It is NOW official!  TEKKEN 6 will be coming home on October 27th, 2009!  Make sure you preorder your copy at GameStop today!  Receive a 12 month TEKKEN 6 desk calendar and the SAMURAI PACK downloadable content bonus(while supplies last)!  The SAMURAI PACK includes a special costume for Yoshimitsu inspired by Penny-Arcade’s Cardboard Tube Samurai and special nobori (Japanese war flags) as universal items for each character.  Both these preorder bonus items are GameStop exclusive so don’t miss out!

44 Responses to TEKKEN 6 TO BE RELEASED ON OCT. 27TH!

  1. Ezek!el says:

    Right by my birthday too!

    Thank you!

  2. shika1983 says:

    Not available to UK based Tekken fans? :(

  3. SolRahlX says:

    October 27th ; _ ;

  4. SolRahlX says:

    The question is …. which collector’s edition should I get ; _ ;

  5. beach08 says:

    hope they release it in Europe on Oct. 27th too!!

  6. Deus et Dominus says:

    is this date for the US only or a worldwide release? or in other words: when will T6 be released in Europe???

  7. MarkMan says:

    As far as I know it is a simultaneous worldwide release date. Not sure on DLC/preorder bonuses outside of NA though… sorry.

    • Deus et Dominus says:

      thx for the info, markman! i don’t need the bundle as long as T6 comes out october 27th here in germany! I already got a SF4 fightstick…

    • chemicalRed says:

      Nice to know the release date… Do you know if the book of artwork is only available if the game is preordered?… And do you think they’ll be adding any more character?

  8. RagolSlayer says:

    October 27th?! w00t, my birthday’s that day.

    Yay, this is going to make a great birthday present for myself =D

    By the way, does anyone know if you’ll get the calendar and Samurai Pack if you preorder the Fight Stick bundle? GameStop only makes mention of an artbook as a preorder bonus.

    • SolRahlX says:

      I’ll find out today. I’m going to go change my PS3 preorder to the bundle preorder. I’ll ask when I get there.

  9. Motoko says:

    Damn thats nice im bout to pre order this asap. My boi higherplanes called the yoshi lol.

  10. Mastapopo says:

    I gotta go back and get those bonus items!

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  12. Styv says:

    Good to know about Oct,27th worldwide release, the rest ain’t a big surprise…

  13. Ashesfall says:

    oh man my birth is the oct,28th ^^
    i am from german i hope i can get that special edition pack too. i need all items in that game everythink.
    i am not lining i watched more then 1000 tekken 6/br videos. i am an crazy german tekken freak.

    i am counting the days :)

    • ErKEn says:

      same here ^^ also from germany watch tekken 6 vids since the arcade release lol and cant w8t any longer ~~
      hope the bundle will come out here too cause i need an arcade stick XD

  14. Downplay says:

    Hey MarkMan. Curious if you know the relation between Namco and Penny Arcade. As in what brought about the idea?

  15. Blind Ghost says:

    Awsome, im glad.

  16. […] They’ve also announced a $150 limited edition for the game, which includes a wireless arcade stick plus more. The news comes from Tekken fanblog, SDTekken. […]

  17. kogetsu says:

    The special promo code “TEKN6” for free overnight shipping does not seem to apply to the bundle; only the game. That blows.

  18. kogetsu says:

    It also mentions something about a special edition gift package/w reservation. What does this include if you are just getting the game? The calendar only?

  19. Treehugger says:

    Just happy to have an exact release date… Hold on do u guys know if that’s the shipping day and it’s actually released on the 28th?

  20. Killbomb says:

    Made my day. Now I can finally schedule my last vacation week. :D

  21. Ryuhza says:

    Didn’t we already know this?

    Way to go Namco…

  22. yaks88 says:

    man ive bin waitin since the start 2008 i cant belivie it took this long as 4 oct 27 man i was expecting september or somthin lyk that man ive bin waitin hek of a tym 4 tekken 6 2 cum on consoles ive been patient through these 2 years and namco took this long im happy now coz the official release date has bin announced and angry and sad coz i have 2 wait till oct 27 wot the hell am i goin 2 do till then?

  23. ched90 says:

    i got a question if i preorder the game at gamestop but a pickup not a shipping preorder i can get that deal ??? any1 can answear me plz

  24. Deus et Dominus says:

    check out http://www.gametrailers.com for new Tekken 6 Media! 3 new vids in HD showcasing 2 legendary fighters!

  25. Farhan says:

    “As far as I know it is a simultaneous worldwide release date.”

    hmmm. I wonder if that release date will stand true here in Pakistan also.

    but who cares, I’ll get my brother to send me a copy of the U.K version anyway. He’s in London

  26. KENTOIRC says:


    “The America World Police”

  27. thelonegamer says:

    Well, PS3 is region-free so I’ll be getting it right away. Not really interested in the bundle as I already have a Hori arcade stick. As for the art book- well, if it’s just the CG portraits, well you can find those online. I doubt there will be any new unseen pieces of art in it. Sigh… still a long way to go, but at least it’s official.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      im debating if i shoudl get the bundle or not, i want the art book, but i dont know if the stick is high end ill throw money but if its not im not gonna wast 80 buck on it.

  28. SolRahlX says:

    80 buck for decent box with a prewired, wireless PCB and maybe even som quick disconnects is a steal. If you do get this I would go ahead buy a sanwa stick and at least 6 Sanwa buttons. If you want to go all the way you can buy 8 30mm Sanwa buttons and 2 24mm. You’ll have a high grade stick for about 140 bucks at the end cost.

  29. zak says:

    i got a question the Limited Edition Tekken 6 Samurai Pack Downloadable has only 1 custom for yochimitsu and flags i mean is ther another custom for the others players in the samurai pack ?

  30. AVIE says:

    tekken 6 on ps3—->oct 27,2009
    tekken 6 on psp—-> nov 03,2009

    yippy!!!! hehe!!! almost all of the good games will be coming this fall!!

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