TEKKEN 6 Interview With In Joon Hwang

COIN-OP TV has put up an interview with In Joon Hwang on TEKKEN 6 from the San Diego Comic Con! The TEKKEN franchise has been popular for years – find out why TEKKEN 6 promises to shine even bigger and better when it lands on the Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3, and PlayStation Portable in 2009.

12 Responses to TEKKEN 6 Interview With In Joon Hwang

  1. BLIND GHOST says:



  2. PSN- DIGGS-86 says:

    Why is it that these interviewers are asking stupid questions like whats the difference between 2d and 3d and shit like that. How about how deep in customization past hair and hair color is it gonna be like an expansion on tekken 5 dr or is it gonna be a detailed as virtua fighter 4 evo. How bout the difference in gameplay between the console version to psp. How about some frickin substance. How about a video link to show everyone the changes in move animations and new moves for EVERY character which they until July 31 youtube has still failed to do. I have the pdf and I cannot test every move out like I would in practice when I go to the Arcades. What about that ya damn dyke!!! aaahhh! Im gonna get my latte now…..

    • Di says:

      That’s because customisation is one of the most important things for most of people who are going to buy Tekken 6, sadly.

  3. Tenshimitsu says:

    Don’t beat Yoshi in the post header! :P

  4. kogetsu says:

    Is that Tekken 6 Tshirt for sale anywhere?

  5. ZeroX says:

    That interviewer is hot.

  6. AVIE says:

    I just made an order at tapout.com. The shirt will be available after 2 weeks

  7. Jomar says:

    I totally agree what PSN-DIGGS have to say. The interview should be a little more to the detailed side of the game. And it should include also the interview in the PSP version. The On the Go side of the game. She should not questioned the “Difference in 3D and 2D. Hell this is not the first time for the game to come out. It is the 6th installment for christs sake. The crew should take a Tekken Fanatic interviewer and ask various questions like extra stages, Extra Custom options for the characters, Extra Contents, the Online options (is it laggy) and others that hinders us for the last few month.

    She is hot indeed but what fans really like to clarify are various questions that we buyers should need to know. Anyways. Nice thing we have a interview. And please ADD SOME PSP INTERVIEWS…

  8. kazuya's harbinger says:

    Okay, one thing that is really getting me nervous is the online play. this game will live and die on the quality of it’s online play.

    Last night i was playing some Tekken 5 online and Im sorry, but it was simply terrible the input delay was very apparent and unacceptable for a fighting game these days when you have the likes of the Quality of HD remix online GGPO and MVC2.

    I will be very angry if the netcode for this game is not just as good as this.

    and why the hell arent interviewers bringing this critical question to the answer sessions. It’s really frustrating. What makes me more nervous is Japanese developers just dont seem to understand the importance of this. look tekken sells most outside of japan and we do not have a arcade scene so we need solid online and it doesnt matter where in the world this is. Not everyone has the internet quality of japan or the laocation If I, a person who lives in NZ can play people in america and europe with input delay free play on HD remix and MVC2 I dont see any reaosn why this shouldnt be the case in tekken 6.

    please, please, please, dont let me down here namco

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