Hori Reveals Another Special Addition!

Hori does it again!  This time completing their lineup of Xbox 360 arcade sticks with a full Sanwa version with the Hori Real Arcade Pro EX Special Addition (Sanwa)! The arcade stick is for the Xbox 360 and will be available on July 16, exclusively through Hori Store with a limited run of 1 per customer!  Priced at 13,500Yen (about $140 USD), the HRAP EX SA is sure to appeal to the many gamers still on the hunt for a new arcade stick.  Good luck with the secondary market prices though! Click below for more details on the stick.


8 Responses to Hori Reveals Another Special Addition!

  1. Colin says:

    hmm full sanwa playstation perhaps?
    whatever happened to the seimitsu stick?

  2. Colin says:

    all you need is a sanwa joystick
    and as for buttons, horis last longer

    • Stridajin says:

      Hori Buttons are also shitty. compared to sanwa buttons. Gettin this just to add to my collection. Damn Xbox360 sticks are always marked up about $30-$40 from the PS3 ones.

  3. MarkMan says:

    More than likely, the best place to try and get these will be http://www.akihabarashop.jp or Play-Asia.

  4. Motoko says:

    Im jealous of XBOX’s buttons lol.

  5. LOLman says:

    Ahhhh I suck with arcade sticks, but considering the fact the xbox360s dpad is gonna suck, the arcade stick may be worth it since I’m gonna get all three versions of it

  6. Kikimaru says:

    It’s just a modded HRAP :/

  7. Moebius says:

    The Se PS3 stick sold out immediately and the secondary markets didn’t get any. This stick is extremely hard to get a hold of.

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