TEKKEN 6 To Have New Online Netcode!

During Namco Bandai’s GAMESCOM 2009 Conference, Katsuhiro Harada mentioned that they’ve redone the netcode for TEKKEN 6’s online versus modes.  What are you looking forward to most out of this?

45 Responses to TEKKEN 6 To Have New Online Netcode!

  1. The.Phenom.Kid says:

    What does that mean I’m not a computer whiz lol ??

  2. ZeroX says:

    Stupid. As in, Tekken 6 netcode will be improved upon from Tekken 5 DRO.

  3. Natalie says:

    Looks neat!

    If you have a PSN account, watch for me!

  4. chemicalRed says:

    what does this mean?

  5. GK says:

    ZeroX: Nope. They’ve stated before that it’s a complete rewrite. Namco counts DRO as “1st try”, SC4 as “2nd try”, T6 will be third try, and it’s redone from scratch.

  6. Brian says:

    I’m just hoping it doesn’t suck ass

  7. Unmaker says:

    Hasn’t this been confirmed for a while now?

  8. Bloodhound says:

    who needs custom music when tekkens music has always been so damn good.unlike the god awful noises spewing from sf4

  9. Blind Ghost says:

    man i dont now about that recently the TEKKEN MUSIC HAS BEEN SUCKING.

    i dont knwo who those bitches that sung in DR’s light cathedral and they have them again i nthat stage where your fighting on a balcony and planes fly by.

    and the newly added Zafina stage, i hate those fucking bitches they dont knwo who to sing.

  10. tekkenlover says:

    no, this is important tekken 5 dro notecode SUCKS ASS, every freaking time there is this god damn lag , but when i play sf4 connection is runs very smoothly as if i am playing off line SC4 notecode isnt bad either so they better do everything not to make the notecode not shitty just like T5dro

  11. Zero says:

    You guys realize Tekken is NOT a 2D game right? There is lag all the time with SFIV online, you just can’t realise it because shit in SFIV isn’t nearly as precise as stuff in Tekken.

    Most punishment in SFIV is easy as hell because they fall from the freakin sky for 2 seconds and you can do whatever the hell you want so of coarse 2 or 3 frames of lag means nothing. However Tekken is a game where 2-3 frames of lag is the difference between launch punishable and jab punishable. That shit wont fly.

    People think just cause 2D games which can mask lag can work online means Tekken can. Tekken can’t mask lag because of how precise the game is is in terms of frames.

    I see no way they could make this work. Tekken 6 is 10x better looking then BB, HDR, or SFIV and it’s a game the relies more on frames, so don’t get your hopes up that online will be decent.

  12. ZombieDeathKick says:

    i hope you are wrong about that Zero, but i ain’t getting my hopes up

    • DIGGS-86 says:

      ZERO don’t know what he is talking about. If he knew what he was talking about he would have stated something along the lines of hey guys in SF4 you acan only have 1 opponent online in a room with you unlike in T5DRO if you get an extra opponent you may experience heavier lag which certainly happens.
      When there is a good connection on SF4 between two players it is nearly FLAWLESS. Combos and strategies and the ex parry maneuver are right on and it is one of the best online experiences I have ever had. Get your highest speed online service and play anyone with up to orange on the bars and you will have nearly flawless matches everytime. Unlike T5DR online were you and your opponent have great bars, bluetooth headset, wireless controllers and people start gettig in your room and making annoying sounds and the stars stray from alignment making your top speed online service of cable internet not matter and then you are looking like the matrix. Tell me Im wrong. Tekken whether a 1st or 7th try need to do something good and more importantly that is proven to work.

    • aaaaaq says:

      what he said!

  13. TCO-TheOne says:

    I hope Tekken do have custom tracks i think it will keep the game fresh although it’s fresh without it and Zero you gotta keep hopes up stop thinking negative.

  14. VenoM362 says:

    They better fix that damn lag! Im sick of people getting bullshit wins from it, throwing and doing quick lows cause you know people can’t break or block in time cause of the lag. Thats why I don’t waste my time playing rank matches. If by some chance they do have a good or good enough online VenoM362 WILL have his REVENGE! *EVIL LAUGH*

  15. Brian says:

    I like Tekken’s music. But I like podcasts and other music too while I grind and play.

  16. ZeroX says:

    Blind Ghost. Just go die and leave us alone. You lonely troll.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      Da fuck did i do Phagg ???

      i didnt say shit, all i did was talk about some of the tracks from T5 are garbage. and im right so go fuck yourself.

      and hes right about TEKKEN its not SC, Timing is precise it almost down to a milisecond in Tekken, SC isnt like that, SFIV isnt like that and 2d fighters arnt like that. not only that, but tekken plays at 60 FPS, you think there wont be lagg???.

      you guys are fucking kidding your selfs. There will be lagg, will there be minor improvment yeah sure it could be a bit faster, but to dismiss lagg comletly, you guys are the Fucking retards.

  17. DIGGS-86 says:

    Tekken music has improved in my oppinion but it would be a nice option to have so I can get into the mode I guess. I was a fan of the Tekken 3 series though. I think they got it right in those days.

  18. Izzy says:

    I’ve always had issues with Pickup Matches. Half the time when I rematch after winning or losing, an error occurs.

    I tried opening the right ports on my router, but that didn’t help. Even DMZ didn’t fix the issue entirely. I hope they fix that shit up.

    As for lag, sure they can optimize it, but it’s a physical issue more than anything else, and there’s very little Namco can do about how long a packet takes to go through the Internet.

  19. ProfessorOfLies says:

    They mean, they have found a way to optimize what information is sent back and forth between players to keep the games in sync. Considering that the response time between controller input and screen reaction in tekken is less than 1/60 second, this means that there is VERY little tolerance for lag. By reducing how much information needs to be send, it will make tekken 6 more tolerant of lag than tekken dro.
    FYI: since all of the games use peer to peer TCP protocol for their connection once a match has been set up, there is zero difference between an XBL and PSN connect. The only factors are the connection quality and distance from your opponent.
    Just remember to filter your matches based on connection strength. Which was sadly missing from SCIV.

  20. Killbomb says:

    At least with SC4 I could play friends less than 10 miles away with little to no input lag. Played ranked matches wasn’t too bad most of the time either. Glad to see T6 should be improving on this.

  21. Val says:

    The most important thing is they are doing all they can. I wouldn’t blame them if by any chance the new NETCODE (not notecode like some idiot a couple of posts back) would suck ass. lol!

  22. LeiWulong says:

    DRO has one of the best online modes that I know of. The rooms, lobbies, ping level, record, rank, quick match, losing points for D/C’ers, down to the relaxing music. SCIV was HORRIBLE! I could not even believe that online “netcode” was created by by Namco. It was like Mortal Kombat or something. ANY online game will have lag so you have to be realistic, as long as they just improve DRO’s online mode I will be very happy.

  23. King of lag tournament 6 says:

    First off Harada already said this a long time ago in his IGN blog. but he hasnt said anything else to say if the result has been succesful as it needs ot be for this game.

    Secondly, T5 DR is terrible, unplayable for some of the more technical characters like Kazuya. (1st strike), SCIV is terrible (second strike), and Tekken 6 better not follow suit, Im sure you wont blame me, if I dont have my hopes up.

    To shatter hopes even further not one fighting game this year has had decent netcode, apart from MVC2 which is far from perfect but more like it.SFIV has input delay and even BB has.

    The insane thing about all of this is input delay free netcode is a reality and licenses for the tecnology are available. This has been a very frustrating issue for me and i have tried to petition Namco and post of various boards. It it possble and it’s called….


    Go educate yourselves, you can even try it for yourself, so the proof is right there. It’s rather sad that the best online code is written by an independant developer who should be getting alot of credit for this, and we still endure crappy online fighting experiences from the major fighting game developers…

    I really wish I knew how to contact the right people at namco, it’s probably not too late but if T6 really has as bad an online code as I expect I will be shattered I have been waiting so long for this game.

  24. King of lag tournament 6 says:

    Leiwulong, seriously go check out GGPO. Input delay fighting game netcode, is more than possible.

    I was sceptical as well, but I soon changed my mind.

    “GGPO is a networking library that game developers can use to add networked gameplay support to arcade style games. GGPO’s latency hiding techniques give each player a gameplay experience that is nearly indistinguishable from playing with their friends locally, even against players around the world.
    How does it work?
    GGPO uses a peer-to-peer topology to run a complete copy of your game for each player, transmitting controller inputs over the network to keep these copies in sync. Each player’s inputs are sent to their copy of the game without having to wait for their opponent’s to arrive over the network.

    If the simulations diverge, GGPO rolls back to the most recent accurate state, corrects the mistake, and jumps back to the current frame, all before the player can notice. This provides the illusion of lag-free gameplay

  25. Blind Ghost says:


    SFIV has input delay and even BB has.

    well guess what BB Was using GGPO. now what do you have to say.

  26. MarkMan says:

    BB did not use GGPO. You’re mistaken.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      u sure markman ?? I heard a Podcast, That was talking about KOF XII and the online Feature an d they started Talking about BB and they said it did Use GGPO.

  27. King of lag tournament 6 says:

    Thanks MarkMan…

    It’s pretty obvious BB didnt have GGPO even if you dont know from an official source. GGPO does not have input delay period. If you have a ping so terrible that even GGPO it cannot compensate you still dont get input delay, instead the action on screen can get a little jumpy as the system rolls back and sync’s the clients. Regardless it still generally remains playable because instant reaction and input delay free gameplay is paramount in fighters especially one so reliable on frames as tekken.

    So, Yep, neither SFIV or BB had GGPO. Sorry I noticed a couple of grammar errors in my post I meant Input delay Free or masked code. Actually contrary to popular both HD remix or MVC2 (both by backbone ent) do not use GGPO but they do have a similar system which from my experience has offered the best online code of a commercial fighter in the last year, and these were not even major releases.

    Criminally Capcom actually own a license of GGPO but have yet to implement it in any of there games. There is quite a bit of discusion about this over at SRK

    So hopefully capcom will see the error of their ways and implement it for the STIV follow up. (I assume there will eventually be one)

    Sadly for me, I think the SFIV system is not so bad and to be honest even though it is a mechanically sound fighter, for tekken it’s far more important.

    I’m praying that Namco has some magic up their sleeve but I’m losing hope given their track record so far with the netcode of their games. As well as the other major releases. look at KOF12, now thats plain embarrasing..

    This year could have gone down as the year fighting games fought back, but I think sadly because developers have underestimated the importance of a near flawless online experience it’s not going to pan out that way and will instead be reminded why they had faded away this console gen.

    Fighters I believe are the epitomy of video gaming competition the netcode should be the priority on these things, not the tacked on treatment they currently get. I dont care how many customisations are possible so I can and dress the existing cast up like dollies and smack them together. I don’t care about tekken force (although it looks like good fun), I dont care about fighting one on one battles against the AI which will never match a human player. I want good stable competition online around the world (within reason)

    It’s the difference of me playing this game for years and years (Tekken against good competition is like chess) or having it eventually sit on the shelf and collect dust like all the others.

    Ill get off my soapbox now.


  28. Blind Ghost says:

    I’ll Agree wiht you on one thing

    SNK is just waisting thier money. they didnt have to hand Draw shit, The game looked worse than BB and cost more money to make. not only that but since everything is handrawn we got less characters , less moves, No story. and if that wasnt enough , now they are wasting thier money making a low budget movie.

    who ever is running SNK right now Is a moron and clearly doesnt knwo what the hell he’s doing.

    but i guess they like being in the number 3 spot.

    they coulod have used Vector art, to make the characters look better ,and more crisp, but they just had to go for Dot Art.

  29. chad90 says:

    fighting games will alwayas lag

  30. garfield says:

    how of much of an improvement is there from DRO?

    im sure the lag will also depend on how much speed you got from your net connection and also if the provider is not shit!

    correct me if im wrong on that one please.. dont wana make myself look like a fool

    • Hope to god its bearable lag says:

      There is going to be some improvement from DRO but, don’t expect to much. Also the speed of the host doesn’t really matter as much as the fact as both of you are both going to have a good connection seeing as it is a P2P (peer to peer)connection working in the same was as bit torrent does. Even if the host has the best quality internet money can buy, if the other person connection sucks the match is all for the loss. Once again like the others have stated. Don’t get your hopes up.

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