool if King had the armor from the anime Guin Saga.

  22. AkumaMishima says:

    I think it looks like the spiritual successor to Kazuya’s “Evil purple suit”. Jin looks like some evil dictator in it.

    Thumbs up, CLAMP.

  23. JoeKidoDigi says:

    This is the perfect song for that.

  24. Colin says:

    roflmfao ^

  25. Mgbenz says:

    King definitely needs either a Guin or a Tiger Mask costume.

    Now that I noticed A. King looks like Guin in his black armor attire.

  26. GeneralJMX! says:

    WOAH!!!!!! Man they’ve got to make more costumes like that. I fyou made a new ultimate one for Christie Nina Kazuya and Alisa you will make me so happy because im so freaked about this costume! Awsome Namco Keep up the Stuff!

  27. Ceasar Deebo says:

    Not bad

    but meh i prefer kazuya

  28. totoy_bato says:

    nice one

  29. jinblaze says:

    it would be good if namco held like a competition for fans to design their own extra costumes for the fave characters and then the winner’s would be featured in the next game or something

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