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Check out the SDT site tomorrow around 10 AM PST. Stay tuned.

19 Responses to O_O!?

  1. vinzboy says:

    uhm???? what is this about???

  2. Nando says:

    Uh…I don’t really get it. It’s Roger Jr., possibly done by the guys from Penny-Arcade…

  3. eric says:

    is it the return of ALEX? because we all know raptors can fly fighter jets. and that look like the wing on a plane or something

  4. soft armpit girl says:

    its the kangroo in tekken…. nothing new.

  5. Blind Ghost says:

    soft armpit girl !?!?! i wanna cringe so bad, thats disgusting. why in gods name would you do that to me.

    anyway, man if ALEX returns it would be so badass.

  6. […] What Is THIS? Yet more intriguing Tekken 6-ness. TekkenBob and then SD-Tekken posted this unusual cartoon visual of a cartoony Roger Junior giving the smackdown on what appears to be a rocket. What the big picture really is… we don’t know. But all will be made clear tomorrow… stay tuned then. For now, check out the full article over here. […]

  7. _Dream_Man_ says:

    I think that story to draw a picture of Roger. Different styles as the previous

  8. suikenuser says:

    Roger will be able to be picked just like how kuma/panda are, so Roger/Roger jr.

  9. Rip says:

    hmmm.. fire ay..True Ogre? Gon? Jinpachi? Upgraded Nancy?!

  10. L_Z_N says:

    A new comic book maybe.. O_O?

  11. khan says:

    Metal Gear?

  12. krisq says:

    Could be Gon or Ogre.

  13. Iz-GOod says:

    Definitely looks like Penny-Arcade art. They’re known to be contracted by game companies to make short web comics before the launch of a game. By bet is on that.

  14. Viitalic says:

    maby a new comic book or if is about a new character
    i prefer Kunimitsu :p

  15. Jayvee says:

    Maybe a new minigame involving roger?

  16. TD says:

    I don’t consider new costumes (like Cardboard Tube Samurai) as new characters….not that I’m complaining about more customization options

  17. Dan4thewin says:

    its roger jr. thats not new…

  18. LeiWulong says:

    Bring Dr. B back please

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