SDTEKKEN Comic-Con 2009 Wrap Up!

Comic-Con 2009 is in the books! Thank you to everyone who helped out with the SD TEKKEN – TEKKEN 6 room! We’d like to also give a special thanks to Namco Bandai Games and TapouT for their awesome support of the TEKKEN community! Without great companies like them, we might not be able to bring the wonderful gaming experience at events like SDCC! Click below to check our full review of SD TEKKEN at this year’s Comic-Con!

SD TEKKEN began the Comic-Con festivities early Tuesday morning… Not yet recovered from EVOLUTION 2009, which took place the weekend prior, n8nmonster ventured forth to the San Diego Convention Center to meet up with our friends at Namco Bandai and start setting up our gaming stations.

Our first order of business was during preview night.  We arrived at the San Diego Convention Center around 5 PM and began finalizing our gaming room for four days of competition and fun! Thursday morning would play host to a special announcement from Namco Bandai Games and the TapouT brand!  We had to make sure everything was in place and gets some games of TEKKEN 6 in while we were at it!  A big thanks to Rob and In Joon at Namco Bandai Games for all their help in making this possible!

Making sure the projectors and audio are ready to go for the big TapouT x TEKKEN 6 announcement!

The first day of the event played host to a special press conference where it was revealed that TEKKEN 6 and TapouT would be joining forces to bring a TEKKEN line of clothing from TapouT this September!  Those same clothing designs will also be available as custom items in TEKKEN 6!

TapouT and Namco Bandai Games!  TEKKEN 6 clothing coming in September!

The crowd was hyped for some tournament action!  For both Thursday and Friday, SDT held special 16 man tournaments multiple times throughout the day!  Competitors ranging from casual TEKKEN fans to hardcore competitive TEKKEN champions entered and put together an amazing showcase of talent and skill!  It was obvious that limiting each tournament to 16 players wasn’t the best way to go about doing things… So for Saturday and Sunday we let as many people enter as possible and we were happy to get a massive amount of signups for the last two days!  On Saturday 105 people entered and on Sunday we had about 112!  TEKKEN6 fever is in the air!

Two of our tournament champions posing with Leo, Miguel, and Anna cosplayers!

TEKKEN 6 drew in thousands of fans throughout the entire show.  Attendees of Comic-Con 2009 were able to experience both the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 version of TEKKEN 6 well before the release later this year (Oct. 27th)!

Our friends In Joon and Rob battling it out for TEKKEN supremacy!

Winners of each day’s tournament was handsomely rewarded with their choice of either an Xbox 360 or PS3 console and a copy of TEKKEN 6 when it is released!  Runner’s up didn’t leave empty handed either, they walked away with a brand new PSP handheld console!

The media was interested in all the buzz going on about TEKKEN 6 during Comic-Con and had a few questions to ask the staff and crew!  Special thanks to Coin-Op TV, GameTrailers, Xbox Live, and ComicsOnline for stopping by!

Coin-Op TV Interview with In Joon Hwang from Namco Bandai Games, Inc.!

Xbox Live’s Inside Xbox Comic-Con special feature on the video games of SDCC!  Special guest interview by MarkMan!

SD TEKKEN was very happy with the turnout each day for our console gaming room! We’d like to thank Ken Kendal, gaming coordinator for San Diego Comic-Con International, for always supporting us these last 8 years! Thank you to everyone that stopped by and spent some time in the TEKKEN 6 room, we hope to see you again next year!

SD TEKKEN 2009 at Comic-Con 2009!

Thank you everyone in SD TEKKEN and our ladies… Our friends, our families, and most importantly, our supporters.  Special thanks to SOCAL TEKKEN and IAMTEKKEN.COM. Big thanks to Namco Bandai Games and our good friends over there as well!

For the rest of our pictures, please click the link below:

9 Responses to SDTEKKEN Comic-Con 2009 Wrap Up!

  1. Di says:

    Aris’ face is priceles… ;)

  2. GK says:

    Hype! Great work guys!

  3. MYK says:

    This event was too much fun. 100+ man tourneys, soo sick!!

    This is only but a glimpse of the future! Oh man I have high hopes for this long awaited TEKKEN!!

    Great stuff SDTEKKEN members! Thanks for having all the Socal guys. Was so fun the first time had to go twice, worth the gas money :). Then passing out from food coma after eating Lolita’s was nooo joke. Those SD Carne Asada fries are as manly as they get.

    Thanks again and looking forward to future events like this!

    -MYK (

  4. dara says:

    i wanna be in SDTekken and have a cool orange shirt too… T_T

  5. jinogre says:

    Nice shirts, but man up and get the devil’s mark tattooed on your arm, like I did.

  6. Hot Rob4000 says:

    Thanks SD Tekken! I always had fun in your room at the CON. Cool, gamer type atmosphere. Really enjoyed the layout of the lcd screens. See you in 2010! Cheers!

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