TEKKEN 6 Extra Costume Battle!

Tekken-Official has put up a new feature showing off Lili’s and Roger Jr.’s extra costumes in action! Check it out by following the link below:

Lili’s extra outfit was designed by manga-ka Ito Ōgure AKA Oh! Great! (Air Gear, Tenjo Tenge) while Roger Jr’s extra tribal outfit was designed by manga-ka Ryōji Minagawa (Spriggan!, Project ARMs).

10 Responses to TEKKEN 6 Extra Costume Battle!

  1. L_Z_N says:

    So it was actually posted at Tekken Official?
    Never knew that..Coz I saw the vid from youtube..

    thx for the heads up..

  2. MarkMan says:

    Yep. It was posted on TEKKEN-Official on the 24th! It’s on the Japanese TEKKEN 6 console site.

  3. Blind Ghost says:

    yaaaaay !!……release the game.

  4. yaks88 says:

    the news is killing me i need tekken 6 right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. FANGBANGER says:

    is the 29th the Japanese release date?
    We’re still scheduled for the 27th here in the US right?

  6. soft armpit girl says:

    give me the control of camera angel in replay or in-game recording, and i’ll be the most happiest human on earth.

  7. Call2Arms says:

    Underboob, Thong, CUBONE?! YES!!! BRING IT!

  8. Tool God says:

    god, youtube quality sucks. I can’t wait to get this game so I can see these in HD.

  9. anonymous5 says:

    LILI! oh yeah now if only they could do something about that godawful eye shadow they put on her eyes.

  10. kazamajin says:

    i think that’s on roger.jr’s mother’s head is alex skull !!!

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